10 Tips in Achieving Your Dream Affordable House and Lot This 2022


Many Filipinos are either renting or just living with their relatives’ worst some of us just live in the street, no place to call “home”. This is a sad reality that most of us are facing especially this time of the pandemic, we are advised to stay in our comfort spaces, dreaming to own is our first step in creating that dream become true. Accordingly, we’ve listed down 10 tips to help you achieve your dream home this 2022.

Buying a house for the first time can surely get us really excited and anxious at the same time. Every single penny is worth a million pesos at the right time. Thus, In Bria Homes, you will achieve your dream home this 2022. So here are some tips achieving dream home 2022.


First and foremost, in achieving something, you should have the will to get it. So our number 1 tip to in achieving your dream home this 2022 is that you must be wholehearted in buying or getting your own home because at some point you might feel doubtful of your choices. Mind setting or having the will to own is one important thing we should always remember while achieving your own home this 2022.

Everyone wants to have their own place to live in but make sure that you are not just financially but as well as psychologically ready when you start investing.


Make plans that is clear and reachable. When you are dreaming of a house and lot make sure to get it. Do it little by little, one by one, and without even knowing those small actions have a big result. But always put on your mind, to make an achievable plan based on your resources. Remember the 5Ws (what, where, when, why, who) and 1H (how) as your guide to the entire process in setting your goals.

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I can say that we all have our perfect home, the one we drew when we were kids. Some of us may have already a blueprint of it, but others might change what they want and still looking for the perfect home. So it is best to search and research for possible options. Nowadays, lots of property developers are into digital specifically social media. It is best to inquire on legit and reliable websites and social media networks.

It is good to know that national developers like Bria Homes have a lot to offer. Whether it is for your starting home or family home, for retirement, or just plainly for investment, Bria Homes got your back. We offer modern and quality house and lot package for you and your family. You can visit our official website and Facebook page to know more about Bria, and get updates and details of your preferred location, model units and features. Truly, Bria Homes is your home of choice.


After searching for different choices of home, weighing its pros and cons will help you decide whether your preferred home is what’s best for you. Make sure to know its specifications, features, and prices. Consider things such as location, whether it is near essential needs or near work.

A lot of real estate developers offer different payment schemes and promos to attract buyers it is best to also know these things for your own benefit. Bria has its Buyer’s Hassle-Free Promo: Free Water and Electricity Application, Free Homeowners Association Membership Fee, Fee Move-In Fee, Free Bank Charges. These will be beneficial to buyers who eagerly want to have their own place to settle down.


It’s time to reduce your expenses by simply means buying what is necessary. You need to prioritize things from most important to least important. Know your limit in spending and only buy things you can comfortably afford. Spend properly and wisely. You may limit your day-to-day expense, the same goes with your add-to-cart items in your online shopping center. Not because it is the trend it is relevant and applicable for you, remember you have to achieve your dream house this 2022.

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While you are still in the stage of planning, you can also save money to be used as a down payment when you get a home. Better if you have a separate account for your personal savings, emergency fund and an account allotted for your other expenses like this. Saving money for your dream house will help you pay your finances related to your home’s purchase price. You will also learn to budget your money and will help you save for a home you can realistically afford.


Once you found your desired house it is time for you to reserve it. Reservation is your first step to finally make your dream home come true. Make sure to transact with legit salespersons, real estate agent, and developers in your home buying process. This is also the time for you to prepare all needed documents and requirements.


Don’t forget to pay your monthly payment and property taxes. If you have an excess amount of money you can pay in advance so you will not worry or cram for your next due date. Also, when you are paying your bills and monthly payments this would be mean that you are serious about investing.


Since this is about achieving your dream home we should have it customized. Have your own style; make everything in your house uniquely yours. Make your home comforting and with a good ambiance. Put decors that suit your style. Another thing is the good color combination that will add beauty to the interior. Buy your own furniture and appliance.


Focusing on achieving your dream home this 2022 is one of the most important tips. When you still have doubt always remember that this is a preparation for your future. A lot of real estate professionals and experts say that buying a home will make you rich one day.

Shelter is one of the basic needs of humans.

This is our safe place. It is not easy to find one. Good for those who have their inheritance but for some they need to work hard to build their own place to call sanctuary. So it is best to have your own as early as now because there is no right time for investment as long as you put an effort to achieve it.

No one gets poor by having their own residence. Most of us are hoping to own at least a little portion of land to where we want to build our dream home. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a home that is costly and need full payment. So we can go for alternative options like buying real estate property.

Furthermore, having a home to live in, food to eat, work that you enjoy, and a family that supports you will be everyone’s dream. The best time to invest is today. If you feel that you are capable of investing make an investment as early as possible or you will regret the time you wasted. Our hard work will always pay off maybe not for now but at the right time. And always remember to build an asset and not a liability. It feels good to know and see that finally, your hard-earned money is worthy. In addition, invest, travel, but never forget to save for your own Bria Home.

Written by Monika Nasol