A Gateway to Success: How to Invest in Real Estate for Beginners

investing in real estate for beginners

Real Estate Investments are properties such as land, housing, buildings, and other properties that could generate income. It increases your money since property relatively increases its value. Real Estate is actually considered the most long-term safe investment. Let’s check out some more reasons why you should consider investing in real estate.

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Although the property market has had setbacks in the past years due to pandemic, The Philippine market will positively bounce back to its feet this year 2022, since the vaccination is already in a massive improvement, the economic recovery is expected followed by other business sectors including residential, retail and industrial.

But of course, before any plan of investing, we don’t want to immerse ourselves in something that we don’t know. That is why in the field of Investing in Real Estate there is a Start-Up, a Beginning, a Starting point, a Basic Point, and a Preparation. Knowing the exact FACTS, the gateway to it, the different kinds of estate investment, and its underlying process and procedure is a must. Knowing how it will benefit your future and the risk factors that you will encounter along the way. This will save you not losing your hard-earned money in the process of investing particularly in Investing in Real Estate.

As Beginners, as you roll your plan to invest in Real Estate Property, whether it’s for family or for additional income, we Filipinos, want STABILITY in our future. Sustaining our future without worries or having the opportunity to look forward to creating our plans in becoming reality by converting our hard-earned money into feasible tangible properties.

So Why Invest in Real Estate? Is it really a good Idea to Invest in Real Estate?

Of course, generally, investments or investing is not a snap of fingers that could easily give you the earnings that you want whether it is money, property, or goods and services. Investments has a risk factor too that is why we need to be equipped with proper knowledge about Investing. A thorough one, a deep one, and a detailed one. While Investing in Real Estate is considered generally flexible by nature the ideal factor of investing in this sector is a real good one. A Real Deal!

Investing in Real Estate has its own Advantages. Real Estate is a resilient Investment. It survived the Covid 19 pandemic crisis. As cited by the Global Property Guide during the pandemic the condominium supply in Metro Manila increased its accounted project units since Covid 19 pandemic favored the market by extending the payment terms and lowest interest rates. In Investing in Real Estate, Properties are steadily increasing in price value like there is an increase of 21.7% in the second quarter of 2020; this is based on the residential estate rise index by the (BSP) Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Investing in Real Estate also will sure benefit in enlarging the Real Estate Investment by buying affordable variety of properties then lining them into different market growth benefits in the future

What are the different kinds of Real Estate Investment?

  • Residential Real Estate – any type of home – this includes Condominiums, Condotels, Real estate, Apartment, and Residential Homes.
  • Commercial Real Estate – Business purposes like Hotels, Malls, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, and Businesses
  • Industrial Real Estate – used for production, storage of goods, and research facilities like Warehouses, Manufacturing Buildings, Cold Storage Buildings, Data Hosting Centers, Showroom Buildings, and Research Centers
  • Real Estate Land –both develop and undeveloped lands like Farms, Ranches, and Vacant land.
    Whether your Investment in Real Estate is for buy and self-use, buy and for lease or buy and sell, whatever suits your purposes in Investing it is always down in planning it in accordance. After choosing what kind of investment and the best deals you want in Real estate it is time to gradually move your feet to the next step.

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How to Start Investing In Real Estate?

If you already decided what kind of Investment you want or still searching for it, here are the basic beginner outputs in choosing the right real estate investment for you:

  1. Outsource the Real Estate Market; there are many sites or websites to compile in choosing the right Real Estate Investment for you like Bria Homes, Lamudi, Myproperty, and many more. Research about it, get information and watch videos about the risk factor about it and how the real estate runs its business sector accordingly. Ask questions too and read a lot of articles about it.
  2. Consider the Location is an absolute factor in Investing in Real Estate. Proximity is Important and easy access to everything you need is a must.
  3. Plan, Plan, and Plan. Planning Ahead is very important in Investing in Real Estate whether it’s personal or for business it matters that you know your financial goals and your objectives in investing are reachable. Laying out a plan containing all your financial details, your capacity, objectives, your projected revenues, and income are all well prepared.
  4. Create or Lay out your financial Strategy by knowing how you are going to pay your investment or how you will run your Real Estate Investment.
  5. Participate in site viewing programs of properties. This will give you a way to learn about properties and you will be able to inspect your chosen property which will help you decide whether or not you will consider investing in Real Estate.

Over the last years, even in the time of a Pandemic, there is a growing interest in buying countryside away from the Metro, many chose to live in a greener and well-ventilated areas and wide spaces. Filipinos are more interested in Investing in affordable homes and a place of Interest like Bria Homes. Bria Homes actually promotes wellness living to Filipinos, a great investment for your future family and security because of its proximity to schools, markets, and major roads.

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In Investing in Real Estate we should always consider the long-term evolution of the property we want to buy. The value of our investment will depend on how you planned your investment. Collecting information about our real estate prospects will give us the information if the property has or will have value to us and if it will favor us in the future.

Choosing the right property for our family, self, or for future business needs so much an attitude of optimism. Being optimistic puts your actions and decisions easily onboard. It will tag along with a great motivation to fulfill your dreams. Investing in Real Estate will shape you to consider more ideas and possibilities, yes there is risk or maybe setbacks but being positive is a gateway to being more creative in terms of your financial strategies and decisions. Optimism will always set you to Focus on the big picture.

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So get your homework done, grab the opportunity to learn and earn in Investing in Real Estate. We deserve to have that certainty, a successful and sustainable life. Who knows Investing in Real Estate, might be your pitcher to your future success.

Invest in Real Estate now and fulfill your dreams!

Written by Rowena Lansang