Why Invest your Money in Affordable House and Lot? Here are 5 Reasons


In today’s era of financial instability and uncertainties brought by changing times and currently, the pandemic, it has been difficult for a lot of us to manage our finances. But for those who do well, Here are 5 Reasons why invest your money in affordable house and lot.

Most of us knows money as something to be spent mostly on our bills, wants, basic needs or even vices, and daily activities, whether employed or not. Only a few would think how to use it as an asset, something that can be used to earn more and be the source of wealth. Two of the many reasons would probably be our awareness and behavior toward our disposable income.

On one hand, some of us weren’t actually aware of our disposable income and how lucrative it is if dealt with and invested properly. Although many were already aware, in fact, well aware that they have this spare money from last month’s salary. But only letting it sit on their bank accounts waiting for its turn to be spent on some random things found online. Or even worse, “investing” it on some easy money-making scheme like gambling. Allured by the high rate of return, gamblers carry great risks and uncertainty.

So regardless of how much we earn, it is important to deal with it wisely. And by wise, I meant investing it by buying a house and lot. And not just any house and lot, invest your money in Bria Homes. Why house and lot? Well, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other types of investments out there that you can choose from. But, among all other types of investment, a house and lot is definitely the most lucrative one there is if we talk long-term. According to Harris (2017), real estate is a great investment for many reasons. You can enjoy an excellent rate of returns, amazing tax advantages, and leverage real estate to build your wealth. 

Are you wondering how? Well, let’s start with your disposable income and cash flow. 

On the road to financial stability, cash flow awareness is one thing. However, cash flow monitoring is a whole other thing. It is the start of controlling how much money that comes in and how much that comes out. It is the first step of anything – the beacon of success. But to become well-versed in this aspect you need knowledge and practice. So, to start, here are some tips on how you are going to manage your money to finally invest and buy your first affordable house and lot in Bria Homes. 

1. Treat your disposable income as an asset – something that can grow. 

As mentioned, your disposable income no matter how much is an asset and can be the source of another income. If you have a rather small disposable income, think of it as your money with tenfold value in the near future. You might save it and when it reaches the minimum amount that allows you to invest, then invest it in your house and lot. 

2. Monitor your cash flow: decide how much that comes out. 

Among all other types of investments, real estate has a predictable cash flow. Cash flow is the net spendable income derived from the investment after all operating expenses and mortgage payments have been made. A good real estate investment should provide you with 6% or greater cash flow “Why You Should Invest in Real Estate”. Study your cash flow, it is one way to monitor and keep track of where your money is going. It is where you’ll know where your money should go and where it shouldn’t. 

Now, with all that being said, you might be asking the big question:

Why Invest your Money in Affordable House and Lot? Here are 5 Reasons

1. Appreciates in Value 

First and foremost, like all other things, your house and lot have value. But unlike some investments, its value is more likely to appreciate rather than depreciate like vehicles and gadgets or any other similar investments. Despite the ongoing pandemic, which caused multiple market crashes, real estate remained to be one of the safest investments. As housing continues to be a basic need, and the demand for it continues to persist over the years, house and lot packages also continue to become more valuable over time Affordable House and Lot Package: Why You Should Invest Now!”. 

2. Generates Income 

Your return on investment or ROI depends on what you do with your house and lot investment. There are lots of ways to boost your income through real estate, but to surely generate income, you can have it rented out or have it sold at a much higher price than your acquisition price.

Moreover, you may opt to increase your selling price a bit higher by improving it, developing your house and a lot will incur an increase in the rate of your selling price. Since your properties are completely customizable in the sense that you can upgrade or downgrade any area of the house and lot you purchased (Patinio, 2021). 

3. An Easy Investment 

Compared to other investment options, nothing is as easy as investing in real estate by buying an affordable house and lot in Bria Homes. One of the reasons why is that it doesn’t require you to monitor the market regularly. It doesn’t require a lot of market analytics unlike stocks wherein you have to study and analyze the market, always.

Real Estate doesn’t have a lot of formulas to deal with when you are investing in it. But more importantly, it’s also easy to get started. Most people begin just by purchasing a home to live in as the process of investing in houses is simple to learn. Buy, rent out, watch your asset grow. Admittedly there’s a bit to get your head around in regards to tax benefits, depreciation, etc., but nothing your mortgage broker can’t teach you in a couple of hours.

4. Flexibility 

In real estate, you can also leverage your house and lot through its flexibility. Your house and lot might be your home now, but some time in the future it might become one of your sources of income and be a way for you to establish generational wealth.

You can invest in another house and lot or buy a new one. And have your old one rented out in just a short amount of time. Given our advancement in technology these past few years, it has enabled us to communicate conveniently and quickly in the comfort of our own homes. 

5. Tax Benefits 

Consequently, like any business owner, real estate investors can take advantage of many tax write-offs. There are expenses you can write off when you run a business particularly in real estate – you own a home and rent it out. According to Roofstock (2021), 

As the business owner, you can often write off the following expenses: 

1. The mortgage interest paid on the loan 

2. Origination points paid on the loan 

3. Maintenance expenses 

4. Depreciation (spread out over 27.5 years) 

5. Real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and HOA dues 

Often, these factors create a margin on how we view and take our house and lot investment as good or bad. But regardless, it is important to note that having a good house and lot investment will depend on how you manage to maximize its possible use to generate the highest return possible. We hope this article has provided you the information you needed and answered some of your questions, even just the basics, to start investing in your first, second, third, or fourth affordable house and lot in Bria Homes. 


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Written by Mark Rosada