Bria House and Lot: Finding the Best Housing Loans for OFWs


In this modern period, a person can simply be tagged as a “hero” when they have done something out of incomparable love, genuine kindness, and concern for others- and that is exactly what made our Overseas Filipino Workers our “modern-day heroes”. No, it does not take gunshots from a bloody war, but it does take; a great strength to fight homesickness, high hopes for their sacrifice to be fruitful and long-term responsible belongingness with other people who, of course, have different personalities and who carry different cultures as well. It is not righteous, as well as it is a disrespect when their hardships and challenging experiences get invalidated and unheard. As the old, classic quote says, “There is no truly place like home”, which can only be believed once experienced personally. With that being said, in this article, especially for our Overseas Filipino Workers – the beauty of investing in house and lot through the means of housing loans will be tackled. Along with that, an easy understanding of the processes, options, existing housing projects, and guides will be provided. As you go through, the best housing loan for OFWs might just be eventually found.

        Filipinos are naturally thoughtful and generous to their families but are definitely thrifty when it comes to themselves. Some prioritize giving back to their parents, some prioritize securing the education of their children, some pursue their dreams, career-wise, and the majority aim manifestly for financial stability. Be that as it may, not many are able to save up and spare enough money for security and stability or sometimes end up making money mistake OFWs should avoid once they retire and go back home to the Philippines.

Considering that, another thing that proves how family-oriented and giving Filipinos are is the popular balikbayan box or care package. This box takes months for our OFW’s to fully fill in and is usually sent during the Christmas season to their loved ones – not to mention, that the Philippines have the longest anticipation and celebration for it. The balikbayan box traditionally contains chocolates, groceries, and mostly gifts for the occasions they had missed being away. Having these acts tied in a Filipino family is for certain something to be proud of, however, these may create negative effects in the course of time concerning too much dependency and reliance on those who work overseas. Underestimating the importance of basic needs and ignoring these acts of having poor financial decisions, financial objectives and financial principles may possibly have costs sooner or later. And that explains why housing is a major thing to be prioritize first and foremost.

        One of the leading housing developers in the country is BRIA Homes. It can be the best investment of OFWs for it offers a wide range of affordable (mura) + high quality (dekalidad) house and lot units, rent-to-own homes, and residential options to choose from. In addition to that, how BRIA Homes also work on creating Housing Projects for OFWs. One of which is the newly launched, (6) Future-proof projects for our Kababayang OFWs. These projects give OFWs a chance to start and create a new life in a new home, but still in a hometown or province of their choice. 

        A tip you might need; when planning to invest in real estate, especially in a house and lot, it is important to take notice if the housing developer/company you are going for also invests in projects where everyone will benefit and everyone is prioritized. 

        BRIA Homes gives easy access to almost everything people might need out of their interest in securing their future through getting a house. Especially in this time of pandemic that things are put to limitations, BRIA Homes can still be visited through BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours– where units can be navigated, house-selling events, and live-selling can be watched when visiting BRIA’s Website.

        The Philippines is one of the biggest export of labor globally and so, it is safe to assume that every one of us has either a family, relative, or a friend who works abroad. We can certainly attest to how hard they have been working and how giving they are – as well as how their, Overseas Filipino Workers’ remittances is a big help to the country’s economy, regardless if it is growing or recovering. Creating ways, like a Housing Loan, is a great opportunity for our kababayans to ensure their future and have it secured once they retire and go back home in the country. 

To identify the Best housing loans for OFWs, know first that Housing Loan can be acquired through its two (2) specific types:

Two (2) types of Housing Loan

1. Private Housing Loan

        In a private housing loan, a bank of your choice gets to finance the house you are eyeing and you can pay the bank back through yearly and monthly installment plans. To prevent any problem and inconvenience, banks require documents- which are also used for the application, qualification, and approval processes. BRIA Homes house and lot offers can be availed from the Top banks that offer housing loans in the Philippines.

2. Public Housing Loan

        For the Public housing loan, any government institution like PAG-IBIG Fund can have you purchase a house and lot as well. Members who have completed at least twenty-four (24) monthly contributions can apply for the housing loan. PAG-IBIG housing loans are known for its low interest rates and flexible paying terms.

        BRIA Homes can help with the partnership either of PAG-IBIG Fund or of the bank you chose and qualified you- but of course, keep in mind to choose carefully and wisely. Choosing the best housing loan for OFWs, reviewing and learning terms mostly used in this kind of transaction will be a great help for a smooth process. Take note of how researching more is an advantage, too!

Bria Affordable House and Lots

        Having a pleasant home, being in a wholesome environment, and being close to nature may just be the best set up for someone for worked almost their whole lives. Indeed, Overseas Filipino Workers, our kababayans, our modern-day heroes, deserve what they had deprived themselves of, what they had missed for years, and what they had to sacrifice in order to provide for their families, in a form of living a comfortable life in return. 

        Make it happen by choosing the best housing loan for OFWs that fit your needs and current financial situation with the country’s one of the leading housing developer, primed to bring such affordable and high-quality house and lot, BRIA Homes. Aside from what it’s known for, BRIA Homes also work on projects that cater the needs and financial capability of our dear Overseas Filipino Workers.

Written by Roselyn Galvan