The Beauty of First-time Homeownership with Bria Homes


           Owning a house is something that we need to prioritize in these current times. As we all know most Filipinos end up renting a house or sometimes they end up living on the same roof with their parents. This shows how Filipinos are still not ready for long-term investments such as owning a house. Some of them don’t know how to invest or don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to owning a house. Others might be thinking that owning a house is expensive and needs a lot of money involved. These kinds of mindsets are the common misconceptions of Filipinos when it comes to investing in a house. There is actually a way where Filipinos can invest in their own house without involving a huge amount of money and less hassle or an easy way to avail it. Through Bria Homes Filipinos can actually have affordable, decent, and beautiful houses. They offer affordable houses and a lot of packages which helps the Filipinos in having a house where they can call their own. Here are some of the things that can help you appreciate the beauty of first-time homeownership with Bria Homes.

Advantages and Benefits of being first-time homeownership with Bria Homes.

1. Affordable House

           Filipinos are having a hard time-saving money in order to purchase their own dream house. Some of them chose to rent because of lack of financial aspects and they know that purchasing a new house involves a huge amount of money. It is really hard for the average Filipino worker to save money and purchase a house but through Bria Homes, they can actually have a chance to get their own dream house. 

           Bria Homes offers very affordable house and lots to people. Filipinos can now afford to have their own dream house for as low as 1,897 pesos per month. They offer a lot of house and lot packages ranging from 460,000 to 1.5 million pesos. If you’re an average Filipino worker or an OFW this is actually a good chance to have your own house. You can actually acquire your dream house immediately without worrying about the huge amount of money that you need to pay instantly. Being a first-time homeowner through Bria Homes brings a lot of advantages compared to those who are saving money while renting a house. In Bria aside from its low monthly payment, it is guaranteed that the house is already yours unlike renting a house. It is truly affordable and convenient to be a first-time homeowner through Bria. It helps you save more money and at the same time make your dream house come true.

2. Convenient Payment Options

          On your first-time homeownership through Bria Homes, you don’t actually need to worry about the hassle of paying the monthly equity and monthly amortizations. Bria Homes are now introducing the new widest payment service to its customers. Due to the current situation and the implementation of the new normal Bria Homes secures your safety and convenience in terms of paying your bill. 

           You can now pay conveniently without actually visiting the office of Bria Homes. You can pay over-the-counter payment centers such as LBC, 7/11, and Cebuana Lhullier. It is also possible to pay using your E-Wallet wherein you can just pay your monthly bill through Gcash or Paymaya on your smartphones. It is really convenient now to have a transaction with Bria Homes and you don’t need to worry about the long process of transactions and the hassle of going to their specific office just to pay. Here is the list of other payment options:

 > Over the Counter Banking

            > Online Banking Payment Options

            > Auto Debit Arrangement

            > ATM through POS

            > Credit and Debit Card options

3. Perfect location 

           Bria Homes make sure that their houses and community are in the perfect location. They made sure that it was located near commercial establishments, hospitals, schools, and also near major roads and highways. If you’re a first-time homeowner through Bria you don’t need to worry about the location of your house because they already make sure that it is near to the places of interest. It gives convenience to the homeowners because most of the establishments, roads, and other interesting places are very near to the community and houses.

4. Pleasing Environment 

           In Bria Homes, you don’t actually need to go somewhere else just to relax or have fun. The community is equipped with a covered basketball court and other recreational facilities and spaces which are only exclusive for the homeowners of Bria. The safety and security of the homeowners are also guaranteed as it has perimeter fences and a guard entrance. The environment around the community is also relaxing as it has so many trees and plants around the area. Bria is promoting green and healthy living in its communities which aims to provide a cleaner environment for its people. 

5. High-Quality Homes

           Bria Homes uses new technologies in home building in order to produce a high-quality house that will last in any kind of weather. As a homeowner in Bria, you can guarantee that your house is safe, new, and can definitely last long. You don’t actually need to repair or re-design it unlike buying a second-hand house or renting wherein you’re not sure if the structure of the house is still okay and safe. Another thing is that the structure and architectural design of the houses are also outstanding. They make sure that the interior and exterior design of the house is visually appealing. It is actually a dream come true for the homeowners to have a modern architecture-style house.

The Importance of having your own house through Bria Homes

           Homeownership is one of the biggest achievements or let’s say a dream of every Filipino, and Bria Homes is making it possible through affordable Housing. Owning a house is something that we actually prioritize in our future but unfortunately, most of us end up renting a house or sharing it with our parents. There’s a lot of factors why they failed to have their own house but the most common is the financial problems. We all know that it is really expensive to purchase a house and lot but we should not stop dreaming about it. Bria Homes are offering the most affordable house and lot for Filipinos. They serve as a light for those people who are dreaming to have their own house. Here, we listed below all the important factors that might help you in terms of having your own house. 

