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The New 1000 Peso Polymer Bill

The New 1,000 Peso Polymer Bill

People of the Philippines are excited about the coming of the new 1000 Peso Polymer bill. For the past 25 years, everyone takes pride in the contribution of their heroes in their land. Their pride shows and takes its place as the faces of these heroes are on their Peso bills. They are fully reminded that their presence will not be as it is if not for the mindset and perseverance of their heroes and that...

sctex-toll-plaza-toll-exit-handtell-1560237064 Toll Rates 2022

2022 Toll Fee Rates on Major Luzon Expressways

Are you planning on going on beach trips to La Union, Batangas, or some place to relax and unwind around Luzon this summertime? Or maybe you are just looking around for a new home and thinking of moving to cities around the metro for a combination of that urban-rural community life amidst this pandemic? Well, in addition to the gasoline fees, you may want to add and consider the amount of toll fee rates...

Deed of Donation and Contract of Donation Philippines

Understanding Deed of Donation in the Philippines

Do you intend to transfer one of your properties to a family member? Or is a family member giving you their property? How are properties transferred between relatives? In the Philippines, it is customary for parents to pass down property to their children during their lifetime as a form of either a gift or an inheritance from a previous generation. They sometimes do this so that the properties are...

Registry of Deeds Mandaluyong City

The Registry of Deeds, What is It?

With the prevalence of fraudulent land titles and deceitful land sales in the Philippines, nothing is more important than verifying the authenticity of the title or ensuring that there are no limitations or legal claims on the land when purchasing real estate properties there. In a nutshell, aspiring property owners hope to buy a piece of land with a clean and clear title. Checking the existence of a...

Kidapawan City Cultures and Traditions

Kidapawan City Traditions and Cultures

Every Filipino who grew up in a particular place in the Philippines has preserved, well-practiced and beautiful traditions and culture that they are proud of. Places in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have wonderful sites, people, and history to visit and encounter. Let us take a trip in this article to the northern part of Cotabato, in the region of Soccsksargen, discovering the third interesting class of...

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