Bria House and Lot: 7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Renting and Start Owning


Acquiring your own place is known as something that’s not easily achievable. This is because we know that getting your own home does not come cheap. As if that’s the only thing we’re thinking about, right? But, no. Most of us have to juggle between our finances and check to see if we’re able to make ends meet from time to time. And it’s not like we’re living for our own. There are breadwinners who always have to make sure they provide for the family’s needs, or they can’t even save their own money because they can’t say no to family. That’s why most Filipinos are currently renting. However, with the right mindset and knowledge, moving on to a better situation should be one of your goals. In this article, we’ll help you in your goal setting by enumerating the reasons why you should stop renting and start owning. 

For some people, renting is cheaper. Most Filipinos, for several reasons actually prefer to rent than to own. Although, depending on the situation, renting could actually be more expensive in the long run. 

Saving up for a home while making sure to feed everyone and pay all the bills is definitely a challenge. However, in these changing times, real estate developers that offer affordable yet quality houses started coming to light. This is because the demand for housing remains, but the budget of the Filipino people remains tight. 

The good thing about this is that the door of opportunity for those that are only renting for their own home has opened. Developers like Bria Homes, one of the leading affordable housing developers with open space communities made it possible. This means homeownership is not totally impossible. And, with the right mindset and knowledge, being able to buy your own house and lot can be within your reach. 

Here is the list of reasons why you should stop renting and start owning.

1. Dream Fulfillment

Yes, it is difficult. But isn’t it each and everyone’s dream – to own their home? 

For a really long time that a family has been renting – continuously moving out every time a lease ends or someone’s job has been moved, we get tired. This is where the dream of homeownership (for some people) starts. 

Buying a home is difficult but sometimes, the living condition that we are in while we are renting a home that is not ours is also difficult. We’re not sure if the quality of the houses we rent is up-to-date. If the electrical wiring is safe or if the drainage systems will not result in blockage in a few months’ time. These are just some of the common problems that home renters face. And since they are just renting, either they have to wait for the owner to fix it or, they have to live with the problem. Most of the time, renter-induced damages are paid by the renter as well. This is also one of the factors they leave the place. 

There are pros and possible cons of buying a home but getting your dream fulfilled is definitely one of the main reasons as to why you should start owning and stop renting. 

2. You Can Stay as long as you like on your own terms

There are multiple reasons as to why renters move out, such as new place of work, and as mentioned previously, home damages and poor living conditions are some of the main drivers as to why home-renters leave the property.

Apart from those, renting a home is usually done on a contractual basis. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years – there’s a limit indicated how long you can stay in that certain place. Since you’re just paying for the right to live in the owner’s property, they can choose to kick you out anytime as well. 

There had been cases of renters being kicked out of the place they are living in with little to no prior notice. This is definitely one of the fears of every renter especially if you have a big family with you. 

Whereas if you start owning and stop renting, you have your own home and feel secure in it. You take control of what happens in the house and leave whenever you want to. If you’re out of town or out of the country, it might also help you feel at ease that your things are secured in your own home. 

3. Emotional Security

In line with reason number 2 of why you should start owning and stop renting, emotional security is also one of the top reasons you should look at. After all that juggling with work, finances, and bills, and a possible poor environment, you would definitely crave to have that peace and quiet life one day. 

Owning your own home provides emotional security, not just for you but for your family too. Living in the comfort of a house that you own keeps you worry-free and stress-free. Not needing to think about being kicked out any time, or being bombarded with bad words if your rent payment gets delayed. Plus, you wouldn’t have to deal with sticking to a place that could possibly have electrical or plumbing problems. Because when you start owning and stop renting a home, you start to take over house rules. 

4. Your House, your rules

Not having to worry about being kicked out, or keeping the payments on time to avoid arguments, achieving emotional security through homeownership are just examples of what you can achieve when you set out your own rules in your own home. You get to choose when to stay when to leave when to do a repair, and also have the freedom to do what you want. 

In some rental properties, residential or commercial, condo or house and lot, there are rules you must abide by. Some of which is keeping the paint, not being able to drill the walls, and for condominium owners, there’s a big no-no to heavy renovation. Sometimes you just have to work with what you got. 

