Pre-Christmas Preparation Tips in Your Bria House and Lot


Spending your Christmas day and Christmas eve within your humble abode is already a blessing you should be grateful for. There is no greater feeling that can satisfy you than investing in a place that you can call your own home. It is a monumental milestone in life that is no longer far beyond reach thanks to the country’s fastest-growing mass housing developer. In light of this Holiday season, we give you the gift of Bria Homes. We’ve listed down some of the pre-Christmas preparation tips to help you in your holiday celebration this coming Christmas.

If you are a homeowner, then nothing compares to the joy of preparing your very own home for Christmas early. At these times, most of us are spending our time at home. Therefore, it is only right that we make enough effort to have our homes turn into a place that gives us joy this festive season. After all, there’s nothing better than shouting your family’s holiday cheer for the Christmas countdown in your own home. Eating the food you bought from the big Christmas food shop for Christmas eve and opening the Christmas gifts in the Christmas morning.


First in our pre-Christmas preparation tips is choosing a theme for the decorations you’d like to put up. At least three months before Christmas, you should have already had a theme in mind. Normally, many people would stick to the traditional red and green when it comes to interior Christmas decorations. While it does have its own charm, stepping out of the box can be a good thing especially when it comes to creativity.

The holidays have been accustomed to happy colors and a mix of bright elements; nevertheless, recent trends have proven that simple decorations can also be better. One can never go wrong with the simplicity and elegance of a timeless classic of black and white combination. Alternatively, maybe you can even go with a minimalistic style of decorating to get that modern vibe. Either way, the best theme will always be the one that expresses you and your family’s warm touch for the holidays.


Once you have selected a theme to go with the Christmas season, list down the items needed and create a working budget. Of course, planning a thrifty Christmas is also one of the things we should do so you can check on what you can reuse from last year’s decorations.

For example in decorations, each year people would put up their Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments. Everyone has a unique style of celebrating the holiday season. However, in general colored lights, tinsel, confetti, candy, nuts, light installations, candles hanging on tree branches, giving us a sense of joy and fulfillment. Moreover, there can be household items or symbols that provide greater importance in decorating the house. Luckily, Christmas is an annual thing so you can reuse decorations every year. If you are planning to reuse some existing decorations, make sure to look out for damages and check their condition. Test light bulbs and repair or replace anything as needed. 


Before you put on the decorations for the season, make sure the house is free of all mess and filth. Conducting general clean up before putting up your decorations is one of our pre-Christmas preparation tips. No matter how expensive, stylish, or extravagant your displays are, they cannot hide the filthiness of your home, which can be quite embarrassing for your guests.

Moreover, having a good cleaning habit is beneficial for the household. In addition, since the year is ending, you might want to consider getting rid of those extra clutters in the house to provide more space. To decorate and clean at the same time can be tiring so make sure to schedule a day or two before putting in those holiday decorations and preparations. Do not worry; this task can be easier and more enjoyable with the family.


For us Filipinos, Christmas is the time we get together with family and friends. Preparing for the holidays should not be a stressful task. Think of preparing for Christmas as a family tradition. In a world full of anxiety and stress, this is the perfect chance to reconnect with your loved ones and enjoy the moment. Preparing for the holidays is not an easy task to ask the help from family and friends to be more efficient. Always start with the huge tasks first, and then go for the little tasks at last. Think of how to make your Christmas preparation a unique tradition. Try exchanging Christmas cards, watching Christmas movies or creating a newly traditional meal with your family after decorating. You can also try offering some help in your neighborhood. Lastly, remember to take photographs while everybody is decorating!


Christmas is often said to be the time of giving. Most times, people can relate to being able to tell the degree of how special the person is depending on the gift and on the quality of the wrapping. So our last tip for your early Christmas preparations is for you to allot time for Christmas shopping and gift wrapping. Thinking of some of the best Christmas gifts for kids? or some new normal gift ideas this time of the Pandemic? Start present shopping early and make it more exciting by wrapping the gifts wonderfully, after all, it’s the thought that counts.

Some gifts have beautifully folded corners and intricately tied bows, but of course, there are those that are barely holding together with some tape and loose wrapping paper. At the end of the day, it is the thought that matters more than the gift-wrapping or the gift itself. Nevertheless, having a beautifully wrapped present provides a better touch. For those who are not creative and crafty, it can be difficult to know different ways to wrap presents. However, there are many options out there. If you try some research and tutorials, most of them can be easy and affordable. The best tip is trying to pair your gift wrappers with a certain decorative theme for that special touch. 

Be in the comfort of your own Bria House and Lot

It is the holiday season once again! ‘Tis the joys of decorating your own home as it gives you the liberty of your own space. Not the mention, being able to put a roof over your family is the best gesture of familial love. If you have not found one yet, Bria Homes is your Home of Choice. Invest in a place to call your home this Holiday Season, Gift your self a Bria House and Lot Today