Millennials: The New Age of Affordable House and Lot Investors

Bria Homes

With the rise of millennials together with all the information and technologies available nowadays, more and more millennials are engaged in investing. Unlike the early years, past generations need to go to libraries, do their own research, set personal studies, attend schools and training to learn about investing but now everything is available online with a click of a button. 

If you’re a millennial and you are looking for a long-term investment, the number one thing that will pop up into your mind is to have your own house. You can easily search online for house and lot for sale, available house and lot, rent to own homes, Pag-Ibig housing loan, bank loan for house, affordable house and lot for sale, housing development and other related keywords to real estate. If you already did your own research and still have not found your dream house and lot, Bria Homes is offering affordable house and lot in different location nationwide. Home buyers can purchase Bria house and lots through Pag-Ibig housing loan or bank loan to help you make your own dream house and lot come true.

With the millennials evolving financial goals, having more than one job is becoming normal. Especially now that we get to work from home with flexible hours. So houses turn into mini offices, work space and even schools for online schooling. Because of the new normal, we are all used to the comfort of our own house and lot. If you are renting, you need to think that even after paying for several years or even for the rest of your life, you can never own that very house you are in. But if you started to think of having your own place, Bria Homes has so much to offer.

Millennials in general are already financially capable nowadays. They are already aware of their own or even their family’s expenses and bills.

Living within your means is the most common way of coping up but living your dreams and buying your own house and lot is more reassuring than just living your life everyday.

With the Affordable House And Lot offers of Bria Homes, you can make your dreams come true. 

How to buy your own house and lot here in the Philippines? 

  1. CASH – If you have already saved enough you can buy property in cash but this is very seldom. 
  2. HDMF – Filipino Workers and even OFWs have mandatory contributions with Pag-Ibig or Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF). This is the most common way in buying your own house and lot. 
  3. BANK LOAN – If you have bank credentials, you can apply for a bank housing loan or home loan and check with the housing developer if they are affiliated with your bank.
  4. RENT-TO-OWN – If you have the complete requirements, you can avail for rent-to-own with the housing developer.

How to proceed?

  • Whatever option you want to discuss in mind, Bria Homes will definitely help you with your plans to buy house and lot. Bria Homes has a selection of featured properties to choose from.

Options: Cash or Loan?

  • It is normally a loan (HDMF or Bank)  or rent-to-own. Bria Homes can help you with your inquiries in mind.

Whenever you make major decisions in life, you should lay all the options and choose what is best for you.

Bria Homes is engaged in the housing development that cater to the needs of millennials. They have the option to avail Bria’s affordable house and lot listings through Pag-Ibig housing loan or bank loan.

There are numerous housing developers that you can choose from but we are surely confident that Bria Homes is here to help you with your Pag-Ibig housing loan needs. Bria has nationwide property listings for Pag-Ibig Loan Accredited House and Lot. 

To avail Home Loan from the Bank, it is always recommended to avail from your trusted bank. You can easily inquire from the banks where your deposit accounts are. Your bank transactions will be used by the bank in giving their Credit Ratings. You need an equity to be able to avail Bank Loan for House. The Bank Home Loan Equity Requirement is available on your bank’s website, if not, you can ask any Marketing Officer the next time you visit your bank. You can ask for the bank’s Home Loan Promo or Housing Loan Promo to avail discounts and bank’s perks. You can check bank interest rates published online but be informed that the bank branch of your account/s can give you discount or promo rates for your Bank Loan for House or Home Loan. Bria Homes is an Accredited Housing Loan Developer which is trusted by most banks.

Bria Homes has several Housing Development Projects and tied up with most of the banks here in the Philippines. Bria is well-known for offering Affordable House and Lot availment through Pag-Ibig Housing Loan or Bank Housing Loan.

With all the options explained, the decision is in your hands. In Bria Homes, we are very happy to serve you and give you a brand-new home.

Achieving your dreams is possible if you exert more effort and do all your best to reach your dream house and lot. Working hard within your means might not be enough to be able to buy your own house and lot, you need to work smart as well and weigh the pros and cons of finally having your own house and lot compared to renting for the rest of your life.

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