Affordable House and Lot: What Is It Like To Live Near The Hundred Islands, Pangasinan?


When talking about natural attractions, the Philippines is impossible not to be mentioned without reasonable pride. The country has every both seascape and landscape that are best described as “extraordinary” such as beaches, mountains, islands, waterfalls as well as great monuments and fascinating historical places. Needless to say, most of these gems are found in towns and provinces. This article aims to provide points about what it is actually like to live near the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. Stick throughout until the end to know more of the Hundred Islands, Pangasinan’s provincial life, and everything else that comes along with it.

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

One big proof for the Philippines being considered as rich in natural attractions is the Hundred Islands which can be seen and experienced at Alaminos City, Pangasinan – a province in Ilocos, from the region of Luzon. There are more than a hundred islands that are accessible to one another is what makes the Hundred Islands the top attraction in Pangasinan, not to mention, that it is also known across the globe; consisting of 124 islands at low tide and 123 islands at high tide, scattered along the Lingayen Gulf in blue-green waters.

According to travel guides and blogs accessible online, a panoramic view of the islands can be seen at city government Island, one of the most developed islands among all others. A 123-step staircase to climb may just be considered as the first activity to do before getting to the spot and to officially start the adventure. Best believe, the majestic beauty of the virgin island of Hundred Islands is totally worth it.

What is it like to live near the Hundred Islands?

It got me thinking, what is it really like living in Pangasinan near The Hundred Islands National Park? Because for sure, locals can always make the best out of their leisure time, considering Pangasinan never runs out of recreational activities to do and places to explore. More than going to Hundred Islands’ exquisite view for sightseeing, it is also perfect for swimming, trekking, kayaking, and snorkeling in the ocean waves. These activities can be done in Children’s Island, Quezon Island, and Marcos Island that are also considered as major developed islands. Sitting down on its cream-colored fine sand for sunrise and sunset viewing would be lovely, too.

Certainly, provincial life is best for those who seek the simplicity of lifestyle- slower time, more peaceful environment, fresh air, and much lesser noise pollution. And that makes Pangasinan definitely worth considering. Given that, living in Pangasinan near the Hundred Islands and other touristy spots is advantageous for those who love exploring places. Enchanted Cave, Balingasay River, Tondol White Sand Beach, and Cape Bolinao Lighthouse are also worth visiting in Pangasinan. 

The Pangasinan people are referred to as Pangasinense, and Ilocanos when referring to the region as a whole. Pangasinenses are noted for their piety- religiously devoted to the Virgin of Manaoag and the Son of God, Divino Tesoro who are believed to have worked miracles. For the most part, Pangasinense’s religion is Roman Catholicism. Their mother tongue is called Pangasinan as well. 

Affordable House and Lots in Pangasinan

Fortunately, BRIA Homes, a leading housing developer in the country actually has projects in Alaminos City, particularly at Barangay San Vicente that is only 10-15 minutes away from the Hundred Islands, and a maximum of only thirty (30) minutes from the town proper, a beach and a mart which makes it an ideal place to live in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Definitely, when choosing where to reside or even just stay for a short while, Alaminos City might just be the most convenient place. For visuals, more details, and variations of properties for sale in BRIA Alaminos, visit BRIA Website. A virtual tour is also accessible on the website to scout the property you want- the customer service team will have you guided for your further questions and clarifications.

Another option is the BRIA Urdaneta Pangasinan, an eight (8) hectare project, located in Urdaneta City at Barangay Tulong. Affordable, high-quality, and beautiful homes are what BRIA Homes is known for, but to provide a holistic and pleasant atmosphere for residents and future homebuyers is what it aims for as well. BRIA Urdaneta Pangasinan’s features includes covered basketball court, playground, and parks that can actually be your additional options during free time if opting not to engage too much in big adventures that require extra effort and time. For security and safety, the community has a perimeter fence and a guarded entrance and exit ways. 

Exploring Pangasinan

Wonderful places in Pangasinan like the old scout island, and pilgrimage island are not the only ones that locals are proud of- they also take pride in their delicacies, major crops, and main products, too. Pigar-pigar is Pangasinan’s famous food, made of beef-stirred with mixed vegetables, usually with onions and cabbage. It originated in Alaminos but is now widely served around the province. The province is rich in agricultural production; mangoes, corn, sugarcane, and rice are Pangasinan’s major crops. When it comes to their main products, Bagoong (shrimp paste) and Alamang (krill) are keys to completing each dish as they give additional flavor. 

It is safe to say that living in Pangasinan especially near fun tourists location like the Hundred Islands is both practical and comforting. Practical by reason of living in a province is absolutely cheaper. And comforting in a way that whenever you want to refresh from everything, sea, beaches and parks are mostly just within walking distance. Finding comfort in nature is not hard and choosing a home to live in can make a lifestyle even better. A community that is peaceful is one thing to make sure of- it brings a big factor to your mood and state of mind when starting and ending your day at home.

BRIA Homes brings out a calm atmosphere because of its nature-related projects like the “Project Communitree; Adopt a Tree Program”, which aims for a greener community and to have it maintained. BRIA Homes’ trademark having trees located all over its area has made it even more serene, perfectly matching Pangasinan’s tranquil vibes.

People who came from provinces but had to move in cities for a job; and people who came from cities but wanted to experience provincial life for a change can attest truthfully how big the difference the lifestyle is between the two worlds- may it be financially, adjustments in culture, or adapting to the environment. Moving in and out from places, mostly from our comfort zone for self-growth is surely not easy but will assuredly cost us something greater at the right time.

Bria Homes and Pangasinan

Pangasinan having BRIA Homes and BRIA Homes choosing Pangasinan turned out to be working in the best possible way. The people of Pangasinan and those who consider moving in from other places have a great option now when deciding on a new home through BRIA Homes. BRIA Homes have two (2) locations in Pangasinan; one in Barangay San Vicente in Alaminos City and the other one in Barangay Tulong in Urdaneta City. The only thing you might need to consider is the convenience and accessibility of the nearby areas you go to often such as, your workplace, the market/ grocery store, laundry shop, and other things that you find important most of the time.

As cliche as this may sound, but life is short and not seeing and experiencing the beauty of the world, especially what our own country has like the Hundred Islands is regretful. Make living and exploring the world worthwhile, advantageous, and comfortable with BRIA Homes.

Written by Roselyn Galvan