Ways to Adapt 2022’s Lucky Colors Into Your Affordable House and Lot


2022 has come and having something new in your home will help you start the year fresh and lucky. Speaking of lucky, the colors of 2022 has finally come out and it turns out that these shades can best be applied in your own Bria Home. In this article, we’ll help you decide and design your own home based on the 2022 lucky colors using the Bagua map. This can also be one of the Feng Shui practices you can adapt so read on the learn more.  

The energy map of Feng Shui also commonly known as the Bagua map has 9 areas North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest corner, and Center. These areas are connected to different aspects of life and it has colors that best express each of the five elements. First, let us learn the meaning of each Feng Shui lucky colors that may bring you fortune this 2022 for the Chinese Zodiac sign of water tiger. 


In Feng Shui the shades of Green, Black, Red, and Yellow are considered to be the lucky colors for the Chinese Zodiac signs of Black Water-Tiger. Every lucky color for the year 2022 has its own meaning, color Green defines a new beginning and relationship while Black defines stability and strength yet mysterious. When talking about fame, love, and reputation, red is the color while Yellow bring positive energy.  


NORTH CORNER (Career & Life Path)

This corner is all about finding your mission in life and looking through your best choices. Water Element best defines the colors of Black and Dark Blue or any dark tones. In Feng Shui, these colors express stability, strong and protective energy. This will be your front door.

NORTHEAST CORNER (Knowledge & Self-Cultivation)

This corner has the Earth element that is best expressed by Blue, Black, and Green. The northeast of your home is assigned for your personal development such as the knowledge and skills corner. Having the colors of the earth element only means stability and life. 

EAST CORNER (Family, Health and Community)

The east direction is the Family zone which corresponds with the Wood Element that is best represented by the shades of Green and Light Blue color. It focuses on your family, physical health, and relationship with others. Concentrate more on green shades if you are wishing for a better family life or resolving past issues. While blue for health and mental balance.

SOUTHEAST CORNER (Wealth & Abundance)

The 2022 lucky colors that correspond to this corner are Purple, Red, and Green. If you are trying to enhance your finances and self-worth, you should focus on the purple shades. In Feng Shui, red invites prosperity and luck, so if you are looking for those aspects in life, you must put more red in your southeast corner.  

SOUTH CORNER (Fame and Reputation)

This corner is all about the Fire Element and the colors that best symbolize this element are Red and Orange. Red is the most auspicious color in Feng Shui elements that is why it is related to fire energy, fame, and passion. Orange is one of the neutral colors that is commonly used for nurturing. 

SOUTHWEST CORNER (Love and Relationship) 

This is guided by the Earth element, with the 2022 lucky colors of Pink and Red. If you want to enhance your marriage, relationship with yourself, and partnerships, this is the corner where you want to inject more pink and red shades. 

WEST CORNER (Creativity and Children) 

The west direction corresponds to the Metal element that focuses on White, Silver, or any Bright Pastel color. Shades of white inspires clear seeing, clarity, and cleansing, it also means purity and precision. This corner helps you enhance your creativity in communication or expression most especially with your or the children in the family.

NORTHWEST CORNER (Helpful People and Travel)

This corner also corresponds to Metal Element but focuses more on Gray, White, and Black. Having these shades help you discover helpful people, travel, and blessings to come. 

CENTER (Good Fortune and Well-Being)

This will be the center area of your home and it corresponds to the Earth Element. The central portion is all about the earth tones such as bright Yellow or dark Green. It focuses more on your good fortune, overall well-being, physical and mental balance. 


Since we are using the Bagua map, use an accurately scaled floor plan of your unit or house, and the door must be facing towards you. Overlay a three-by-three grid, with the bottom of the grid aligned with the wall with the front door. You will basically be dividing your space into a 3×3 grid, whether or not you decided not to put up a living room or the entire expanse of your home. It is given that not everyone has a perfect 3×3 grid floor plan and you might have some missing corners, well overlaying the map onto the angled corners will do. 

Reading this article, you might be thinking about how you can incorporate those 2022 lucky colors for home in your own house. Bringing the lucky colors into your home to welcome the year of the tiger does not mean you will need to paint your entire walls. Use furniture, new textiles, beautiful piece of art, or fabulous rags with a touch of the lucky colors for each corner will do the trick. 

These pandemic years should not let anyone be discouraged from having their dreams come true. Another year has passed and you must start investing in your own home. Luckily, Bria Homes has a lot of trendy home options that you can choose from and these house models are perfect to use for the Bagua map. Bettina Townhouse is a 36sqm complete finished two-story house that brings the elegant vibe of the place. If you are looking for a bungalow type that is affordable yet has a modern style, Alecza will qualify your standards. Having a bigger family now is not a problem if you will be living in one of Bria’s Thalia Single Firewall. Thalia is perfectly perfect for your growing family plus you get to enjoy its clean and healthy environment that is best for your family. If you do not start working on your dream today, someone will! 

Written by Eara Aringo