Bria Homes to Premiere Webinar Series on Millennials and Investors on November 6, 2021

Bria Homes webinar Series 2021

Bria Homes, one of the leading housing developers in the Philippines has come up with a webinar series that will go live every Saturday for the month of November to December 2021.

The Real Estate Sector

Despite the wobble brought by the pandemic to several businesses and companies, the real estate industry remains to be one of the safest investments. It has been over the news that amidst all the uncertainties, real estate properties and investments continue to grow their value. That’s why most of us would like to invest in such. Be it a simple home for the family or a property that will grow your wealth, real estate is something almost everyone has dreamt of.

Therefore, if you’ve ever dreamt of having your own home or using real estate as an investment or passive income, you might just be excited to hear this news. Bria Homes, one of the leading housing developers in the Philippines has come up with a webinar series that will go on live every Saturday for the month of November to December 2021. With Bria Homes’ aggressiveness in the digital medium, Bria Homes, once again is taking it up a notch by providing informative and inspiring content through webinars to connect to its audience. This will be done through Facebook live to connect to a much bigger number of people and help contribute to the education of finances and real estate investments.

Planned to premiere its first episode on November 6, this webinar will be filled with knowledgeable guest speakers that will talk about real estate, investments, and income opportunities. So if you’ve been looking out for a sign and asking for guidance, then this webinar might just be for you! 

First Series

Its first series will center on millennials, investors, and their investments. Known to have grown in technology, millennials are known to be more knowledgeable and risk-takers. This will be discussed more by the webinars guest speakers but to give you a preview, here are the First series’ episode details.

1. Millennials: The New Breed of investors

  • November 6, 2021
  • With special guest speakers that are also millennials and investors themselves. 
  • This episode will be quite an introduction to the whole series as the topic is a simple introduction in getting to know millennials and why there is a rise of a number of investors in them. 
  • After getting to know the millennials and millennial investors, this episode would like to give an idea to millennials who would like to start investing by hearing some credible tips from financial coaches. 

2. Millennial Guide on buying their real estate investment

  • November 13, 2021
  • In continuity with the first episode, this webinar will be more of investment tips and guides for those who would like to start their home buying and real estate investing journey. Perfect for those who are looking for mentors and ideas when it comes to real estate, the webinar series’ guest speakers are also financial coaches.
  • In this episode, we will get to know more about the investment options that are present and available for millennials and how they could possibly attain them. 

Second Series

               After focusing on a certain age group preferred to as millennials, Bria Homes has also decided to make a guide for our fellow kababayans to help them realize the importance of money-saving activities and real estate investing. With the goal of helping them identify some good money habits and reasons to invest in the Philippines while away abroad, this series will have two episodes as well:

1. Kabayan, why should you invest in real estate in the Philippines?

  • November 20, 2021
  • Starting out with a topic that OFWs encounter most of the time, this episode will discuss common money mistakes OFWs commit. It is no secret that despite working hard abroad, most of our kabayans are unable to save and invest for the future and for themselves. Bria Homes hopes that a webinar like this would be able to reach our kababayans and help them.

2. Guide for OFWs Applying for Home Loans in the Philipapines

  • November 27, 2021
  • While working earnestly away from home, aside from financial mistakes there are more difficulties faced by our kababayans. That is investing in our homeland while they are far from it. Bria Homes aim to educate our OFWs on their housing loan choices so that they can acquire their dream home with their hard-earned money.

Third and Last series for the year

Creating a continuous flow for the webinar, this third series will provide the fundamentals of real estate investing such as reasons to invest amidst pandemic, income opportunities and the age of digitalization, and how it has affected the real estate market. This last series for the year 2021 will feature 3 episodes:

1. Investing in Uncertain times: Impact of covid-19 in the real estate market

  • December 4, 2021
  • Contrary to what most people believe in, the pandemic has actually posed several investment opportunities to people who know how to play their investments. Find out more through this webinar so that you too, could become a knowledgeable investor and understand how such a pandemic created an investment opportunity. 

2. Income opportunities through real estate

  • December 11, 2021
  • As mentioned, there are a number of ways to create income through real estate. One of the most well-known is value appreciation. But aside from that, there is more to real estate than just value appreciation. If you’ve already been doing this, you can watch the webinar to hear more from our guest speakers. And if you’re new and still learning this, this is your chance to find out more about real estate income opportunities.

3. Real Estate in a Digital Age: trends that are transforming the real estate industry.              

  • December 18, 2021
  • With all that is happening today, Millennial investors, reconnecting with kababayans abroad, we’re now well-aware of how the pandemic has made technology more useful to us. But not only that, but the digital age is also able to transform the methods of businesses through its fast-moving growth spread on the internet. 

All of these webinar series is Bria’s dedication to reaching out to their people and helping them through their home-owning journey. Start to look for a home that fits your lifestyle, be a Bria Homeowner today!