Why Bria house and lot is considered as the best investment for OFWs

Why Bria house and lot is considered as the best investment for OFWs

After a long time of working away from their home country and loved ones, these modern day heroes deserve to be able to settle down at a comfortable home using their hard earned money. Most OFWs prefer to go back to their provinces and that is also one reason why Bria House and Lots are considered to be one of the best investments for them.

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Many heroes have come and gone in different eras of the local Philippines scene. Additionally, our modern day heroes called our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) not only light up the Philippine economy, but also the homes of their families they sacrifice for here in our country. The money they remit helps boost the economy, and helps in the upbringing of sons and daughters, and the well-being of the whole family. Their incomes play an important role in a lot of aspects for the Philippines and their respective loved ones. They sacrifice much of their time working abroad, away from their precious families, exhausting their efforts just to provide and make lives easier for the ones they have left in the country. The fruit of their labor must not go to waste and be splurged only on unnecessary things. It’s only fitting that they invest in something that is lasting and long-term because those incomes they have received are worked hard for and sometimes even blood and tears are shed just to gain them. A safekeeping of this is necessary to protect it and make it grow. This is not only for their families, but also to protect their labor and hard work so that it may benefit not just the family but also him/herself.

There are different investments one Overseas Filipino Worker could be in stocks, different currencies arising now, or the most secure one being Real Estate. BRIA Homes welcomes OFWs to invest in house and lot for the reason that it is the best investment they could make in the long run. Bria offers vast deals that you can avail and easy to access. Our website offers a variety of services perfect for social distancing this pandemic. Our website has features wherein you can find properties available in areas that you want and view photos of it. There are even instructions on how you can arrive at the area, google maps of it and landmarks. With Bria, your investment is not only affordable, but also beautiful. There are several house models you can choose from. This would make that investment really glow and come in worth its money.

So with all these said, Why Bria house and lot is considered as the best investment for OFWs?

1. It’s a dream come true

2. It’s a good long term investment

3. Added value appreciation

4. Affordable in Bria

5. Good service

6. Fast construction time

7. A Home fit for your family

8. A Green Community Awaits

9. A Healthier Space

10. The Proximity of Needs is near

A dream come true

  • Having a good house and lot where you can come home to is such a big deal and a good achievement in life. You see a tangible form of your hard-earned income and it makes it all worth it. You can achieve this dream House and lot through PAG-IBIG housing loans or Bank Housing Loans. If you’re coming from a rental property, then purchasing a house and lot that you can call your own creates a feeling of satisfaction and completion. OFWs usually have this dream and it’s not wrong for one to have so because at the end of the day, we want to feel happy and secure.
  • Moreover, having your own house also provides that sense of relief that it’s not temporary and something you could eventually turn into an heirloom. Furthermore, this permanency gives you this security that you won’t constantly move or look for the next shelter/renting space after every end of contracts. However, having a temporary home is not necessarily bad, it’s just that having your own home has its perks that’s more long lasting and visible return of investments that benefits not only you but your future heir to the property.
  • This dream not only fulfills current wants but also the future benefactors.

It’s a good long term investment

  • Continuing from the previous point, investing in real estate is a good long term investment because it not only benefits you in the current time but also in the future. It, of course, provides security and comfort to you and your loved ones. Adding to that, it could be a form of extra income in addition to your income abroad. You can have it for rent or sell it at a price that is reasonable or higher than what you paid for it, given that you’ve maybe done some upgrades plus the insurance fees and taxes.
  • Speaking of insurance, real estate is a good investment for an OFW because you know that what you’re paying is insured and safe.
  • According to Gimenez (2021) from Golden Haven PH, it can be an emergency fund if you sell or have it for rent and have that sense of financial security.

It has added value appreciation

  • Over the course of time, properties would eventually go up in prices. This is basically what value appreciation means. Adding to the argument that this is a long term investment, the more time passes, the more it would cost more. So, in simpler terms, it’s a good long term investment because in the long run its value increases.As Gimenez (2021) from Golden Haven states, the value changes over time and usually, its changes are in a way that favors those who sell or rent it out.
  • Additionally, real estate’s worth increases more than cars and other tangible dream luxury items.

Bria homes has affordable house and lot

  • You’re in good hands with Bria! We make sure that through proper channels and processes, you will never be at loss with your investment. Furthermore, Bria is one of the key players in the real estate industry, so you know you’d be getting your payments’ worth. Additionally, not only do we provide good service, but also affordable house and lot because we aim to address the housing problem in the country. Our fees are more than appropriate and sufficient to get you that dream house that fits your needs and wants
  • Our rates from PHP 460,000 to PHP 1.5M while our condos are worth PHP 1.5M to PHP 3M. For ease of load, you can opt to have PAG-IBIG Fund or Bank Housing Loan with plans that suit your budget and income.

