Condominium for Sale: 10 Reasons Why Investing in Cebu is a must-do


Hailed as the “Queen City of the South” and home to the ever-famous Filipino delicacy: “Lechon,” Cebu City really made its mark for travelers and also aspiring businessmen and women all around the globe not just because of their famous festivities and landmarks, but because of the rapid growth of the economy in the said place. Cebu is the second-largest city and has the fastest growing economy in our country. That is why there are a lot of good opportunities for everyone, not just for people in business, because all are welcome to build a fresh new start in the Queen City of the South. With that being said, here are ten reasons why you should invest in a Condo in Cebu city.

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1. Growing Population

            First reason why investing in Cebu is a must-do is the continuous growth of the population in Cebu that has now reached over 3 Million people and is the second-most densely populated city in our country, it is no wonder that opportunities are continuously growing and appearing here due to the needs and demands of the people. With a diverse population, your future business will surely reach its intended market and grow abundantly here. With the broad scope of people, I’m sure that you will no longer have a hard time finding your talents because of the diversity and the broad reach you will have when you start your business here.

2. Developed Infrastructures

            There is a lot of ongoing public and private infrastructures that will surely help everyone in terms of transportation, leisure, and business. One of the Philippines’ longest and tallest bridges namely the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), is nearly done and is expected to be finished in 2023. This will connect and ease the traffic from Mandaue to Cebu, making it easier to travel for our tourists and reducing the burden of traveling various products such as agricultural and commercial commodities. The Brand New and World-Class Mactan- Cebu International Airport is the second busiest airport and is the gateway for incoming and outgoing tourists here in our country. When it comes to land transportation, Beep JCars are now also up and running in the city with hopes to aid and develop the current vehicles.

3. The continuous growth of the shipping Industry

            Being named Cebu or “Trade” in English will mean nothing if you don’t make actual trade here, right? With its geographical location, this is the perfect place to do commercial trade that involves shipping goods by sea and land thanks to the developments done to the roads. The current shipping companies here are locally owned and operated. The need for multinational companies that offer not just small boats and ferries is a must to adhere to the continuous growth of the economy, especially to the inter-island shipping industry here in our country. Cebu is also the leading exporter of goods such as furniture, houseware, and many more, and this will provide good business opportunities for you to invest in the shipping industry now as it grows bigger and better.

4. Far from calamities!

            Being surrounded by islands and far from the earthquake and typhoon belt, you will no longer have to worry about natural calamities because this city is blessed with not just beautiful places but also good weather! Plus, there are no near volcanoes on the island, making it a close to perfect place to visit or start anew! If I were you, I wouldn’t have second thoughts when it comes to this place.

5. Better opportunities for families

            With the hope to build a fresh start, Cebu really is an excellent place if you are looking for a balanced city-nature life that is perfect for your future family. With the accessibility of the area, your dream of hassle-free family leisure activities will surely come to life with the beautiful white-sand beaches, museums, and parks that are just within your reach. Another good news for the future families out there is the boom of real estate developers in the city including your favorite house and lot provider, BRIA Homes, is in Cebu! Strategically located in Danao with just an 8-minute walk from Danao City proper, you now have a chance to live in the Queen City of the South that I’m sure has a lot to offer. Just like any other real estate properties, this is complete with all the amenities you could ever want and more.

6. Tourists here, there, and everywhere!

            Being the Tourism Gateway of the Central and Southern Philippines, Cebu will never disappoint with its Wold-Class tourist attractions including beaches, an abundance of natural resources, and more, you will indeed be attracted to the beauty of the city that’s why investing in Cebu is definitely for you to try. With just an hour away from Bohol, you will be able to see the world’s smallest primates and the ever-famous Chocolate Hills. The world’s friendliest whale sharks can also be seen up close in Oslob, Cebu. Experience nature at its finest in Cebu! While you’re here, don’t forget to taste the “Lechon” because you really don’t want to miss that. Aside from the attractions and delicacies, Cebu is also known for its colorful and loud festivities like the “Sto. Nino” festival in January, wherein they celebrate the Child Jesus and the arrival of Christianity in the country!

7. Education opportunities for everyone

            Aside from the top universities like UP-Cebu Campus, University of the Visayas, Cebu Normal University, San Carlos University, Cebu Technological University, and the University of Cebu, the LGU have also partnered with international institutions to show that their province is just as good as Manila when it comes to providing better education for everyone. TESDA is also one of the many choices people who want to continue their education despite their age.

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8. Booming companies and industries

            One of the economic players in the Cebu city aside from tourism, also includes manufacturing, industrial, shipping/logistics, and the ever-growing BPO Industry. There are a lot of opportunities for local and foreign investors to own their own business here, that is why it is just as good, even better if I may say so, than working in the busy streets of Manila because many prefer to work in Cebu driven by the lower cost of living accompanied by the beautiful sceneries of nature that is just simply relaxing after a hard day’s work.

9. Safe and sound

            If you are worried about security, this is just the city for you. Cebu has one of the best records when it comes to peace and order in the country. Your mind will be at ease because you know that everything is under control and well-taken care of. The police and AFP assure that your family and business are safe while you are in Cebu.

10. Accessibility is key

            Along with the developments when it comes to the roads and highways in Cebu, SM and Ayala have also invested in building malls and business centers in Cebu that are near the main roads. The strategic location of the route also has codes that make commuting and traveling more manageable for everyone. Their schools are also very accessible, which is why you don’t have to worry about your children finding their way home or to their schools.

The Queen City never disappoints! There is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years when it comes to the growing economy in Cebu. Rest assured that your future business and family will never have to worry about a thing because of the opportunities Cebu has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Invest Cebu now to experience the life of a Queen in the City!