Bria House and Lot: Everything You Need to Know About the Year of The Tiger 2022


As another year begins, people are used to knowing their fortune with the help of Feng Shui experts that will provide the details about what their Chinese zodiac signs are and what is in store for them for the whole year. The Chinese zodiac signs represent 12 zodiac animals that pertain to the person’s birth year that are associated with characteristics.  The year 2022 is about the Water Tiger which will have the capacity to impose the characteristics of the Tiger yet with the element of water that may show its emotions. The following details below are about the Year of the Tiger:

Who is born with the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Tiger?

As per the Chinese Calendar, there are zodiac animal signs that pertain according to their year that distinguishes their fortune. Those who are born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022 are more likely to have the zodiac animal sign of the Tiger. 

What is the Personality of the Tiger? 

Let’s take a look at the tiger’s personality that is usually known of for the year of the tiger 2022. As people look at the character of the Tiger, they often see how aggressive, active and bold it is. Tiger has been an animal that is very competitive and known for its intense capability when it comes to its territories. As you relate it with the person’s behavior, you may agree that the activeness of the Tiger means the person is willing to take his or herself challenge for the journey that they will embark in life.

The courageous act of the Tiger naturally come from their nature where it desires to become independent and eventually defend itself from harm. People seem to misjudge the action of a person who is born with a personality like a Tiger since they are bound with the physical characteristics of it that makes them feel overwhelmed by how they interact with others. There are always good sides behind the strong personality that makes them appreciated by others and learn from their lead. Those people who have that kind of trait make their followers learn to be independent in life and adjust to difficult times. 

What are the Ability and Weakest Point of a Tiger?


Strengths imply the qualities that a person has as their strongest ability in life that makes them trustworthy. According to Ho and Chiao, people that are born in the year of the Tiger mostly have the strengths that showcase their confidence, generosity, and independence. A confident person is known to be able to socialize with other people that have the chance to influence them to make better decisions in life and they do not want to make their plan unattended and wasted. As for independence, they are known for having their ways of surviving the problem that they encounter. They pursue to live by learning with their action that makes them do well and accomplish their desires by striving hard with their sacrifices. They are willing to face any challenges for them to explore their talent and skills and as well as to improve themselves. Lastly, the generosity of their traits shows how thoughtful they are for others by making them feel protected. 


Weaknesses indicate the qualities that a person has as the flaws that make them have the least impression from others. According to Cho, people that are born in the year of the Tiger have unlikable traits as well including being impatient, stubborn, and selfish. An impatient person always wants everything to be done hurriedly and tend to be irritated at things that do not meet their expectation. Sometimes, people around them feel exhausted since even the smallest mistakes might become a big deal for them. Their stubbornness brings an impact on others that lead to misunderstandings since they will act based on the belief that they stick with. In that aspect, people seem to have an impression that they cannot accept the opinion of others and may cause a problem in the organization. Lastly, their selfish act may hinder preserving a healthy relationship within the organization since it lacks transparency and consideration that leads only to his or her benefit. 

What Does the Year of the Tiger Imply? 

As people observe how the Tiger lives in its place, people may have the idea to survive through difficult times since they may inspire to become stronger in every hurdle that they may get through. Tiger has its defense and speed as its ability to survive that people may have as well as their foundation to live well and reduce to encounter deceiving act from others and secure themselves.

The year of the Tiger 2022 offers an opportunity for everyone to discover themselves and make them learn how to stand by their effort. Regardless of how intensive the Tiger is, there is something that makes them unique that can lead the person to influence others including to make them successful in the field they will take and share their knowledge for them to uplift those people who are in need. Aside from that, people who are born in the year of the Tiger make them adventurous and risk-takers since they focus on themselves to enhance the attitude that they feel lacking. As the environment changes, it is a good thing that the person knows how to adapt and make his or herself know its limit as a way to mold its personality. 


As guide for the incoming Chinese New Year 2022, it is of great help to recognize how the year of the Tiger might affect us in superstitious ways.

People must know that the Zodiac Signs serve as guidance for everyone and it does not pertain to how a person will become in the future. People may believe or not in this kind of matter since people have different beliefs. What matters the most is that a person knows what humanity is and knows the consequences of his or her actions. People must know that the way they act affects their lives too and it is necessary that in life they should be practical in terms of their needs and preserve the lesson that life taught them. The way a person works hard and enhances their life by achieving it with their effort is a treasure that makes all their sacrifices worthy until the end. 

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Written by Angela J. Cruz