How Does Lighting Affect Our Mood?

mood lighting

Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when you enter one room from another? Let’s say from a dark place or dim to a brighter one, little do we know our mood changes. Lighting is one of the important things to consider in designing or decorating your house as this helps improve the physical appearance of the place as well as it affects ones’ mood. For instance, when we are on our bedroom with closed window and curtain that makes it dim, we often feel sleepy. So, it is relevantly needed that we have a good lighting.

Proper and appropriate lighting can induce feelings and emotions, this can make you happy, sad, joy, lonely, angry, irritable or in love. Did you know that in dim light the pupils dilate or open wider to allow as much light as possible to make us see in the dark? Also, have you ever notice that most of the restaurant use bright color? It is because bright colors elevate the heart rate and blood pressure that create new emotions which make us eat fast. Aside from that, when you are in bar it is designed with different lighting colors that trigger our emotion to make us active and lively. Moreover, in the massage and spa they frequently use lights that are somehow dim to make us relax. Lighting is powerful tool in creating and inducing numerous emotions that affects our mood.

According to the article How Lighting Affects Mood by ArchDaily, “the amount and type of lighting directly affect concentration, appetite, mood, and many other aspects of daily life.” We should put good lighting in every corner of our affordable house and lot. In this article, we listed down some tips to have a better lighting in your home.

Good Color Combination and Your Own Home Style

Color scheme has a big role in creating fine lighting. Warm and cool colors induce different ambiance that set the mood and atmosphere in a room, this same goes with bright and muted colors. For example, warm colors in general elicit happiness and optimism; these include yellow and red colors. While cool colors indicate calm and comfort, like the colors’ green and blue. This simply means that it can be a source of variety of emotions that plays within us when we are in a specific room.

You may hire an expert or search online many ideas to make better combination of both color and style. This will give you more options and will help you decide what’s best for your interior design. There are lots of choices that are not just attractive but as well as budget friendly.

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Aside from the above mention reasons, good color combination can add an appropriate amount of lighting in a certain area. Be inspired with vintage, minimalist or your own choice of colors and style that will give you eye satisfaction, and most importantly will make your family comfortable.

Cleaning Your Window and Entire House

One of the well-known sources of light comes from the window of our house. Cleaning this area will give proper ventilation and adequate natural light from the outside. Natural light can improve the atmosphere and ambiance of a particular room. This will make your house conducive and also clean. Take advantage of this as we need natural light as source of energy to do our daily activities. Below are the benefits of natural lighting:

  • It gives us vitamin D, which helps us regulate the amount of phosphate and calcium in our body
  • Improve our productivity and focus.
  • Improve our sleep and keep our body clock on time
  • Improve our physical strength and energy
  • Helps your psychological wellbeing

Organizing your home is a good practice and cleaning your window is the basic way. But aside from window cleaning the entire house will add not just good lighting but good for your health, because organized surrounding is also source of fresh air that we breathe. Additionally, this will be a beautification of your home sweet home. This idea also includes to avoid clutter.

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In addition, you can as well put curtains that not just suit your style but also will give you good source of lighting coming from the outside. This will give your visitor an impression of your house as welcoming and cozy feels.

Put the Right Type of Light

Better lighting at home can make our mood better so take note to put the right type of light in your living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Interior light is important in which to place and what type of lighting should we use. Play with how you should use the three (3) basic type of lighting. The following are the basic types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting also called as general lighting can be a natural light such as sunlight or moonlight. This is the most basic type and serves as the primary source of the light covering the whole area. Example of this is ceiling mounted fixture, recessed fixture or LED downlights, wall-mounted fixture, chandelier, track light, and wall scone or floor lamp.

2. Task Lighting

Task lighting is usually brighter than the ambient lighting; this is use in the particular areas where you perform your specific task such as reading and cooking. This is commonly use for seeing small objects. Desk lamp, swing arm lamps, pendant lights, adjustable floor lamps, and vanity lights are some of the task lighting.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting also known as highlighting, use to focus the light directly on a specific direction or to highlight specific area and object. It includes can light and uplights, picture lights, chandeliers with dimmer switches, and niche lighting.

We can say that different lighting will give different vibes; it will make a huge impact on how you feel in your safe place, your home. Your current or future home deserve to be have these kind of illumination. Combining these three will give you the best lighting in your home. It will as well appear formal and alluring. Also, better lighting improve your sleep that will make you happier the following day.

House Decorating and Maximizing Spaces

One piece of wall painting makes big difference in the vibes of the overall room. This might change your perception and the way you feel in that area. It is okay to put decoration in your house like add indoor plants, paintings, wallpapers, mirror these aesthetics component will make your home visually appealing, captivating, and comforting. However, never over design because too much design can also be a source of unwanted moods and feelings. Over decoration is overwhelming that can affects the lighting in your home and give you different ambiance or mood.

First to consider in designing your home is the size of the area. You can easily decide what to put if you know how big or small the place is. This is also to aid you not to overly decorate your house. It will set your place to be conducive and charismatic as much as possible.

Moreover, maximizing spaces in your house but avoid overcrowding of furniture and appliances. Purchase only what is needed and valuable because aside from fact it will help you too much stuff you can also save money. Buying only what is appropriate this is one way of disciplining yourself.  

Whether you already achieve your dream home or you still planning for this you should prepare and be ready to make this elegant and presentable. Lighting has a vital role and has something to do with this to make it perfectly your home of choice.

Lighting influences the mood and atmosphere in your room. It is beneficial to you and your love ones’ health and way of living, and this will make you more productive. Apparently, you can use these tips to make your Bria Home as homey as it should.

Appreciating every single details in your home will make a huge impact. Imagine the small amount of light coming from the window of your room at night this is the sign that we can start another day that is full of hopes and faith. This also gives you peace and motivation to start the next day with a smile.

Written by Monika Nasol