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10 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat by Bria Affordable House and Lot

Being a tropical country, Philippines experience its hottest period of the year around the month of March to June. In this article Bria affordable house and lot will share 10 similar activities to help you beat the summer heat and enjoy this hot and feisty season.
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Website and apps for online learning by Bria house and lot

10 Free Websites and Apps to Learn New Skills at the Comfort of your Bria House and Lot

In this guide, we have enlisted the benefits of learning new skills as well as the best websites and apps to use at the comfort of your house and lot that will provide you with more information, and hopefully give you a bit of inspiration to keep on challenging and improving yourself.
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Bria House and Lot Owners to Benefit from Completion of Gov’t Infrastructures: Bicol International Airport and PNR South Haul

Fortunately for Bria Bicol House and Lot owners, there are ongoing projects by the Department of Transportation or the DOTr such as the Bicol International Airport and the Philippine National Railways Long South Haul that are set to robust Bicol region's economy in the long run.
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Bria house and Lot Covid vaccine

Bria House and Lot Owners FAQs: Covid-19 Vaccines available in the Philippines

As Bria house and lot owners and potential home buyers, we want to keep you safe within the community amidst the pandemic, so here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can help you understand the COVID-19 vaccines.
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