Affordable Condominium: Why Should You invest in Cebu, Queen City of the South?


Did you know there’s a place in the Philippines where you can spend your mornings at the beach then work in offices in the afternoon? Surely, it’s the perfect place for work and life balance. With the rise of business establishment for both commercial and residential and the increase of their tourists by 5% annually; there’s a ton of reasons why we should invest in Cebu, also known as the Queen City of the South.

Get to know the Queen City of the South

Cebu, known as the Queen city of the south has become very popular not just among tourists but also among investors. Known as the richest province in the Philippines, Cebu economic importance of having 203.9 assets according to the latest Commission on Audit (COA) report in 2021. Home to 5 million people across 9 Key cities and 44 municipalities with an annual increase of 2.3%. Cebu remains as one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia and has a reputation as the tourist capital city of central and southern Philippines.

1. Cebu is a Developed Province

When people think of a province they often think of vacation, large trees, falls, and beaches, with a lack of big infrastructure. Despite being a province with gorgeous beaches, Cebu is called as the Queen City of the South as it is on par with the cities of Metro Manila.

Cebu cities have what an urban city has; they have malls, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, big universities, bridges, and highways.

Several government infrastructure projects in Cebu are also known to drive value appreciation to real estate properties. And unlike the National Capital Region of Metro Manila, Cebu is also a tropical escape that houses gorgeous and world-class beaches having the best of work and life balance. Thus, in conclusion, Cebu real estate is set to accumulate more market value in time.

2. Strategic Place

Growing your wealth is not that easy. But Investing in the right strategic place will help you reap off big values.

Located in the central part of Visayas and in the middle of three regions of the Philippines; geographically speaking, there is no doubt that Cebu is the heart of the Philippines. Being at the center makes Cebu, the queen city of the south, a major business hub and gateway for commercial trades which makes investing in Cebu a must-do.

It is also the most accessible place in the Philippines with over 100 destinations and activities in all directions, it connects the Philippines to the rest of the world that’s why business is doing well; therefore, it also attracts many foreign investors. Being the second-largest city in the Philippines, Cebu plays a huge role in the migration of the people from Visayas and Mindanao province. There are also numerous flights to Manila and Cebu and direct flights connecting other countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia. Cebu also has an international seaport, that has become a large export and import sector. Not only do businesses and investors have the benefits of Cebu, but Residents also benefit from the rise of infrastructure boosting both business opportunities and job opportunities.

Investing in a property at the center where everything is accessible will surely gain a lot of opportunities. Bria Homes located in Danao, Cebu is strategically located where everyone’s needs and wants will be catered. They offer affordable and quality houses a few minutes away from the beach, the perfect place for work and leisure.

3. Business hub

As mentioned, the strategic location of Cebu pushed the city to become a business hub, providing plenty of opportunities for residents and investors who wanted to start a business. With the rapid economic growth in Cebu, there are more residential and commercial business establishments rising in Cebu.

Cebu has become a key player in the field of Information technology and in the BPO industry. Because of the western-style working culture and having English as the second language, the Philippines became the BPO capital of the world with Cebu playing a huge part. Cebu City became a global BPO super city, it outranked big cities according to the latest update of Tholons’ Services Global Index placing ranked 12 this 2021. As more BPO companies are coming to Cebu, Cebu became the largest outsourcing destination outside of Metro Manila. Not only BPO’s are riding the economic boom in Cebu different industries are also soaring like Condominiums.

The place also has a large number of high-end condominiums at low prices. Of course, as many people flock to Cebu there’s also an increase in demands in properties like condominiums and houses and lots. With the increasing demand for business facilities, property investments in Cebu are said to rise.

Unlike in Manila, where businesses are at a limit of growth; Cebu has a lot more room to grow your business especially in real estate. For investors buying an affordable house and lot where the economy is booming will open more opportunities and make living more future-proof. Secure your future by buying a property at Bria Homes Danao, Cebu, where business is flourishing, and you can take advantage of the rising economy.

4. Tourism

Blues Skies, good weather, beautiful islands, dazzling beaches, rock climbing, magellan’s cross, the oldest Roman Catholic church, wooden cross, and big buildings, somethings do not sound to coexist in the same place but, in Cebu, these things do, making Cebu a Paradise for people want the best of both worlds. Dubbed as the best island in Asia by Conde Nast Traveler in 2020, Cebu draws almost 2 million tourists annually and an increase of 5% every year because of its world-class beaches. You can spend time at the beach and go to malls in a matter of minutes as Cebu, the Philippines queen city offers business and leisure because of the variety of tourist destinations. If water activities do not excite you, we can do mountaineering.

Cebu also houses a variety of mountains, like the famous Casino peak just a short trek to the top can guarantee an extraordinary view beyond imagination. Casino peak is one of those tourist attractions that will take you away from beaches and sidetrack your plans because of the out-of-this-world view at the top. At the top Climbers get to enjoy seeing huge numbers of hills similar to Bohol’s chocolate hills that seem to go on beyond what the naked eyes can see.

So, investing in real estate property in Cebu is a win for people who wants to have a place for a staycation after a long hellish week.

For people who don’t want to live in Cebu, we can also set our property for renting it out for tourists, making it a passive source of income and a place to stay whenever we decided to have leisure in Cebu. That being said, you can save the trouble of finding quality affordable properties by checking out Bria Homes Property. Bria homes offer affordable house and lot in Cebu with complete amenities, like a playground, jogging path, basketball courts, with a nice neighborhood. Bria Homes’s affordable house and lot for sale in Danao, Cebu are priced for as low as Php 3,034 per month.

5. People of Cebu

Like in Metro Manila the reason why Cebu is doing well is because of its people. Some of the best universities in the country are found in Cebu like the University of San Carlos and Cebu Institute of Medicine, a top med school in the country, responsible for producing exceptional graduates increasing the chances of employment. As more companies begin to operate in Cebu, there’s more need for exceptional employees, and Cebu can produce such a skilled and trainable workforce.

Investors of the island province coexist with dynamic local artisans producing world-class products like furniture, fashion accessories, garments, and food. The people of Cebu also host the biggest, grandest, most colorful festival in the country which is the Sinulog festival. Locals are also responsible for the peace and order in the province Living in Cebu with such skilled and hospitable people is what makes it different from living in a different province. Speaking of living in Cebu, you can get a cheap house and lot to get settled at Cebu as quickly as possible by purchasing affordable houses at Bria Homes Danao.

Start Investing in Cebu, Queen City of the South

As there’s a lot of reasons on why one should invest in Cebu there’s no doubt that as more business establishment is set to rise in Cebu, there would be an increase in the population, therefore, higher demand in houses and condominium is expected to rise; thus, real-estate property values will also rise, providing investors especially in real estate assurance that their assets will rise. With these factors, real estate at Cebu is said to be competitive, thus, you can skip the research and secure a property at Cebu now for affordable housing, you can inquire by visiting Bria Homes’ website they offer a variety of housing not only available in Cebu but throughout the country with choices according to budget.