1. Social Advantage

           Once you already have your own house you will be more socially active and at the same time boost your confidence as a homeowner. You might actually become more active with your community especially with what is happening in your area. In Bria Homes, they create a friendly and relaxing environment for everyone and there are also a lot of recreational facilities around the area. You can be involved more in the community which creates more social benefits and relations with other people, not just those people inside your home. It is not just a place where you sleep or rest but it is also a place where you can enjoy, relax and at the same time build relationships within the community. 

2. Stability and Sustainability

           When you have your own house you can guarantee that there’s a place where you can stay forever. Unlike those people who are still renting a house, they are still not sure if they can stay in that house longer. It is also easier to sustain your financial aspects when you have your own house. You can minimize the expenses and at the same time no need to worry about the sudden increase of your monthly payment compared to those who are renting. Having your own house will actually help you to be more financially stable and sustainable.

3. Purchasing a house is a good Investments

           Having your own house is actually a good investment. We all know that the value of the property does not depreciate but instead, it increases through time. Not only that but also you can save a lot of money and have fixed monthly costs which can actually help you to control the expenses in the long run. In Bria Homes, they offer very affordable house and lot packages. There’s a lot of options where you can avail it even if you don’t have savings or a huge amount of money to pay instantly. They also offer a Pag-ibig loan accredited house and lot wherein you can avail these house and lot with the assistance of Pag-ibig so that you will not get overwhelmed by the huge amount of money that needs to be paid instantly. Another thing is that just like what I have mentioned above, for just 1,897 pesos per month you can already have your own dream house. It is basically better than saving money while renting a house. In here it’s like you are renting but the rent expense is already fixed and you don’t need to worry about the sudden increase of monthly payment. Another thing is that you can guarantee that the house is yours compared to renting a house. 

Simple tips before actually buying a house and lot by Bria Homes.

           There’s a lot of factors that need to be considered before you buy a house and lot from Bria Homes. Bria Homes indeed offered a very affordable house and lot but you must also consider the other things before you actually buy it. It is much better if you think about it first and consider the things that you actually need or prioritize first before you decide.

1. Location

           It is important that our home is near and accessible to the essential places, If you are going to purchase a house from Bria Homes you must consider the location first if it is near to your work, to the school, or if it is near the highways or major roads. It might actually affect your transportation costs and the hassle to travel if you choose a house from Bria that is far from the essential places that you need. Another thing is that you need to check if the location is flood-prone areas or safe from any kinds of calamity such as earthquakes or landslides.

           In Bria Homes, as I have mentioned above, all their houses and communities are near to all essential places in the area and also to the main roads and highways. They also offer a lot of houses around the country which is actually a good thing because you will have a chance to choose the perfect location that you desire. 

2. Safety and Security

           In terms of purchasing your own house, you must make sure that the community is safe and at the same time you are secured in the environment that you have. In Bria Homes, they have roaming security guards, CCTV cameras, and a crime-free community in order to guarantee the safety of their homeowners. 

3. Size of household

           Bria homes have a lot of types of houses depending on the needs of their customers. In this part, it is important to know the size of your family or how many people will live inside your home. Let’s say you have 3 or 4 members in your family, a townhouse unit or a row house unit is the most suitable home for you. If in some cases you want to live alone or with your partner, you might consider having a condominium that is actually big enough for two people. It is important to consider the size of your household in order to maximize the space properly. 

4. Financial capability 

           In terms of purchasing a house, you must make sure that you are financially stable. Bria Homes are offering a very affordable house and lot but that doesn’t mean that you should purchase your own house immediately. First, it is important that you are employed or you have a stable source of income in order to secure the monthly payment or paying your loan installments. It is also a requirement when you apply for a house loan in order for them to guarantee your credibility to pay them. Being financially stable is basically a requirement in terms of purchasing a house even if it is affordable or has a very low monthly payment. You might end up having so many debts or unable to pay your monthly payment because you are not financially ready to acquire a house. 

5. Length of Stay     

           Before you actually acquire a house from Bria Homes you must also consider the duration of your stay in that house or place. If you think that in the near future or you are planning to migrate or live somewhere else it is much better to at least choose a condominium or just rent a house. It is inefficient to purchase a house if you have plans of leaving in the future. It is much better if you really plan to live there for a long period of time in order to maximize the house and the money that you use to acquire it.

Homeownership now made easy and possible with Bria Homes.

BRIA Homes is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc., .one of the largest real estate companies in the country. BRIA Homes is primed to bring quality and affordable house and lot packages and condominium units closer to ordinary Filipino families. This is the goal that drives every single employee in the company, for which the ultimate fulfillment is seeing a client happily moving into BRIA’s homes.

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