Bria House and Lot: Nesthy Petecio, Silver Fist at The Olympics 2020


It was a victory for Nesthy Petecio after winning the silver medal in Women’s Featherweight Boxing at The Olympics. Petecio punched her best after Sena Irie of Japan beat Petecio to the gold medal via unanimous decision. Petecio’s silver medal was history, she’s the first woman from the Philippines to win a boxing medal, and the first Filipino boxer to medal at the Olympics since 1996.

Aside from the Tokyo Olympics 2020, she definitely fought to win since Nesthy Petecio also bagged gold in the featherweight competition of the AIBA World Boxing Championships in 2019. She also came in first place in the featherweight categories of the Thailand International Boxing Tournament 2019, Southeast Asian Games of 2019, and the International Feliks Stamm Tournament 2018.

The 29-year old Filipino boxer proudly dedicated her fight for her family, coach, to the LGBTQ community, and to her best friend who died this year. She emotionally raised her medal during the ceremony which reflects her victory. It proved how hard she fought on the ring and was an outcome of how her father thought her how to box since her childhood.

She comes from a family of boxer, her siblings are also into the same sport. At first, she just wanted to learn boxing for defense. Later on, she decided to take the sport competitively to support her family. She also used her passion to pursue her education. She reminisced about how she started as a boxer. During childhood, she used recycled clothes to cover her hands as a glove to practice with her younger sibling.

She used to fight at local boxing events in order for her to provide food for her family. Most of the time, she fought against male boxers and there, she was discovered to be part of the National Women’s Boxing Team.

Nesthy did not just raise the Philippine flag but also the LGBT community flag, which she is proud to be part of. She is very proud and loud with her achievement and took pride in how more women are making a name for themselves in sports. She encourages more women to do sport because she believes that women are strong.

No matter how many times people tell her that boxing is just for men, she still continued to fight for her dream. The Olympics 2020 was really memorable not just for Nesthy Petecio but also for the Philippines since more women have proved themselves on the field just like Hidilyn Diaz who’s the first Filipino to win the Gold medal in the weightlifting category. This only proves that women can really make history just like what Nesthy said.

Although she was confident that she gives her best every time she steps on the boxing ring, it was not an easy road for Nesthy Petecio as she also had some challenges before the Olympics. As the international fights have blessed her, she struggled as she failed to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympics. She was really affected by her defeat at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia followed by a tough break-up with her girlfriend during that time, Petecio had her darkest moment with her depression making it hard for her to even step on the ring.

She almost wanted to quit and look for a job that would make her forget how to use the boxing gloves but she stood and went on to reestablish her confidence and strength in the 2019 World Championship in Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation. There she fought again and came back on track, as she picked herself up and gained the confidence to fight more. Nesthy Petecio started to train again for the Olympics 2020 after a year’s postponement which gave her extra time to prepare and she knew it is her time to grab a medal.

All the punches that she received was worth it. Nesthy Petecio made her Olympic debut just a few days ago at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It’s hard for an athlete to bag a medal on their first Olympics, although it was Nesthy’s first Olympic game she still managed to make it happen.

It was not easy at all but she’s very eager and hardworking to be at the Olympics so we’ll probably be expecting more of Nesthy, and her medals, in the future. Although some of her fans believe that Nesthy deserves the gold medal, Nesthy asked her fans to accept the result of the competition. Despite losing the gold medal, she’s thankful for her safety during the fight. She also highlighted that she is happy for her opponent’s victory.

Nesthy also assured her supporters that she will fight back stronger on her next journey aiming for the gold. Nesthy Petecio said that she will not stop fighting up until she gets the gold medal and for that she’s looking forward to the 2024 Paris Olympics. She’s very humble with her achievement and is very thankful for the prayers and support that she received.

After the victory in the Olympics 2020, the Philippine is grateful for the pride that she brought to her home nation, she will be receiving triumphant awards from the government, private sectors, and more. The possible rewards will be given by several companies which awarded Petecio a condominium and brand new house and lot worth P10 million and P2.5 million respectively. Nesthy Petecio will also receive free flights of 60,000 miles per year for life, and another airline will also give her free unlimited flights within 5 years. She was also given a P17 million incentive- P5 million from the Philippine Sports Commission, several more monetary incentives from private companies and communities. These well-deserved awards will truly make a big difference to her life and also to her family.

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 win is definitely an unforgettable moment for Nesthy Petecio. Although she was in Tokyo to compete, she made sure to enjoy the experience. She also shared her Olympics journey through her social media accounts. This momentous victory is celebrated by her family and colleagues in Davao del Sur. She truly inspired a lot of Filipinos in achieving her dreams for her family. All the invested punches are paid off as Nesthy’s family will get to enjoy a comfortable life after Nesthy’s victory.

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Written by Lysandra Faye Batac