Bria House and Lot: Real Estate Career Choices in the Philippines


Thinking about a career shift? Check out these real estate career choices available in the Philippines for a change. Who knows, this field might just be the one thing that can really show off your potential. There are many reasons why you should consider a career in real estate but you should know, it’s more than just selling. Read on to know more about real estate career choices Philippines that may or may not involve selling. 

Real Estate Industry Over the Years 

Over the years, the Real Estate Industry has been a booming business. From the eye test alone, one can notice the exponential rise in subdivisions and buildings being built all around the Philippines. 

Going by the numbers, this past year according to, the Philippines’ real estate market alone generated 528.7 billion Philippine Pesos (PHP) in terms of gross added value. 

While this number is relatively lower compared to the amount of money generated the previous year, this is a good bounceback number from last year’s gross added value, at around 400 billion PHP only. Prior to 2020, the gross added value continued to rise year after year. With more than a 100 billion PHP increase from 2020 to 2021, the real estate industry is back on track. 

All in all, whether through studying the statistics or merely observing the Philippine landscape, one can say the real estate industry is a key driver of the Philippine economy. 

What does this mean for people looking for a job or some extra earnings? This means that a choice in a career in real estate in the Philippines is a good idea.

One, as aforementioned, the industry is booming after recovering from the setback that is COVID-19. Real estate professionals have predicted the industry to keep resurging past 2021 in terms of value and revenue.

Two, as a job, real estate offers you flexible hours as this job affords you to stay at home more. In addition to this, there are many different types of real estate careers in the Philippines so you can just apply to the one that best fits your skill set and schedule. 

So, if you are looking for a career for you or a side business as an extra means for money, here are the different real estate career choices in the Philippines. 

Real Estate Career Choices in the Philippines

1. Real Estate Agents

Often alternatively referred to as realtors, a real estate agent is the person you contact if you are either buying or selling property. For example, if you put up a house and lot for sale, to hasten selling the house, you must hire a realtor to help you. His/her job is to assist the person in buying or selling his/her property. 

The agent serves to assist his client in buying or selling property. He/she is the liaison when the two parties involved communicate with each other and try to reach a deal. The real estate agent must make the real estate transaction smooth. 

There are two types of sales agents: a residential real estate salesperson and a commercial real estate salesperson. The residential salesperson is the one who deals with residential properties while the latter deals in the commercial sector.

To become a realtor, you must possess a real estate license

2. Real Estate Broker

A licensed real estate broker, just like a salesperson, works as an intermediary for a buyer and seller. However, they operate differently because they oversee hiring salespersons to work for them. The brokerage then supervises the negotiations, especially regarding pricing and paperwork. 

Real estate brokers must have a real estate license as well. 

3. Real Estate Property Manager 

A property manager is someone hired to take care and oversee a real estate unit. 

A competent property manager has a keen understanding of the real estate properties he/she handles — knows the strengths/weaknesses of the property, popular destinations within the vicinity, and appropriate rent rates. 

Since they oversee the real estate management, they must have a database of contacts for repair and maintenance. They should also be aware of the activities of the tenant; keep them satisfied and make sure he/she pays rent. 

Aside from great communication and management skills, they must have a good understanding of numbers and money. 

4. Leasing Agent

The core responsibility of a leasing agent is to help homeowners find not just any tenant, but a responsible one. 

To accomplish this, the agent must first think of marketing strategies to entice potential tenants to rent a property. Once the agent finds a potential tenant, he/she must do proper background checks to see if they have a clean track record. After this, the agent must make sure that the moving-in process is smooth. A successful agent can retain tenants for long periods of time. 

To put into an example, when selling a rent-to-own house and lot, the leasing agent will help you think of fair terms with you and the tenant. 

5. Real Estate Assistant

Just like any assistant, they make life easier for anyone. Hence, when things get hectic, a real estate agent can be useful. 

They are responsible for different real estate service mostly for administrative work like paperwork, research, legal documents, and answering phone calls to allow brokers and agents to just focus on finding clients and making deals. 

6. Viewing Agent

The viewing agent is notoriously the busiest out of all the real estate career choices on this list. This agent is burdened with answering phone calls, doing research, drafting schedules, and of course, attending viewings. 

When someone puts up a house and lot for sale, no one will buy it immediately. A potential customer will want to see the place for himself/herself. This is where the viewing agent comes in. 

A viewing agent must always arrive at the property being viewed earlier than the viewers to ensure that the place is visually appealing and to greet the viewers. 

Since viewers may tend to bombard the viewing agent with questions, you must be diligent in your research to come up with instant answers.  

7. Real Estate Investor

If you have a lot of money and you are looking to grow it, invest in real estate. Considering not only how fast land and property can appreciate but the rate of growth of the real estate industry, this can be a great way to grow your money long-term. 

While the market is in a good shape right now, investing in real estate is not without its risks. 

Investing money in a property that is not in prime locations tend to be low in value. If the appreciation rate is slow, or even worse, does not appreciate at all, you did not make an investment, you just wasted money. This proves the importance of consulting an expert first before investing. 

8. Real Estate Developer

A Real Estate Developer is a company that purchases lands and constructs high-rise buildings or house and lots. Their main involvement in this is development. 

They research prime residential locations and revamp old structures. They work with planners, consultants, and architects to help see their idea come to fruition. Once the construction is complete, they can now put up the property for sale or for lease. 

A real estate developer is not restricted to developmental work. Real estate companies like Bria Homes is a developer and you can work the jobs above at Bria Homes. 

Out of the many possible real estate career choices in the Philippines, these are just some of the best and most-known ones. If none of these careers are compatible with you, search the job market and you will dozens of other jobs in the real estate world that might suit you better. Once you have found a job, do not be afraid to take that next step in your life as you partake in a career that is life-changing. 

Considering the benefits of the job and the current and projected position of the real estate business, a real estate career in the Philippines is never a bad idea. 

Written by Cholo Hermoso