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Bria Homes Virtual Internships

Bria Homes provides virtual internship opportunities to young Filipinos aspiring for a career in real estate

While the Philippine economy is still caught in the grip of a pandemic, it is widely...
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Bria Homes VisMin

Bria Homes eyes stronger VisMin presence in its portfolio of residential developments

In the past, one prevailing socioeconomic myth held the idea that all roads led to bustling Metro...
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bria Homes Sustainability

Bria Homes utilizes environment-friendly systems to improve its communities’ sustainability index

BRIA Homes, one of the country’s top developers of best-value housing, is fast catching the...
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Bria House and Lot: Best Home Features and Accessories During the Pandemic

Despite the changes we're forced to experience, new trends have emerged. Especially now that we're mostly stuck at home, the internet was able to gather New Home Features and Accessories during the pandemic that went viral.
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