Bria offers good service

  • The pandemic has put a stop to many businesses that we know and love but Bria is here to stay with new and improved website features and services. Due to the pandemic, we’re following protocols approved by the government, so you can still view our Virtual Tours which is a safe way to scout the site you’ve been wanting to have, or to just widen your horizon of choices. Our customer service will assist you if you have any questions, and our well-trained agents will surely provide any assistance for your new home investment. There are customer service contacts on our website and as well as emails you can send your queries to.
  • Not only can you buy or avail in-house, but you can also try bank Housing Loans or through PAG-IBIG funds to invest in your dream property. Our website offers a step by step guide to Bank Housing Loan and PAG-IBIG housing loans to ensure ease of use and a smooth transaction even when you’re away abroad working. Moreover, online payments are available to peruse so it would be easy on your end; a less hassle way of investing in your dreams is just in the touch of your fingertips

You can count on the fast construction time

  • If you want something fast and reliable, it would be how Bria would construct and design your future tangible dream home. You can fast forward to that time you or your family would be enjoying the fruits of your labor abroad. It will all be worth it with Bria Homes.
  • In just as easy as one year, the property would be ready. The fast construction time does not affect the quality of your property and they would last through any weather.

It’s a home fit for your family

  • Finally, we have a reason that would surely help you make up your mind in terms of having a good investment with Bria. Availing your affordable Bria house and lot would be fit for your family because we have a lot of variations that would fit what you need to have. Our Bria website has a variety of features that would help you choose which home suits your needs and wants. The website features a search engine where you can look up the places where we have properties and choose from the roster that is near you or at your dream location where it’s peaceful and to your liking. You can also choose from the roster of available house models such as Thalia, Bettina, Elena, and Alecza.
  • A good home also strengthens the family in a way that you could let your children stay even after 18 years old. This is different from American Culture where they move out as soon as they are of legal age. With your new BRIA home, you and your family can bond as much as you want, under the roof of peace and serenity, coupled by that feeling of security and sense of satisfaction.
  • The properties are in a good environment and pleasant communities.

A Green Community Awaits

  • Along with the pleasant communities we provide, it’s also a good place for your mental and physical well-being because of the trees surrounding the area. You can meditate well and be secured in the fact that pollution is much less in the area you will choose. Bria has launched a project called “Project Communitree: Adopt a Tree program” that aims for a cleaner environment and its importance.

A Healthier Space

  • Not only does Bria care about the environment, but also patronizes your health as it launches “Sa Bria Lulusog ang Pamilya” that promotes good diet. It is believed that good health leads to a better and happier home. When you choose Bria, you’ll experience a better environment and it adds to the dream of yours to have a good home. You’ll have a healthy home and a healthy environment.

The proximity to needs is close

  • Bria places homes that fit your lifestyle in terms of places of worship, hospitals, schools, and highways you can easily access in case you wanna travel out. Major roads are also in close proximity.

With Bria Homes, you know you’ll be in good hands because our services are catered well for you as an OFW. We care for our modern day heroes as much as we care for our beloved clients and try to make Bria House and Lot the best choice of investments for OFWs. Be it families, sole ownership, OFWs, and even the youth who want to invest as early as now in homes and other properties. Buying a house now during the pandemic has its benefits that will surely make every penny worth it.

There are many other real estate services out there that could suit your needs but Bria definitely has the edge, being one of the leading companies in the industry. If you’re looking at a time to invest in us, now is the right time, given that the pandemic has halted a part of the economy. If you’re looking for a safe environment for your family back here in the Philippines, Bria offers just that, given if safety protocols are to be met. You can provide a home for them here at the properties made by Bria, with the design of your choice. Your family would definitely enjoy the environment that we offer, given that we have facilities for recreational purposes such as a park for children’s playground, multipurpose halls, basketball courts, etc. Investing in us guarantees a good return of investment, especially if you’re planning to make your property a passive income or an heirloom in the future. Sure enough, we also provide a safe and secure environment as we have guards and CCTV coverage, and solar-powered lights at the paths (Salvador, 2021).

We offer fast service that doesn’t affect the good quality of it


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BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., .one of the largest real estate companies in the country. BRIA Homes is primed to bring quality and affordable house and lot packages and condominium units closer to ordinary Filipino families. This is the goal that drives every single employee in the company, for which the ultimate fulfillment is seeing a client happily moving into BRIA’s homes.

To know more, visit their website at www.bria.com.ph, like and follow “Bria Homes, Inc.” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Viber Community, Telegram Channel, Kakao Talk, LINE, and WhatsApp, or call 0939-887-9637.

Written by Adrianne Jane patinio