Bria House and Lot: Honoring Past and Present Heroes on National Heroes Day


Heroes are closely correlated to a man who holds a sword and armor. Heroes are those who fought battles and have demonstrated bravery on the front row, risking their own lives selflessly to save the lives of others. Have said that, what does it takes to be a hero? Through this article, we will be honoring past and present heroes on national heroes day.

Past Heroes

Whenever we hear the word hero, we would probably think of Doctor Jose Rizal. He is a man with multiple professions. Significantly, his works awakened Philippine Nationalism against Spanish colonialism. Andres Bonifacio who’s also a Supremo of the Katipunan is best known for the Cry of Pugadlawin wherein they tore their resident certificates or cedulas which symbolized their defiance against the colonizers. Gabriela Silang, a female revolutionary who is recalled as a courageous warrior and a great leader. They are only some of those many heroes who have sacrificed a lot and made a remarkable achievement for our country.

In relation to National Heroes Day, let us also acknowledge what our modern heroes are doing not only for our country but also around the world.

Modern-day Heroes

1. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Undeniably, OFWs are indeed battle warriors. They do not just face different forms of hardships while working abroad but also they have huge roles in our country’s economy. We would probably see a lot of Filipinos in every part of the world and that is because of our hardworking kababayans.

OFWs have undeniable strength to endure homesickness just to provide for their families. They are tough and brave to fight against any challenges on their own. Distance away from their loved ones pains them the most, aside from this they will also have to miss out a lot of their families important events such as birthdays and many more.

In order to provide for their families, they are willing to accept harsh working conditions, long hours of labor, and even not fair compensation. Furthermore, we honor them for their huge contributions through strong remittance inflows which helps our country’s prosperity. We salute our hardworking OFWs for the sacrifices they’ve made and the hardships they’ve endured for their loved ones and the country.

2. Firefighters, Policemen, and Military

Provided that our country is in the middle of a pandemic, lockdown and curfew had been strictly imposed. It would not be possible without the help of our police personnel. They made sure that there’s peace and order in every corner of the street. Aside from it, they tirelessly stand on road checkpoints and in every borderline of the country despite the risk of exposure to the virus.

While on duty, they can’t be with their families due to the risk of being exposed to different people. Some are assigned to a different part of the country which takes months for them to finally see their loved ones. Not to mention the risk they are facing whenever they encounter rebels and criminals. In addition to this, our brave firefighters are always on the go whenever there is a call of duty. We have massive respect for their services.

3. Filipino Athletes

Just recently, The Olympics 2020 was held in Tokyo Japan and our Filipino athletes have brought medals for our country.  Honoring Past and Present Heroes on National Heroes Day means recognizing those who have brought us glory. Not to mention the two female athletes who made history: Nesthy Petecio, who is the first female boxer to win a silver medal, and Hidilyn Diaz who won the first Olympic gold medal in the weightlifting category.

In addition to this, Carlo Paalam completes the Philippine boxing medal pantheon with a sure silver medal and Eumir Marcial settled for the middleweight bronze medal. Despite the challenges, they have faced during their training in the middle of the pandemic they still managed to represent our flag. This is a history that the Filipino people will treasure.

4. Call Center Agents

Many countries have been strongly affected by the pandemic. Businesses have closed and it greatly impacted the country’s economy. In spite of this, the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry continued its business. They are now considered essential workers since they play a vital role in customers informed, knowledgeable enough regarding the organizations they support, and even resolving different customers’ concerns under pressure. They tirelessly work at night for international accounts while some work during the day.

Teachers, restaurant crews, and many different professions have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Since the BPO industry is still providing jobs, a lot of Filipinos have changed their profession. Having said that, the BPO industry contributes to the growth of the Philippine economy. The Philippines is now referred to as the BPO Capital of the World. Later on, call center agents adjusted to the work-from-home environment which allows them to work and stay at home at the same time.

5. Delivery Riders

Due to the medical crisis that the Covid-19 has brought to us, quarantine became necessary which lessens our mobility. Continuously changing in community quarantine protocols, food deliveries amidst ECQ/MECQ has taken the online market’s attention once again. Our delivery riders who tirelessly drive from one place to another to bring our essential needs have been a big help to every individual. It became easier for people to purchase anything online since these riders are up on the road 24 hours.

Some riders are using their bicycles which requires extra effort to deliver the goods on time. With this in mind, they also need to make sure that their deliveries are in their best condition. For an instance, a rider must make sure that a birthday cake will be delivered perfectly. There are also misfortunes wherein some people prank these riders. It has been trending lately where people book fake orders and so the riders are obliged to pay for it instead. Nonetheless, they could encounter different challenges along the road and we hope that they are always safe in every ride.

6. Volunteers, Community Helpers, and Private Sectors

Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a lot this past year, we learned how to be appreciative of the things that we have whether it’s big or small. It also taught us to be the cane for those people who need us. Filipinos are well known for their resiliency, we are recognized for always putting a smile on our faces despite circumstances.

Lately, we have witnessed people losing their jobs, which means less food will be served on the table. Yet, we Filipinos found our ways to share what we have with those who are most in need. There, the Community pantry was organized by different people with good hearts. The rule is simple, you can take what you need and share what you have. It does not end from there, some volunteered through their little ways in their communities to help fight against the Covid-19. Honoring Past and Present Heroes on National Heroes Day includes those who have helped anonymously, too.

7. Farmers

Surviving this pandemic would never be possible without our hardworking farmers. They produce the food we eat every day and even if the covid-19 pandemic affected our country, they never stop working regardless of knowing the risk that the virus can bring to them and their families. Being under the sun the whole day doesn’t bother them anymore, they give all of their blood, sweat, and tears just to grow healthy crops for everyone.

Typhoons and calamities are the biggest challenges for them, it would wash away their crops in a second but they don’t have any choice but to restart the process to provide for their families. We should also recognize their efforts in developing agricultural technologies which contribute a lot to the economy. They truly deserve to be recognized for their diligence.

8. Medical Frontliners

What would have happened if the doctors are not on duty? With the rampant of the covid-19 pandemic, we should never forget those people who are fighting against it. These are the Doctors, Nurses, Hospital staff such as medical technologies, caregivers, and many more. They have selflessly ensured the health and safety of many people. From checking records to making rounds just to make sure that every patient can get the best medical care. We can’t deny how they sacrifice their lives every day.

We have countless cases of covid-19 day by day and it doesn’t end there, some people need extra assistance too for different illnesses. The selflessness, dedication, and bravery that they exert every time they wear their PPE (personal protective equipment). The rush that they put through themselves whenever an ambulance unloads another patient. It pains them whenever they lose someone’s life in their hands. We salute them for working day and night, especially during these trying times. We should honor and respect their sacrifices to fight invisible enemies such as covid-19.

9. You and I are Heroes

Every Filipino has a huge contribution whether big or small and for that, we should all be considered heroes. Heroism is being able to fight any challenges, not just for ourselves but also for the sake of others and for the country.

The Bayanihan spirit has always been in Filipino’s blood, the spirit of unity, work, and cooperation during trying times. Despite circumstances, Filipinos remained optimistic, hopeful, courageous, resilient, faithful, and, most of all, helpful despite difficult times. Above all, we all have a responsibility to do our part as Filipino whether it is for ourselves, our family and or the country.

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Written by Lysandra Faye Batac