Perks of Living in an Affordable House and Lot In San Fernando, Pampanga

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If you’re planning on settling down with your spouse or young family, choosing the right location for your house and lot is crucial. For many people, they believe owning a house and lot or any real estate property is already an achievement. For some, it doesn’t matter where the property is located while for some, it should be located in a thriving community. For others, living in the city is not their cup of tea. So, in this article, we aim to provide you with a glimpse of an ever-growing suburban location you might want to consider—the City of San Fernando (Lungsod ng San Fernando) in Pampanga. Bria Homes offers just the affordable house and lot that you might be dreaming of — or looking for! Get to know the perks of living in San Fernando, Pampanga in this article!

San Fernando city serves as one of the agricultural processing centers of Central Luzon. It is a major rice-producing region and an important sugar-producing area. Now that it’s almost Christmas time, it is very timely because every year during the said holiday, the city becomes the center of production of hand-made parols, which is different from the usual ones for its intricate designs and the illusion of dancing lights, emphasizing the lanterns’ vibrant colors. If you’re planning on embellishing your Bria Home or house and lot with bright, colorful, and dynamic parols, this is the area that is very accessible and can provide you with your top-of-mind electricity-powered Christmas decoration choice. 

It is no second truth that purchasing and investing in a own house and lot is one of the biggest decisions one makes in one’s lifetime. For one, it is costly. It could equate to many years’ worth of income. Two, it impacts your everyday life. Three, it also impacts your loved ones’ lives and even the succeeding generations. But again, if given the right location, your real estate property would create the perfect harmony, making life more beautiful and bearable one day at a time. 

That is why we’ve prepared top ten (10) perks of living in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Perks of Living in San Fernando, Pampanga

1. It is one of the first-class cities in Pampanga

Yes, you read that right. One of the perks in living in the provincial capital of Pampanga is that the San Fernando is one of the first-class cities in the province. Because of its strategic location, businesses and living conditions are rapidly improving. The city government gives opportunities for foreign and local investors to engage in different business activities in the area which help with its economic development. But if you are still trying to figure out why you should invest in a house and lot in Pampanga, then you need to read through the other reasons below.

2. Has an active middle-class population

Over 59 percent of the population in San Fernando belongs to the middle class according to the 2011 household income survey. That means the buying power of the people in the city is reasonably high. And since most buyers are from the middle class, it is no wonder that the city has major malls, and well-known retail chains spread throughout the city.  

3. Job security and sustainability due to its thriving economy

Region III is the 3rd fastest growing region economically in the country, and exceeds the average national growth rate by about 3 percentage points. Pampanga itself leads the region as the number one employer with more than 50,000 employees. This comes from more than P15B worth of investments that poured in the last two years. Zooming into the component city of San Fernando alone, it is common knowledge that we’re in a global crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, and since 2020, it has been an uphill climb to find or keep a regular paying job due to businesses closing down. But, have no fear — San Fernando is economically thriving. One of the perks of living in San Fernando, Pampanga is its economic competitiveness. Its thriving economic status provides more job opportunities for people like you.

Just recently, San Fernando was named as the Most Competitive City by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), receiving the same award for two consecutive years. Economic dynamism is one of the city’s pillars. One of its priorities is boosting employment for the Fernandinos by growing businesses and the number of investors. For residents, it means a steady source of job opportunities in the manufacturing, financial, service, retail, and other industries.

4. You won’t get bored during the holidays

Aside from the booming economy, the city is also the center of tourism. San Fernando, Pampanga is dubbed as the “Christmas Capital of the Philippines” as it hosts the Giant Lantern Festival (Ligligan Parul) annually. During the -ber months, they sell various colorful lanterns and other Christmas decorations at affordable prices. All activities culminate with the said festival that occurs on Christmas Eve. Moreover, the city is also home to various vibrant celebrations and occasions. They have the Frog Festival (Fiestang Tugak), and Sinukwan Festival, which portray the rich Kapampangan culture. Citizens enjoy their

neighborhood sparkling with the rich, colorful Christmas lights even within the comfort of your own home (provided that we are still not allowed to go outdoors by local ordinance to keep everyone safe from contracting the virus). 