But when you stop renting and start owning a home, everything is in your hands. You just have to make the right decisions so that you can do affordable home renovations. Yes, you have to shoulder out some cash, but on the brighter side, the effects or changes that you do in your property will depend on the design and style that you want. You can customize it to your own taste, and it will be long-lasting. You’re also the one who gets the benefit of improving the home – not some other property owner. 

There are ways to keep your place neat, tidy, and functional in affordable yet long-lasting ways. It just boils down to how good you are at putting up the pieces together to achieve a well-built home. Research is key as always!

5. Saving for the long term

Some would say renting is better than paying the mortgage with an interest. While others believe that renting actually poses a bigger expense in the long term compared to owning. There is even that famous belief wherein people think that paying rent is similar to throwing money down the drain. It’s not going anywhere and not doing you any good because the house is not yours and the money is not invested. 

The truth is, there is no right or wrong on this one. Choosing between whether to rent or to buy actually depends on the person. There are factors to consider, the main of which is in what stage of life is this person in? And of course, the financial status. 

For those that are just starting out in life, renting may, but not always be the better option. Most people, especially the young ones that are just starting to build a career, or a savings fund, or just getting to explore life, are usually the renters. They prefer the flexibility of moving our any time, and keeping a tight budget – since paying rent is a fixed expense. However, if you’re from a family with good financial background or support, you are definitely off to a different start and may choose to own instead of just renting. 

Contrary to the young ones, wild and free, people with families and looking to settle down are those that dream of homeownership. They think that giving their family or having their family in a home of their own should be an achievement and a dream they must fulfill. Nevertheless, if you are still juggling to pay the bills, and need to provide the majority of the family’s financial needs, then saving up for a future home can be quite challenging. Still, you shouldn’t give up and look for an affordable house and lot options.

6. Enough space for the family

Residential rental properties and landlords or property owners usually impose a number of people that are only allowed in the house, apartment, or condo. Sometimes they don’t even allow kids. 

This is due to a number of reasons, of course. They limit people to limit the damage to the property. Whether we admit it or not, we know that the more people uses things, the easier they wear out. And as a property owner, you don’t want that to happen. You want your things to last as much as possible or keep your home looking unused. So if you have a big family or planning to build one, finding a home rental that will accept your big family will be difficult. 

Also, some places are not kid-friendly or not baby-proof homes. Property owners wouldn’t want to have accidents with kids while there. This is especially applicable to high-level homes or apartment buildings with 3 level floors or higher. An unattended child could be accident-prone and their homes are not prepared to accommodate kids, thus refusing to allow them. While others, they just don’t like babies. Neighbors can complain to the landlord if your baby is getting in the way of their peace and quiet night. 

So, if you are from a big family or planning to have a big family, you should definitely consider to stop renting and start owning.

7. Property Investment

Property investment, when heard by most people who knows a little about investing would think that it’s about generating passive income through rental properties. Or about boosting your income portfolio by buying and selling or flipping houses.

Nonetheless, the investment portion pertained here is not about the income you will generate once you have a house and lot or condominium. We are pertaining to the non-tangible investment opportunity that only a home that is truly yours poses. It is property appreciation. 

Well, aside from investing in the inner peace that you get when you know your money is going somewhere, property appreciation is also one of the sought-out benefits of owning a home compared to renting. 

Different from passive income or rental income that you can get every month, property appreciation is more of a long-term investment. You may not see the result or return now, but in the long term, you’ll be glad that you own a property.

This is actually good if you’re looking to live in the property you are planning to buy. If you’re thinking about pre-selling vs. RFO for example, this can be one of your considerations. Just because most people buy a property with an intent to boost their income through real estate and receive a monthly rental income, doesn’t mean you should, too. Don’t be pressured. There are different ways to use real estate as an investment. 

Just because there is no return while living on your property, it does not mean that you are not getting a monetary return. Having your own house and lot or condo guarantees that you are secured for the future – that your money is going somewhere, and in the future, it will be of great benefit to you. 


           There are lots of benefits when you stop renting and start owning. But then again, what suits you depends on the current situation or life stage you are in. There’s no right and wrong. But of course, goal setting is important as well. We should learn to plan for the future and know how to secure it – emotionally and financially. Not just for ourselves but for our families too.