Bria House and Lot: How To Achieve That Korean-inspired Room


Whether it’s embedded in their culture or not, for some reason, they all seem to have the perfectly cozy, Instagram-worthy room, and we’re sure we aren’t alone when we say that we want and get the urge of redecorating our own rooms according to these picturesque Korean-inspired-and-themed rooms. Such a lovely sight for sore eyes, indeed. 

Korean Fever

Annyeonghaseyo! Eotteohge jinaeseyo. 

When it comes to anything related to Korea, we could not help but to binge, adore, and achieve it. Whether it be their food, movies, TV series, music, and clothing, it becomes everyone’s ultimate favorite — or should we say bias! Of course, there is the popular samgyupsal and barbecue for food, BlackPink, and BTS for their music, and more! (You could even name yours).

Especially in watching K-dramas, we could not help but to fangirl and swoon over our favorite oppas and leading ladies. With their ambient charm, it is impossible not to be swayed by them. But if there’s one other thing we can’t help but notice and love, it’s gotta be the ultra-chic Korean home interior design of their rooms. We won’t be surprised if K-pop fanatics are obsessed with the Korean aesthetic! Having a pretty bedroom like Yu Na Bi’s from Nevertheless or Seo Dal Mi’s from Start-Up would be an absolute dream, especially if you can now live in it in your very own Bria Home.

Whether it’s embedded in their culture or not, for some reason, they all seem to have the perfectly cozy, Instagram-worthy room, and we’re sure we aren’t alone when we say that we want and get the urge of redecorating our own rooms according to these picturesque Korean-inspired-and-themed rooms. Such a lovely sight for sore eyes, indeed. 

So, if you’re down for it, fasten your seatbelt, get yourselves a hot or cold cup of coffee, and read through our tips below to help you achieve that Korean-themed look in your very own and lovely Bria Home bedroom. 

We have gathered all the best Korean room interior design tips and below are our Top 5 most recommended Korean-inspired room interior decorations pointers. 

To give you a heads up, furniture choice, color consideration, and lighting are the three (3) key ingredients to make up the perfect Korean-inspired look for your Bria Home. 

Give your room a K-drama-esque makeover by following some or ALL of our tips below:

1. Make your space look bigger by picking a light, neutral, or nude shade for your walls

Foundation is the most important element in anything that you do or see (e.g. construction, relationships, etc.). Without a solid ground, everything will fall apart. 

Similarly in decorating your home to exude a Korean-inspired room look, the walls and floors serve as your foundation, with the former as the focus of this point. Doing this should be handy as there are tips for affordable renovation you can follow when doing small changes in your home or room.

Walls that are painted in plain and neutral colors are the default base for this look. Shades like white, ivory, and light cream for copping that clean, relaxing aesthetic are the recommended hues. If you haven’t noticed, lighter wall colors give off a clean and neat look to any room or area in your Bria home. This will surely make the room look bigger and more spacious, allowing for more furniture and other ornaments to be displayed, and even for these accessories to stand out against the white space. Take your time as you pick your most preferred Pantone to give off that minimalistic yet big Korean wall look. 

2. Choose functional and minimalist components for your furniture

You don’t need to be an interior decorator to judge whether a certain piece of furniture complements the color and texture of the rest of the space but here’s a quick, beginner tip — when shopping for the main pieces like bed, side table, or shelves, get them in light colors or light wood to achieve a fresh vibe that complements any color you have picked for your walls. Design experts and renowned interior decorators mention that light wood in particular creates a nice contrast to a neutral color palette without being too overwhelming. The color and design of the wood give off enough volume to contrast itself and stand out against a white and/or plain background. You can check out some interior design inspirations online to help you decide on this part.

In addition, Koreans prefer minimalistic design and functionality over form in selecting and purchasing their desired furniture. As for you, pick furniture that is practical to use, without much fancy designs or embellishments that are attached to or come with it. Gold or silver metal lamps are one example. If you have one in your Bria home, then you’re surely in for an early treat. 

Bookshelves with decorative items, as your other furniture option, are another element of Korean-inspired room and interior design. Choose a simple shelving unit and use it to display books and knick-knacks! The shelves look simple and practical on a whole while still letting you express your style with decorative items.

