7 Reasons Why OFWs Should Start Reserving Their Own House and Lot


Being our Modern Day heroes, OFWs deserve to settle down and come home for good to their families in a home they can call their own. And because real estate properties are in high demand these days, let us share seven reasons why OFWs should start reserving their own house and lot with Bria Homes.

Nothing is more fulfilling than providing for what you and your family needs. Most Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs wish to provide a decent home for their families and this is one of the many reasons why Filipinos work abroad. And while away, some OFWs are actually hesitant in buying their dream homes as it might be a little overwhelming with all the home buying process. Luckily, acquiring a property even if you’re away is never a problem with Bria Homes.

1. A Good Value for Money

OFWs put up with being separated and away from their family members just to earn and save enough money for themselves. This is why every cent they earn should be placed in something worth spending or investing in like the real estate industry.

OFW should start reserving their house and lot now because it is a fact that real estate always appreciates over time. Like what people always say: do not wait to buy real estate property, buy real estate, and wait. If you wait to buy a property, its value will only likely increase. So it’s much better if you invest earlier.

Comparing it to other investments, when you invest in land, its’ value never goes down or depreciate. It is something you can pass onto your next generations and still the value would go up. It is a form of investment that earns from value appreciation. That said, real estate is a great investment option for OFWs as it clearly shows how much it has a good value for money and why OFWs should invest their hard-earned money in well-known real estate companies such as Bria Homes. 

2. Ready for Occupancy

If you are an OFW who is on vacation or wanting to settle down for good already or maybe a retiree, Bria Homes offer ready-for-occupancy units in selected projects. You can start reserving these units and easily occupy them because RFOs are ready built houses that could be moved into immediately which makes it more convenient for buyers like OFWs.

These units might be more expensive than pre-selling ones, but there’s no need for extra work. Why? It’s a relief if you’re a first-time homeowner because when you move in, all you have to do is bring your stuff and appliances. In addition, you get to inspect every detail of your home without waiting for it to actually get built first. Plus, before moving in, water and electric lines are already available and ready for use! 

3. Establishments are within reach

When looking for the perfect location of your dream home, it’s a must to know if it is strategically located. Will it bring you comfort? Is it going to be convenient living in the area? Is it suitable and fit for my lifestyle? Here are some of the questions you should consider before buying your dream home. You need to buy a home in a place that is accessible. There is an additional plus point if it is near establishments for your necessities and lifestyle.

With Bria Homes, all projects are strategically located and within reach. Hospitals, schools, places of worship, markets or shopping centres, and national highways, are always within close proximity. There’s no need to travel for an hour or more just to get to places.

4. Generates Passive Income

In relation to the third reason why OFWs should start reserving their dream house and lot now is that it could generate and be a source of passive income. For instance, you are on a short vacation in the Philippines. It’s good that you already have a place to stay in when you go back. But, what happens after? If you’re single or do not yet have a family of your own, buying your home from Bria Homes is a wise decision, especially if you are going to make it into a rental property. Make it leased for a short or long period of time. This actually makes Bria Homes a wise investment.

5. A Wise Investment

Most OFWs do not invest their hard-earned money and let their money sleep in the bank. Since they are away from home, most OFWs commit money mistakes and some of them are also uncertain when investing as investments always involve risk. So whenever you are ready to invest, make sure to always research about it and know if it will provide you with more growth and opportunities.

From working all day to sleeping late at night, investing at Bria Homes does not require much of an OFW’s time and attention. If you’re looking for the perfect long-term investment, that has low risk with high returns, then you should definitely invest in Bria Homes. It does not need to be monitored all the time, unlike other investments such as crypto and stocks wherein you have to analyze its’ market from time to time. People tend to overlook and neglect investing in Real Estate because of the misconception of the need to have a lot of money before buying a property. 

Aside from that, investing in Bria Homes is one of the safest investments one could invest in. Because there is a guaranteed ROI when you invest in any of its projects nationwide. Investing your money in Bria Homes will not just provide you with more opportunities to grow and earn, but also to be financially free. 

6. Fulfilling Your Dream

OFW or not, buying your own dream home is always on top of the list of every Filipino. Buying a home is not just a dream to be fulfilled, but basically a necessity. After all the hard work, and years being separated from their loved ones, it is about time for OFWs to enjoy the fruits of their labor by taking baby steps in reserving that affordable house and lot as your dream home.

A safe and personal space, a home you can come home to at the end of the tiring day is what really matters the most because one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and your family is the gift of personal space. 

Not just that, because as OFWs, it’s not going to be working abroad forever. No one wants to spend the rest of their lives working away from home and their loved ones. We will all come to that point where you’d have to retire and come home for good in the Philippines. So while you still can work and earn money, invest in Bria Homes and have something to retire to by then.

So, if you are currently searching for your first real estate investment, you might want to consider visiting any near Bria Homes project around your area. Bria is considered to be one of the country’s leading housing developers that offers both vertical and horizontal projects. And let us help you find the perfect real estate investment for you.

7. Bria Homes is all over the Philippines

OFW should reserve house and lot where Bria Homes is located because we have projects all over the Philippines, may it be Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. They would also have no problem in choosing a location that is suitable for them and their family. Bria Homes has always been a trustworthy real estate developer in the Philippines. A developer available nationwide is actually a good thing, being available nationwide, also means a well-established and trusted brand in the Philippines. 

Some of our best real estate development are available in the provinces of Bataan, Batangas, Bulacan, Camarines Sur, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Rizal, and Tarlac. For Visayas, we also have in Cebu, Leyte, Negros Oriental, and Samar. Bukidnon, Davao Del Norte, Davao Del Sur, Misamis Oriental, North Cotabato, and South Cotabato for Mindanao projects.

You may visit www.bria.com.ph/properties to navigate all of our available projects nationwide in order for you to choose the perfect location of your dream home.

For inquiries and details about our packages, visit Bria’s website and Facebook Page. You may chat with our real estate brokers through our website live chat. Our real estate agents will help you process your property investment from real estate schemes to sign legal documents,

Written by Ysabel Casas