5. Easy access to their local government offices

One important thing for a city is to have full and accessible government agencies for easy access of city information. San Fernando has government satellite offices such as the Department of Budget and Management, Land Transportation Office (LTO), Civil Service Commission (CSC), and Department of Education (DepEd) as well as Tourism and Investment Promotion and Gender and Development offices. These two offices are not always present in a municipality. Should you cannot step out to physically go into their offices, each of the said agencies has its own website and social media channels which you can visit to file your appointment prior to the meeting itself. 

6. Fast, accessible public and/or private transport network

Since San Fernando is a gateway that connects the province to other neighboring cities and provinces, it is easier for private vehicles and commuters to go to and fro their respective destinations. Generally, it is near major terminals and thoroughfares such as the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), along with Jose Abad Santos Avenue and MacArthur Highway. The CIA (Clark International Airport), situated at the Clark Freeport Zone, services both domestic and international flights. The airport has greatly improved and is now even dubbed a “keystone” in the economic growth of Region III. The P15B Terminal 2 is part of the government’s bold “Build, Build, Build” program. Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) makes your travel and transportation all the more accessible and faster. Nevertheless, entering and exiting the expressway is hassle-free. You can either pass in Magalang, Marquee Mall – Angeles City, City of San Fernando, Subic & Tarlac within just minutes. In the vicinity of Mabalacat, we have Dau Terminal, various modes of transportation such as Bus, UV Express, taxis, rental vans can be traveled to different areas of North Luzon, Ilocos Region, and in Manila.

7. Good spot for lifestyle and other recreational activities

While we’re still in a pandemic, you cannot deny the excitement shopping malls bring. Depending on the city’s local ordinance, you can shop and buy your needs and wants from your Bria Home to Vista Mall Pampanga, Walter Mart – San Fernando, SM City San Fernando Downtown, SM City Pampanga, Robinsons Starmills Pampanga, SM City Tebalastagan, Olympic Outlet, MLJL Hobby Shop, Jumbo Jenra Dolores, and Sindalan Town Center among many others.

8. Accessible health and wellness centers

Now that everyone is up to speed when it comes to protecting their and their loved ones’ health, there are several accessible hospitals and medical centers that might be a stone throw away from your Bria house and lot. Jose B. Lingad Memorial Regional Hospital, V.L. Makabali Memorial Hospital, Inc., San Fernandino Hospital, Manabat Maternity & General Hospital, Pampanga EENT & General Hospital, GreenCity Medical Center, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center are among the many healthcare centers that you can quickly reach for your healthcare needs. 

9. Quality education providers

Given the situation, our educational setup is still at a distance learning mode and students are not really allowed to attend physical classes. It might be fair to say that your Bria home serves as your children’s school for now. But, despite the situation, competitive schools are still able to provide competitive and quality education to the San Fernandinos. There is St. Scholastica’s Academy, San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies, San Fernando Elementary School and High School, and more! 

10. Promotes an environment for spiritual growth

Aside from San Fernando’sur core values patriotic and democratic, civic minded and socially responsible, committed to a culture of excellence, discipline and integrity, environment-friendly and proud of our heritage, fair and just. This pandemic has reiterated the San Fernandinos’ faith in the Lord with the help of its supportive spiritual pillar and support. There are churches like the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando, Jesus is Lord Church – San Fernando, Victory – Pampanga churches, Church of Christ – San Fernando, San Jose Parish – San Fernando, and many more that can testify of this. 

Lastly (and this does not need to be in the list because this is already a given), what Pampanga is most known for — it’s none other than food. Kapampangan cuisine is legendary, but the international dining choices abound in the area as well, which makes finding a good restaurant, not a problem. A few to mention are Fumizen Japanese Restaurant, Rainforest Kichene, Denlim’s Kitchen, Pep & Ronnie, Souq Pampanga, Bale Capampangan, Capampangan Island Grill & Restaurant, Parmisano’s Bistro, Bubusuk Goto Anne Corner, and many more that will surely satisfy your gastronomic cravings and delights. But if you want to take out, feel free to take your treats in your Bria home and share the sumptuous meals with your family after a long day at work!

Understanding how you may take advantage of the current resources of your next would-be residence is important. These are just some of the reasons why it is worth investing in a real estate property in San Fernando.

Written by Carla Abigail Tambalo