9 Reasons Why People are Choosing Real Estate Careers


As we get closer to attaining the immunity herd by decreasing the number of Covid-19 cases and increasing the number of vaccinated people, it’s reasonable to state that we’re n the recovery phase. The Pandemic taught us several lessons that we will carry forward, one of which is the work-from-home arrangement, which is said to have remained ordinary for a while. As a result, people’s perceptions of their homes are molded, influencing shifts in trends. People’s understanding of ‘needs’ in their houses now includes a secondary place for work and study. Continue reading to find out why individuals are increasingly choosing real estate as a career option.

These reforms have benefitted the real estate industry. It is projected that the Philippines’ real estate market would soon flourish, with rising demand as it is penetrated by both local and foreign investors. Furthermore, with increased urbanization and real estate growth through building projects, the industry is expected to provide significant revenue for the government. Commercial spaces are also in great demand as the number of multinational corporations and business process outsourcing firms grows. On the contrary, unemployment is widespread among people.

As a result, real estate careers are on the rise, and here are nine reasons why:

1. Numerous Universities are now Offering BS Real Estate Management

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management was introduced recently to the Philippines which aims to produce competent, professional, and high-esteemed practitioners of real estate. Also, it establishes a standard of practice for the professionals which is strictly promulgated by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

If you are currently working and believe that pursuing a degree will be difficult, do not fret. Fortunately, online classes have been introduced, and earning a BS Real Estate Management degree is now more accessible than ever. Furthermore, the course is not only limited to local Real Estate but also includes international standards. As a result, the chance to start a Real Estate career overseas is possible.

If you are keen on considering this line of profession, this can help you decide for your undergrad course: Top universities in Visayas and Mindanao that offer BS in Real Estate Management

2. Real Estate Careers Incentivizes Hard Work

If you have a strong work ethic that you feel should be rewarded, this is the profession for you. You decide how much you wish to make in Real Estate careers. Most Filipinos are considered to be hard workers and committed to our professions; but, because opportunities in the nation are scarce, we prefer to make the most of this privilege. If you put in more effort and commitment in this field, you will undoubtedly earn more money since this line of work is output-based, and to create output, you must be diligent in putting in inputs.

3. Real Estate Offers Numerous Opportunities

When we hear “a job in real estate,” we typically think of a real estate agent or real estate broker, but little do we know that the real estate business offers a wide range of opportunities for a wide range of people. If you don’t picture yourself as a salesperson, don’t worry; there are several real estate careers to consider such as: 

  • Real Estate Investor

There are two ways to become a real estate investors: the first option is to acquire real estate properties for capital appreciation by increasing your assets, you can also use it as a mortgage, and sell it for profit. Here are also some reasons to convince you to invest in condominiums: 10 Reasons to Invest in Affordable Condominiums

The second way is to accumulate passive income by investing your money in a contractor without having much influence in their operations; generally, investors pool their money in a pool of funds to be utilized in their projects.

  • Real Estate Developer

Real estate developers are usually referred to as “House Flippers” since they acquire a house and a lot and improve it to sell to clients for a profit.

  • Property Manager

The property manager’s job is to maintain the relationship between the lessor and lessee. He replies to both parties’ duties while representing the owner of the actual property.

  • Leasing Agent

A Leasing Agent is in charge of locating prospective clients who are a good fit for the property being leased by the owner.

  • Real Estate Attorney

Real estate attorneys specialize in matters related real estate transactions such as proper procedures of acquisition or sale of property.

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4. You are in Charge of Your Own Time

When you choose a career in the real estate industry, work does not usually depend on your working hours, it is based on the number of outputs you can generate. As a result, real estate professionals have the ability to control their time and develop their own work-life balance. Working from home is also becoming more common, thanks to virtual meetings where you may present the real estate you are selling to prospective clients. By doing so, you will be able to express your creativity in terms of how you will inspire clients from the screen of your laptop.

Struggling to manage your time? Here are 5 Tips to achieve work-life balance when working from home.

5. Hones your Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills

A Real Estate Practitioner works in a highly competitive sector that assists individuals in choosing comfortable homes to live in. In doing so, they should be able to develop interpersonal skills that allow them to empathize with their prospective clients while also providing solutions. Commercial real estate agents and Residential real estate agent say that the following skills are the keys to their success: communication skills, time management, problem-solving, technological skills, negotiating skills, industry and local knowledge, organizational skills, marketing skills, and ethics and integrity.

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6. Provides Expansion of your Social Network

Acquiring your own house and lot is a basic necessity for everybody, so individuals from all walks of life are in constant need of residential property / residential properties. One of the benefits of having a real estate license is the ability to meet and establish a relationship with a diverse range of people.

“No man is an island”

Expanding your social network is beneficial not only to your profession, but also offers personal interactions, which we need for survival as co-dependent beings. It is also critical to use caution when selecting persons to include in your social circles to ensure that they do not jeopardize your mental health or professional image.

Summits and other social gatherings may help you develop your social network; if you are interested, here’s one of Bria’s summits: Villar SIPAG Holds 10th Annual OFW and Family Summit

7. Social Networking Sites Allows more Interaction

Social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are encouraging increased social connections from all over the world. It is also becoming more user-friendly, and more people are anticipated to learn it quickly even if they have no prior understanding of the internet. In addition, ‘Join Groups and Pages’ are introduced where individuals communicate with similar interests. Finally, it enables businesses to reach a large number of individuals for free, making selling and promoting items less difficult and less expensive.

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8. Learning is Continuous

Real estate information is always changing as it adapts to new trends and markets. Real estate requires practitioners to study trends and fresh information in order to respond to their client’s demands. Learning is almost regarded as an intrinsic aspect of your job as a real estate practitioner.

To add, the continuous learning and adaption of Bria Homes leads real estate digitalization, making them accessible to all OFWs this pandemic

9. The fulfillment that comes from Being Able to Help Others

BRIA Homes’ real estate agents have expressed their personal fulfillment in being able to assist their fellow countrymen in delivering affordable houses and lots. Their stories are genuine, ranging from couples planning to start their family to retired parents who want to spend their retirement in a tranquil contentment home of their own. Bria Homes real estate practitioners are not subordinates, rather, they are partners in attaining the company’s mission and vision. As a result, Bria had been consisted in achieving the country’s fastest-growing Affordable House and Lot developer.

Written by Vincent Sanchez