Bria House and Lot: 10 Cafes in Laguna


The hustle and bustle of urban life can seamlessly weigh you down, hence why it’s cool to refuel your consciousness, body, and soul with an out-of-town trip with your dear ones once in a while. A better manner to do than the usual mall strolls is to have a quick meal in an al fresco dining cafe in Laguna with a gorgeous view and a soothing ambiance to go along with the fresh air.

Dining al fresco merely means eating outdoors, however, it’s not your typical picnic on the blanket — this form of dining usually includes sophisticated tables, comfortable seating, and a customarily quite party-like ambiance.

Al fresco dining can take place in various settings, including cafes, bars, and diners, as well as courtyards, public parks with seating, and even at your own outdoor space. Some restaurants may offer al fresco dining, which implies, you’ll be seated on a patio or perhaps another designated open environment.

Quarantine burnout is real, thus making people prefer al fresco or open-air cafes: these are safer than enclosed dining, but it is worth noting that patio seating still displays risks. If you’ve been considering a change of scenery from your facade, or if you’re making plans for your post-pandemic travel bucket list, we’ve got a list of outdoor seating spots down south in Laguna where you can love the food and your surroundings.

1. Coffee Project

Location: Vista Mall Santa Rosa City, Laguna

The world-famous Coffee Project is one of the most Instagrammable cafes ever built. Every bit of the cafe is Instagram-worthy, having been ranked 24th out of 50 other coffee shops around the globe. Spending time at the Coffee Project is truly a delight. Gratify your sensations with the genuine flavors and aromas from the machines, as well as the delightful snacks and desserts pristinely baked every day. Although it is referred to as a café, meals from breakfast, luncheon, and supper are available for the whole day. Consider trying their complimentary breakfast, but unless you’re looking for a full-meal dish, try their beef tapa. And, of course, ‘coffee’ would not be in their nom de guerre if they didn’t brew the finest coffee in town.

2. Café Lilio Restorante

Location: Liliw Laguna

It is ideal for a romantic evening setting. Besides the Americano, you have to try its best seller meals like pasta and salad. Customers will be satisfied as the service is finesse, the staff is polite and friendly, and they wear very stylish attire.

3. Casa San Pablo

Location: Colago Avenue, Barrio San Roque, San Pablo City

Casa San Pablo is a guesthouse and breakfast in the heart of San Pablo. They have a cafe amid a verdant orchard and woodsy homes. Among the food, you must try their Longganisa, which is made using an inherited recipe. They have resumed their half-hour Cooking Excursions, which have been retitled the New Normal Cooking Tour.

4. PatisTito Garden Café

Location: Santa Cruz Putol, San Pablo City, Laguna

Dining all across San Pablo appears to have a bit of a pattern of accommodations in landscaped gardens while also serving tasty meals. In addition to Casa San Pablo, you could also visit PatisTito Garden Café. The menu includes Filipino recipes such as Pinoy Pancit Canton (P385), Pininyahang Adobo (P295), and Binagoongan Baboy (P320), to mention a few. Whether you’re going with your friends or family, they also serve larger portions of their recipes which can satisfy 6-8 persons.

PatisTito Garden Cafe has great outdoor or Al fresco dining you must try in Laguna. You must make a reservation with Patis Tito Garden and Cafe at least one day in advance.

5. Pots & Kettles

Location: Golden Fields Road, Bay Laguna

This recently opened resto-café was influenced by the various restaurants and coffee shops found throughout the CALABARZON region. The designs have a garden theme, with the facades coated with wilderness imagery and the open-air seating area exposed to diverse plants—which looks stunning beside the carved wood chairs and tables. Pots & Kettles’ al fresco dining cafe is a go-to in Laguna. Folks could get their coffee fixed there, but you could also get a hearty meal. Breakfast dishes: includes Silog meals, Chicken or Pork Tocino (P110), Epic Beef Tapa (P110), Tender Juicy Hotdog (P110) (P80), and the Spam Delight (P150).

6. Sulyap Gallery Café, Boutique Hotels and Restaurants

Location: Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna

The café serves traditional and contemporary local cuisine including their: finest Tinolang Manok na Tagalog (P510), Bistek Tagalog (P450), Ginataang Sugpo with Kalabasa at Sitaw (P760), Kulawong Talong (P400), and the Ginataang Sugpo with Kalabasa at Sitaw (P760). After your fine meal, you can have your coffee while you wander down through their flower bed or the gallery! The museum has few vintage displays, including cultural statues, old furniture, dinnerware, and portraits. This Cafe in Laguna has a must visit garden and Al fresco dining space. Check out their Facebook page for some images. You can also make reservations on their webpage.

7. Hiraya Café

Location: Banay-Banay, Cabuyao City, Laguna

Who wouldn’t adore the idea of a home-turned-café? It has a very snuggly ambiance. The dishes are exquisite; Hiraya’s chicken wings were not only well-seasoned but also extremely tasty when compared to other places that offer wings. Their Honey Sriracha Wings are out of this world! Aside from their chicken wings, their French toast ala mode and Malagos Float are must-orders.

8. Owl Fab Caffé 

Location: San Agustin Alaminos, Laguna

Even during covid19, this cafe maintains the provision of high-quality service. Their adherence to the pandemic’s strict protocols will put you at ease while dining in the cozy cafe. They prepare hearty dishes that are served by courteous staff. The comforting service, combined with the delectable dishes, equates to excellent value for money. Visitors who had previously visited returned time and again because of their wonderful experience.

9. Bertie’s Artisan Bakeshop

Location: Lamesa Bucal Bypass Road, Calamba City, Laguna

If you like cheesecake, banana bread, raisin bread, and a cup Joe, this is a place to go. Customers who have often passed this little gem leave a note: ‘Just a passer-by but end up with a good apple pie.’ You will indulge in the sweetness of your delightful treats while on a patio in an open-air atmosphere.

10. Beanstalk Café

Location: Crossing, Calamba City, Laguna

Snuggly and reasonably priced,’ as Beanstalk describes themselves, is precisely how anybody would experience when having a meal there. Located on the roofs of Calamba City’s central, Beanstalk is confident to provide everyone with a fantastic view and a breath of fresh air. Attempt to try one of their many appetizers, main course, and, of course, coffee.

As cafes reopen their doors for visitors to dine-in, suggestions for a safer and enjoyable dining experience have been imposed, one of which is eating in an open space or outdoor dining. So if you are looking for some of the best coffee in the South? You don’t have to leave Laguna’s grounds to get your cup of Joe! Fortunately for Bria Homes’ communities in the Province of Laguna, they could sip the best coffee while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere at these alfresco cafes. Laguna has a fantastic coffee community that will pique the interest of any coffee enthusiast. You won’t be disappointed with the cafes listed above if you’re glancing for an attractive open-air cafe or notable coffee blends.

Written by Patrick Janson Comendador