3. Opt for low-setting furniture

Nope, this would not surely affect your furniture being mistaken for a bonsai (or a short plant). According to Korean interior decorators, during the early times in Korea, as well as other parts of Asia, people were used to a home lifestyle close to the floor like sitting and sleeping on the floor, and working and eating at low tables (take Japanese dining for example!). If you also notice their beds, they don’t have frames for them. Instead, the mattress is laid down on the floor with a mat underneath for support. This surely represents a cozy look! Try this in your Bria home for a change to make your interiors look cozy and comfortable coupled with floor chairs! They surely come in handy. To give off a more subtle look, you may place your bed near or right under the window to receive an ample amount of sunlight during the day and the purple starry sky at night. So perfect for that oppa moment, eh? 

Essentially, furniture that stands at a low height tends to look cozier, which suits most Korean homes when it comes to this mood. There are furniture shops you can check out for great finds. If you find your Bria home with a low ceiling (but we highly doubt it), or your bedroom smaller than expected, opting for low-standing furniture would make the space bigger since it would leave a lot of space vertically, drawing and guiding your eyes in the same manner as opposed to top-down.

4. Go for soft furnishings with a light, cozy feel (still)

If you don’t know what these are, soft furnishings include your curtains, beddings, and throw pillows that literally add softness (physically and visually) to a room in your Bria Home. We recommend going for the ideal sheer, flowy curtains or ones in ivory linen to exude a perfectly cozy look because of their light filtration, creating a gorgeous effect. Looking at your bed, fluffy comforters are also more common and used than plain sheets, patterned with soft rugs which are also neutral in tone.

Now, create the perfect Korean-inspired room by throwing in and adding more personalized decorations. Contrary to popular opinion, large-sale and ornate decorative items don’t look too loud and overwhelming all the time.

Instead of nailing a mirror directly to the wall, leave it leaning against the wall (but make sure you have a rug or support underneath to avoid breaking the mirror with pressure or unwanted movements). This not only gives your room an effortlessly Instagram-worthy look, but it also reflects light from the entire space of your Bria home which makes the space brighter and appears more spacious. A simple but large full-length mirror works best for the most aesthetically pleasing look. But if this poses danger to your family (especially with kids and toddlers around for newbie couples and starter families), opt for a bordered or non-bordered circular gigantic mirror and attach it against a wall with stronger wall color to create the perfect contrast. Let’s prioritize safety over aesthetics anytime. 

For smaller pieces of furniture, try decorating your Bria home with wall art prints, plants, acrylic paintings, wall hangings, and/or even plush toys and cute light nights but remember — do not put them in one space at the same time. Remember minimalist design? The key to effective Korean-inspired decoration for your room is to leave most of the walls bare, so fight the urge to over-decorate and display just a few small items on the walls and pick which furniture complements the wall best. 

5. Add different light sources

Finally, to complete our list, consider your lighting. If you achieve effective Korean lighting, your Bria home would shine in a different glow at once. Lighting is key to nailing that warm glow in your room at night. Aside from having one main light source, give your space other sources of luminosity like a lamp by your bed, on the floor, or in between your walls with different tones — white, natural, or warm. 

For energy- and environment-saving purposes, go for LED lamps that could diffuse light to still give off a subtle, cozy look that would complete your Korean-inspired room. 

Affordable House and Lot

We Filipinos tend to become excited and pressured in transforming our spaces into certain themed looks, such as this Korean-inspired look — probably because it’s out of trend or simply because it’s our personal preference. Either way, we advise not to overdo simplicity because the preparation and expenses can still be overwhelming during the process of decorating. 

But if you’re really feeling the urge to do it, it’s important to start small. Pick one (1) location in your Bria home and treat it as your prototype. With a bit of practice and a few more references, gradually and consistently follow these pointers we’ve listed here. In the end, you’ll be surprised to lay your eyes upon that one simple room transformed into a full-blown, eye-grabbing, and heartwarming Korean-themed room you have always hoped it to be. 

Written by Carla Abigail Tambalo