Affordable House and Lot: The Importance of Real Estate Investing for OFWs


Investing when you can is a great idea because investment is one of the keys towards financial freedom. It enables you to gain an income through an asset you acquired. For this, we all know that investment should not be taken lightly since it involves our hard-earned money in order to acquire one. Let’s now take a look at the importance of real estate investing for Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs since we also look up to them as our modern day heroes that makes sacrifices to help the Philippine Economy.

Real estate investment is tagged as one of the best investments for OFWs not just in the Philippines but even abroad. As mentioned before, real estate investing offers financial freedom due to the certain major advantages it provides. There are a number of investment options one could explore but let us delve into the world of real estate investment. 

Nowadays, investors are mostly composed of businessmen and capable employees, but a large portion is also coming from Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs. More and more OFWs are starting to avoid money mistakes OFWs commi and is now starting to invest. With that, let’s dive more on the benefit of real estate investing and why it could be important for our OFWs.

Real Estate Investing

Real estate can be defined as an immovable property that is permanently attached to land. 

A land has a total fixed supply which makes it an appreciating property. Real estate comes in different types that you may acquire. First is the residential where a family or an individual can live like houses and condominiums. Second is commercial which is usually used for business purposes like stores and restaurants among others. Third is industrial where buildings for manufacturing or production are built. Fourth is a vacant land which is just a raw land. Lastly is special purpose where government buildings and worship houses or churches belong. 

For beginners or midlevel investors, residential or commercial real estate is usually targeted. If you are interested to become a real estate investor, below are the enumerated key benefits of being one. There are multiple benefits of owning real estate property and investing in an affordable house and lot. With that, we’re here to discuss why it is important for OFWs. 

Here are the reasons why real estate investing is important for OFWs:

1. Security

If your first real estate investment will become your future home, then your real estate can provide you security. Real estate investing is important for OFWs due to the possibility of providing emotional and even financial security for you and your family.

OFWs are majorly consists of Filipinos coming from zero or low income to mid-income jobs when they were still here in the Philippines. And most of them are just renting or do not have their own homes. And as part of their dreams in search of greener pastures abroad is to provide a place they can call home for their families and loved ones. So before you, as an OFW, divide your income into its respective use, make sure that you put aside money for your dream home. And soon, once you will go back to the Philippines, you can see and experience the fruit of your labor.

2. Appreciation and Cash Flow

If you are planning to invest in order to gain more income, then real estate is a good option. 

Real estate tends to appreciate in value over time. This explains why the price of a house and lot back in 2019, before pandemic, is much lower than the current year of 2022. And yes, even during pandemic, real estate still maintains to appreciate although slower. So, imagine if pandemic is gone and the economy is rising, you can sell your property more than the price you paid for it, may be twice, thrice or even higher!

Also, another option for your real estate is to convert it to a rental space, either into a commercial or residential, whichever is more suitable. While you are renting out your property, you will be able to pay for it without losing your hard earned money. And when the property appreciates, you can increase the monthly rental fees among your tenants.

3. Wealth

Once you fully acquired the property you bought, this can add up as your wealth which contributes to your net worth. As an OFW working hard away from your family, real estate investing is important because it can help you build the generational wealth that would benefit you and your family in the long run. 

If you are still renting out your property or you sold it at a much higher price, you can acquire a new one and start the cycle again. 

4. Portfolio Diversification

Having multiple streams of income is a geat method of building an investment potfolio. It is very achievable with the help of real estate investing. Being an investment with low volatility but offers high returns, real estate offers diversification among your assets. In case unfavorable circumstances happened in the market, your other assets like real estate can still back you up since it has a low to negative correlation among other asset classes. 

Real estate is one of the tried and tested investments in history. It is a brick-and-mortar asset that made some people go wealthy and live the best of their lives. In fact, the richest billionaires are real estate owners and investors. 

Despite real estate having a set of drawbacks, there is still enough or more than enough reason to invest in this kind. After all, all investments offer a degree of risk and it just depends on how you are going to strategize around it. 

If you are planning to purchase a property to start your real estate investment, think about the qualities you are looking if you will be the one who will use that property. Always consider the location, whether it is accessible or not. Next is the quality, how the house is made. Check for the neighborhood; scrutinize the surroundings of the property. These are just some of the factors you should consider before purchasing real estate.

As a real estate investor or soon-to-be one, always do your due diligence so that you will be sure that your future property will serve its purpose. 

Affordable house and lots

If you are in the process of searching for your first real estate investment, you might want to consider Bria Homes. 

Bria Homes offer horizontal or mass housing and vertical or condominium units. Located in prime locations across the Philippine islands, Bria is an accessible and convenient subdivision with decent amenities such as open grounds, parks, and playgrounds and the newest community hub called Sentro. It also offers a guarded entrance, perimeter fences around the subdivision, and 24/7 security cameras to keep the neighborhood within the Bria Homes subdivision safe and sound. Convert it into a rental place or as your dream home, Bria house and lots are built with quality through the aid of the latest technology in engineering and construction.

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So if you are an OFW, think about your future self. Will you be an OFW forever? The answer is no. So it is time to act for your future and your security. Start your real estate investment today.

Written by Nathalie Mayores