Top Residential Locations in the Philippines


The Philippines is a country with a booming residential market. The Pearl of the Orient Seas is now a destination not only for mass tourism but also for an enclave to settle in – it is now a pot of people from different nations who frequents the archipelago to eye for their next home investment. The majority of foreign travelers and investors think that Manila is the only place they could opt to relocate to the country. As Manila is becoming too crowded, residential options are limited in the National Capital Region; as a solution to this arising problem, there are locations due south and north of Metro Manila where they could flock and stay. Thus, we have listed the top residential locations in the Philippines.

1. Tagaytay City

Due Cavite, there is a city that everyone has been wanting to frequent, the City of Tagaytay. With its cool-breeze-winds that circulate in the upper land and gloomy-foggy-seasons that envelopes the surrounding, Tagaytay City is named as the second summer capital of the country. Tagaytay City is a hidden gem with a picturesque scenic view, a pine-estate community, and a progressing residential nest which makes it one of the most ideal residential locations in the Philippines. On the other side of Tagaytay, the beautiful Taal Lake and Taal Volcano are residing, natural wonders that balance the urbanized city is a must-see if you will visit Tagaytay.    

2. Davao City    

The City of Davao is the third-most populous city in the country. Based in the progressive province of Davao Del Sur, the geographical location of Davao City is at the center of Metro Davao that serves as the center of trade, commerce, and industry hub of Mindanao, and the regional center of Davao Region which makes it a top residential place in the Philippines. Davao is famed for its local products and pristine beaches. There are plenty of reasons to live and invest in Davao due to its offerings and economic activities.

Also, the city is home to the tallest mountain in the country, Mt. Apo, which is incredibly popular in the eyes of travelers and foreigners. The city is known as the capital of ‘Durian Fruit and Chocolate’ in the country. Davao is considered one of the cleanest, safest, and most livable cities throughout Asia. So if you’re looking for an affordable house and lot in Davao, Bria Homes is there for you! Bria Homes, one of the leading affordable housing providers in the Philippines is present in Davao Region and is providing sustainable living in Bria Davao’s communities. Browse their properties and see the home for you in Davao!

3. Lipa City 

With Manila becoming saturated for the past years, Lipa City in Batangas became a thriving city just south of the National Capital Region. A highly urbanized city is an eye-catcher for investors since it will bring growth to their portfolio. Lipa City as a residential spot is among those who offer quality life while relishing the laid-back community experience. Not just like any city, Lipa is a place of township projects and infra developments. The city is also for the foodies – representing the famous ‘Kapeng Barako’ and their savory ‘Batangas Lomi’ – Lipeño’s take pride in them. Lipa is truly a depiction of a residential location preference. Lipa, Batangas is also emerging as the city for all seasons which makes it one of the best places to live and travel to.

4. Cebu City

Are you a fan of beaches and seafood? Then the City of Cebu is the right one for your home location. Nicknamed as the “Queen City of the South”; Cebu is a breathtaking paradise that awaits you. Cebu is rich with natural wonders – from phenomenal bodies of water to the preserved nature with a boasting lush green paradise, along with the tropical climate and occasional rainy season that is best for a relaxing and adventurous vacation. Cebu is in our list of top residential location in the Philippines because one of the many reasons that make Cebu a progressive city is because of the bustling seaports – Filled with different kinds of fish and sea produce – that later on will be served in restaurants as local dishes that are incredibly satisfying. So what are you waiting for? Head to Cebu and live in leisure and nature.

5. Dumaguete City

If you are eyeing a residential spot with the best people, you could opt for Dumaguete City. Residents are known for their sincere hospitality that makes Dumagute “The City of Gentle People.” The City is famous for its warm and welcoming community atmosphere that makes everyone close, keeping the harmonious relationship of the locals. The City is pretty busy as it traditionally celebrates colorful festivals, events, and practices which keeps everyone rolling. This makes Dumaguete City one of the top residential locations in the Philippines.vEveryone can frequent Dumaguete through an airplane if they are from Manila since it has a domestic airport.

6. Sta. Rosa City

A first-class component city in the province of Laguna that is just one drive away from Manila is Sta. Rosa City. Known as the second-largest government unit in Laguna after Calamba City, Sta Rosa was initially known for its industrial estates and manufacturing plants like Coca-Cola and Toyota. Today, the city is receiving a massive amount of tourists per annum after the establishment of the Enchanted Kingdom, a well-known theme park. The City of Sta. Rosa is one of the cities that offers comfort and convenience. Townships are rising in Sta. Rosa City. You will see how it evolved from an industrial estate to mixed-use development. It brought high returns to the city’s economy, which affected the lives of the residents positively.

Find the best affordable house and lot for you in these locations

Location is as important as your budget. Considering it during your home hunting is a wise thing to do. You have to be in the know – being knowledgeable about the location’s geographical elements – is something that will give you the edge in discovering the best spots. In most cities here in the Philippines, real estate developers tend to establish communities that could cater to the housing backlog in the country. Residential developments are occurring everywhere and we hope you’ll find a home that fits your lifestyle in these top residential locations in the Philippines.

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Written by Patrick Janson Commendador