Bria House and Lot: Feng Shui Practices You Can Adapt for the 2022 Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is just a few days away. Get to know some Feng Shui practices 2022 you can adapt for a more abundant and auspicious 2022. 

What is Feng Shui?

In preparation for Chinese New Year 2022, it is helpful for us to understand what good Feng Shui really means. 

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that finds balance and harmony, literally means “wind & water” and it is a system in which you arrange your surroundings in accordance with the natural world around you. It focuses on physical and mental health, healthy relationships, and success, which is brought by the positive energy flow. The principles of Feng shui could apply to many elements of life, they’re very commonly practiced in interior design since the tools used in Feng Shui analysis can easily be applied within the home.

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A common belief in Feng Shui is that it brings luck into the household when you purchase a new house at the start of the year. Bria Homes is a perfect accommodation that you can purchase since it’s very affordable and starts at a price of Php1,897 per month and their house and lot package ranges from Php 460,000 to Php 1.5M, while the condo units are from Php 1.5M to Php 3M. You won’t be disappointed with its interior since it is made by Bria’s engineers and architects that ensures Bria Homes would last through any weather conditions.

They also have great environments and surroundings that include a covered court, a park where your children or pets can play at, a swimming pool, gym, etc. Bria Homes provides a holistic and pleasant community for its settlers that is why it is encouraged that you purchase from them since they’re also near commercial areas and are in close proximity with places of worship, hospitals, schools, and also near major roads and highways. Speaking of ways, let’s head back into how we can improve the Feng Shui in our homes this coming Chinese New Year 2022. 

Starting with learning about the Feng Shui elements and their corresponding meaning when incorporated into a decorative piece of furniture.

What are the Feng Shui Elements?

The five (5) important elements of Feng Shui are wood, earth, metal, water, and fire. Each of the elements symbolizes something specific, here are their meanings:

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  • Wood

The wood element symbolizes growth and vitality, using wooden furniture or wood items in your space encourages personal growth. Plants in wooden pots are easy to decorate around your house.

  • Earth

This element symbolizes stability and balance, helping you ground and stabilize yourself. You could bring rocks and crystals to incorporate this element in your home as well as landscape paintings that can add to your walls this year.

  • Metal

It symbolizes intelligence and logic, supporting knowledge and mental sharpness. This could be in the form of metal frames or sculptures or even hanging ornaments made of metal.

  • Water

Symbolizes serenity and wisdom, this helps with clarity and relaxation. You could start by placing mirrors or reflective surfaces, aquariums, and water-based plants are some ways you can incorporate the water element in your space.

  • Fire

It symbolizes passion and energy, this represents transformation, volatility, and expansion. This could be added to your home in the form of candles, red objects, or if you’re luxurious enough a fireplace to enhance your space with fire.

The Bagua Map

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This is the most common tool in Feng Shui interior design; the Bagua map helps us analyze energy in a given space, and it suggests what elements need to be brought into the space to enhance its flow which will be very useful for you to prepare for Chinese New Year 2022. The nine quadrants on the Bagua map have a color and element associated with it, that helps inform your decorating choices. These nine quadrants are Wealth(Xun), Love(Kun), Fame(Li), Children(Dui), Health (Tai Qi), Wisdom, Career(Kan), and Helpful People(Qian). Here is the Western interpretation of the map, there is also a traditional map that is defined by compass direction and makes the navigation a tad bit more difficult for Feng Shui beginners, so we suggest you stick to the Western map instead.

How to use a Western Bagua Map for Feng Shui for Chinese New Year 2022

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If you’re not a feng shui expert and is a beginner in feng shui, the best way for you to easily apply the Bagua map is to overlay it on your floor plan. Just place the nine-quadrant Bagua map on top of your floor plan and draw from there. The doorway should always face southwards and align it with one of the bottom three quadrants. It is a lot more common than you think for people to feng shui a whole house or an apartment, it can be used on a large or small space since the Bagua map can be resized to the space of your accommodation.

Bagua Map Decorating tips for Chinese New Year 2022

In order to promote the correct energy flow in each quadrant, decorating with the correct objects is vital and we should avoid objects inhibiting proper energy flow. Here is a guide in decorating your space to amplify the energy in each quadrant and repel negative energy.

General Feng Shui Decorating Tips

1. Front Door must be Presentable

You should make a good impression with the first thing your visitors see. In order for you to attract the energy that you want into your home, your front door should be as welcoming as possible.

2. No Clutter

Clear your clutter, too much mess in your space prevents the energy from flowing and also affects your brain. An organized and clean space gives you room to breathe and clears your thoughts.

3. Display your Crystals

Make use of your crystals, those rose quartz you have on display are for love, tourmaline for the protection of your family, or citrine for wealth and healing.

4. Make sure that light and air can get it

Air is a component that is very important to the very meaning of feng shui. The combination of natural light and air will bring in energy that would be good for you as well as rejuvenation.

5. Arrange bed and desk towards doorways

It is known that as we face the entrance, it increases power and minimizes the vulnerability of a person.

6. Natural elements

Decorating your rooms with a houseplant or a succulent, not only improves your energy and vital life force but also immensely improves health and purifies the air.

Chinese New Year 2022 Feng Shui Tips By Room

Living room

As you design your living room according to Feng Shui tips 2022, you have to start with the biggest piece of furniture you have. It should always face the door or an opening and is against the wall, it is ideally on the furthest from the entrance. Coffee tables should not be in harsh angles, if a circle or an oval shape feels like it’s too contrasting with the rest of your furniture, then you could opt for a miniature version of your furniture.

And for curtains, you should use light and see-through curtains to let the light in like with sheer window coverings. Red elements in your living room can also help invigorate the room and help energize it.


With the bedroom, it is very similar to the living room placement wherein you place the biggest furniture first, and in this case, it’s the bed. It must be placed as far away from the door as possible and not directly facing it. Also avoid having too many electrical components like lamps near your bed space, as well as a television since it becomes the focal point and it takes away the calming energy from the room.   

It is also recommended to combine both masculine and feminine decors in a room to make sure both are represented equally and maintain the balance between both genders. Like how metal or wooden bed frames would be contrasted with a soft-colored bed sheet and linens.

Home Office

Like the other two rooms we position the desk facing the door since it displays a position of power, this is important for your productivity as well. Your desk should not be cluttered with paper and other things that shouldn’t be there. Decorate your home office with some personal objects like a photo of your family as well as some indoor plants to help you stay focused on what you’re doing.

In terms of color, use pastels or gentle colors like yellows and greens to calm the nerves and add some earth tones for stability. A little inspirational motto or quote could not go wrong since it would remind you of what you need to accomplish while you are working in your office for long hours.

Written by Aaron Cruz