Affordable House and Lot Property Investment 101: Guide on Your Home Buying Journey


Home. One word but it means a lot to us. Having a home to go back to after an exhausting day at work, is a dream for every person. Imagine living in your own house and lot in Bria Homes, having a cozy environment, fully furnished and well-decorated, and everything is provided at your own convenience. May it be an internet connection, electricity, and water. You would just have to call their admin office for assistance. Nothing beats resting at your own home. But the real question is, how to have your own house? How to acquire it? What are things necessary for your home buying journey? What are your limitations? Where is the most convenient place? Keep reading to know some of the guides on your home buying journey.

Acquiring your first home is quite a tedious task. You have to consider a lot of factors and you have to invest a lot of time for it. You would have to do sight visits, do your research, and budget. You have to weigh your options and this is where decision-making comes. But before you decide you must know first your preference.

1. Condominium or House and Lot

When talking about home, there are 2 choices that are popular today: Condominium or House and Lot. Depending on your preference, first thing on our list of guide on your home buying journey is to know what suits you and your lifestyle better. If you prefer a minimalist space, you can opt for a condominium. But if you prepare a huge space, you can opt for a house and lot.

People nowadays prefer to have a condominium unit due to its amenities offered and it is usually located in nearby business centers such as Ayala and Ortigas. As time goes by, it is harder to attain or acquire property in Metro Manila because the price per square meter in the cities is much expensive compared to a province rate. If you’re planning to buy and invest in a condo soon, you should learn some helpful tips in buying a condo.

The difference between a condominium and a house and lot is that for a condominium you are buying space in a tall building in the middle of the city. Take note that a building is depreciable. Though today’s standard of condominium offers services at their management such as a mini grocery or convenience store, a water refilling station, a laundry station, pool access, gym access, and many more amenities that a condominium can provide. While a house and lot mean that the land and the property will solemnly yours only. You can check out Bria Condominium or Bria Homes for much extensive research. 

2. Pre-selling or ready for occupancy

Once you have decided between a house and lot or a condominium, you may now start to choose between pre-selling or ready for occupancy (RFO).

Pre-selling means that the property is not yet started or not yet fully finished while the ready for occupancy means that the unit is already finished and awaiting occupancy. Take note the pre-selling is much cheaper because it may go twice or triple the amount of the unit if it is ready for occupancy. Time is the essence, if you can wait for about 5 years, then you can opt for pre-selling but if you can’t afford to wait much longer, then you should opt for ready for occupancy.

3. Own or Developer

You have two choices, own or developer. Acquiring your land means negotiating with a lot of sellers/agents and listing down all the benefits that come with their proposal. While if you consider a developer, you would have to weigh all the packages they offer. At Bria homes, they offer affordable house and lot, and with many packages to choose from. Between the two options, if you want to ease this task, you might want to consider having a developer.

Pros of considering this include talking to only 1 agent, packages and down payments are already provided, house designs and blueprints already included, and you may choose your preferred location. The main difference is that if you want to cater to your special needs and designs, you must consider building your team (land, architecture, designs, materials, and labor). While having a developer such as Bria Homes will provide everything to you (house style, house design, land, constructions, materials, and labor), you will just have to make choices.

4. Location: Urban or Rural

The most important part is location. If you love the cozy environment, fresh air, and cool breeze that the province offers, you might want to consider provinces near Metro Manila such as Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, and Pampanga. If you love the convenience that a City offers, you might want to consider nearby cities, such as Pasig. You may check out Bria Homes, they offer affordable houses in different parts of the Philippines. 

5. Budget

Of course, one of the most important things on guide to your home buying journey is the ace of the topic – budget. You must set a budget and stick to it. While acquiring a home is sure a life-changing, it is also a financial challenge. As you would need to consider your current salary, your current expenses, and your current purchasing power.

Saving money effectively is a must when buying a home and your budget plays a vital role in determining your answer to the questions in this article. The first thing you need to do is add all your income, then list down all your expenses and savings. It is recommended you spend not more than 25% of your income. Though it is a dream come true to have your home, you must not get zero balance on your income and always have an emergency fund. Go to the nearest AllBank branches to open a savings account and start saving up for your future home. 

6. Financing Options

Money! Of course, having your dream house means spending a huge amount of money. Don’t lose hope, if you don’t currently have the total sum of your dream home expenses, you can consider Pag-IBIG housing loans or housing bank loans. The Pag-IBIG loan is more accomodating for low-income earners. While it is mandated for full-time workers to provide monthly contributions, might as well use the opportunity to apply for a Pag-IBIG loan. The maximum amount you can loan from PAG-IBIG is up to 6 million only. So if you need more than that, you should consider a bank loan, though it differs by the bank, it can cover up to 80% of the total value of your home. The good news is, Bria Homes and Bria Condominium caters both! 

If you think that you are financially stable, you may look over their offers online and apply today!

7. Design or Style

Finally, the design or style of your dream home. With people spending more time at home, they are becoming more aware of organizing and re-designing their homes. Some flex their modern home while some flex their minimalist home. This is one of the most satisfaction in acquiring your home, designing it according to your wishes. From tiles to lamps, from tables to dining wares, from bed to bedsheets, you can find it all at AllHome. Variety of designs to choose from so whatever designs you take interest in, you can buy it all in one destination. Save you more time and energy. Flex your home today!

Acquiring your first home is indeed a wonderful journey and a story to tell. It shows your success and foundation in life. It provides comfort, safety, and privacy to each member of the household. Though it is provident for people to go out and have fun, nothing could compare to a home you could go back to after all that. Start your home buying journey today with Bria Homes.