Move-in ready, safe, and secure BRIA Homes communities in Pampanga and Bataan

move in ready pampanga and bataan

Each new calendar year brings fresh resolve and determination to make changes in one’s life—from recharging career goals to upgrading to a new residence. With the pandemic now seen as a manageable threat, it’s no surprise that people are looking forward to a more productive and stable 2022.

One big step that they may undertake is buying their very first home. While finding a cozy and comfortable place to live is quite easily the goal, the search for it can be an exciting but specially challenging experience. Prospective homebuyers do not wake up one day and decide to invest their savings in the first house they like. There are key factors in the planning process such as location, affordability, and commitment.

This is why trusted homebuilders such as BRIA Homes consider all these issues as it continues to provide top quality homes of choice to Filipinos nationwide.

For instance, longtime residents of Pampanga and Bataan may want to upgrade to modern BRIA communities in these progressive cities. These are potential homebuyers who want to try BRIA community living but do not wish to leave their old hometown.

Then there are families and individuals who need to relocate to northern Luzon to pursue new life goals. These home seekers need no longer wait for the homes of their choice. Because leading property developer BRIA Homes offers ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units in their communities in Pampanga and Bataan, homebuyers may move straight into their brand-new homes as soon as the ink on their property documents is dry.

BRIA’s RFO homes are tastefully designed house and lot units tucked within gated communities that are secured by perimeter fences, guarded entrances and exits, 24/7 CCTV coverage, and solar lights that illuminate the streets at night.

To check out BRIA’s RFO house models, prospective buyers can immerse themselves through BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours in and inquire online through their Facebook page. They can also reserve a house online through

Like other BRIA projects nationwide, BRIA Homes in Pampanga and Bataan feature recreational amenities that help foster wholesome and thriving connections among homeowners. These include multipurpose halls that can host events, covered basketball courts for residents of all ages, and children’s playgrounds. Wide open green spaces also make for walkable neighborhoods that spur families to enjoy fresh air together.

BRIA Homes also prioritizes the health and wellness of every resident. Like all BRIA communities nationwide, BRIA Pampanga and Bataan boast reliable Internet connections. Homeowners may pay for remittances and amortization through BRIA’s partner banks—and do cashless transactions through AllEasy, GCash, and PayMaya. Remote work and learning are conducted through Zoom and Google Meet. Entertainment and other leisure activities are viewed or joined in via streaming services or YouTube.

Ready For Occupancy Affordable House and Lots

On top of all this, BRIA Homes Pampanga and Bataan boast proximity to commercial establishments. With these developments situated close to major infrastructure projects, travel time to Metro-Manila and other vital points in the region has likewise been drastically reduced, thus boosting the value appreciation of these BRIA properties.

BRIA Homes is all about bringing every Filipino within reach of their home of choice,” says Eduardo T. Aguilar, Division Head of BRIA Homes. “And with ready-for-occupancy units in such projects as BRIA Pampanga and Bataan, our clients can move into their brand-new home as soon as they want.”