Bria Homes’ Webinar on Millennials and Investments to Continue with 2nd Episode


The first episode of Bria Homes’ webinar series for the year of 2021 has premiered last November 6, 2021. Reaching over 11 thousand people on social media with a view of 2,900 and counting, the premier of webinar on millennials and real estate investments have came successfully. With the planned series, it’s continuation will be on November 13, 2021 saturday at 2pm. Following the first episode’s success, Bria Homes is expecting to reach and engage millennials and the new generation (generation z and baby boomers) to start investing.

The Rise of Millennial Investors

Millennials have proven their entrepreneurial capacity because they are one of the most influential in the industry. No one could deny the prowess of millennial employees in the workforce of various fields. Recently, the rise of millennial generation in the workplace had a great impact on the country’s economy. If you’re part of the Millennials but has not yet made any investments or savings, then you might need a budgeting guide to get you started. Still, it is undeniable millennials has changed the norms when it comes to investing.

The first webinar – Millennials: The New Breed of Investors; was held last November 06, 2021, which tackled starting an investment and the edges of being a millennial investor. It seems like investing is the trend for this generation. Millennial investors are constantly breaking the stereotypes of being entitled, spoiled and lazy as the old peer says. Instead, they are becoming more passionate, ambitious, and focused on their goals. With this in mind, millennials are on the right track when it comes to financial stability. Although they are now known to dominate the investor population, Millennials are also known to drive changes in purchase, money handling and even real estate investments. There are several questions as to why millennials prefer condominiums when it comes to residential property choice but on top of all this, the question is how would a millennial be successful and on what business should they invest in?

Where to Invest

Looking for the right investments could be one of the most critical parts in investing. There are lots of options around the corner which makes it even harder to finally choose the right one.

In continuation with the first webinar about millennials as investors, The Bright Millennials will be joining again on November 13, 2021, at 2 in the afternoon for another series of talks. The guest speakers namely: Ericka Prudencio, the founder of The Bulletproof Finance; Jake Gica, founder of Go Bright Juan; and Ryan Quimo, founder of Ryan Vlogs- will be sharing their knowledge regarding investments. Mainly, the webinar is about the Millennial Guide on Buying Their First Real Estate Investment. Hosted by BRIA’s Sales and Marketing Team: Patrick Commendador and Mai Curillan.

In this webinar, the speakers will elaborate their ideas about the possible investment options for the millennials. There is a large range of businesses to choose from and in this webinar, it will be easy to choose a business that millennials can invest in. Aside from this, the Bright Millennials will also tackle about the safest investments for beginners. After choosing an investment, it is necessary to know which one is the most cost effective and safest way to invest. Furthermore, it is significant to invest into something that is not too risky.

Real Estate is probably the safest investment that a millennial could have since the real estate market is established with long-term appreciation. When it comes to investing in real estate- it is important to choose and trust a reputable developer like Bria Homes.

It had become the perfect choice for the average Filipino who wanted to invest in a home that is both high quality and affordable. Which makes it a perfect choice for a millennial to invest in. Bria Homes offer a variety of real estate from condominium to affordable house and lot. It is also dedicated to seeing clients happy by having their dream house through financial funding (PAG-IBIG Funding or Bank Financing). Bria Homes prides itself on its fast construction time at the same time providing a pleasant atmosphere in its community. It also makes sure that clients could enjoy the amenities that Bria communities have, making sure that the community is close to proximity and placed in locations that will bring comfort to clients’ lifestyles. With these features, Bria homes have been the perfect investment not just for millennials but for every Filipino.

Aside from choosing the safest investment, The Bright Millennials will also answer the question of why should millennials invest in real estate. It is beneficial to know what’s the safest investment are especially when it is a first-time investment. It will not be easy to invest especially for the first time, as the saying goes- nothing is easy at firsts. This will keep millennials reminded of why they should invest in something that will motivate them. The webinar will help the millennials find reasons to invest into something that will truly benefit them just like in real estate.

All things considered, investment is not about gambling. It is a process of investing money for profit and not to sink. Millennials deserve to know their edges and the best investment options that could be perfect for their ages. So, keep on track with the webinar series of Bria Homes for the rest of November and December 2021 to learn more. May you be a millennial, OFW or someone who aspires to invest and have their own home someday, this webinar might be able to help you! Stay Tuned.