Danao—Northern Cebu’s Busy City with Affordable House and Lot

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Danao City is continuously evolving. This city used to be simple fishing village and farming settlement during the pre-Spanish period. Presently, it is one of the busiest cities in Cebu. The city of Cebu, municipality of Carmen, Compostela, Asturias, and Camotes sea, surround Danao City.


The ongoing construction of the Metro Cebu Expressway will ease traffic congestion within Metro Cebu and its central business districts. This 73.8 km development will reduce the travel time from Danao to Naga City (Cebu) from three (3) hours to an hour and a half (1.5). Furthermore, its completion will even open more business opportunities.

Metro Cebu Expressway Map affordable house and lot
Metro Cebu Expressway

As one of the industrial centers in northern Cebu, Danao is also home to the Cebu Mitsumi Inc. (CMI), a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures machinery components and electronic devices. CMI, the largest employer in Cebu, has employed at least 10,000 workers in Danao and its neighboring municipalities. The cottage industry is also Danao’s specialty. Its agricultural products (such as rice, corn, and rootcrops) and aquacultural products for the barangays along the coastal area.

Aerial view of Cebu Mitsumi Inc. affordable house and lot
Aerial view of Cebu Mitsumi Inc.


For adventurous spirits, Danao also has the Danasan Ecoadventure Park. You could tick off your bucket list by going through a bunch of thrilling activities. Rapelling, kayaking, zip lining, and many more exciting activities await for its visitors. One can also relax in their pools after all the adventures experienced in this park.

Person riding Sky Bike in Danasan Ecoadventure Park affordable house and lot
Sky Bike in Danasan Ecoadventure Park

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