Bria House and Lot: How MRT Line 7 will make commuting easier


Are you someone who is tired of commuting, especially when you are passing through the ever-congested commonwealth avenue? Or are you from Bulacan, specifically in San Jose Del Monte or nearby places that are working in Manila or Quezon City? Well, worry no more because finally, the completion of Metro Rail Transit Line 7 is on its way! According to DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade, that the Transit will be fully operational by April 2022, and the train cars that the government ordered from South Korea have arrived! The construction of the MRT 7 began in April 2016 and is being developed through a public-private partnership. It is a 22.8 km long elevated rapid transit line that is being built by Universal LRT Corporation BVI (ULC), a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation (SMC). This project is a piece of good news for all the commuters out there because they will finally be able to go to their destinations without breaking so much sweat. 

With this, let me give you seven reasons how MRT Line 7 will make your commuting easier!

1. No more long queues and detours!

The San Miguel Corp MRT 7 can accommodate up to 28,000 passengers an hour and can be extended up to 36,000 passengers with the upcoming further upgrades. It is expected to serve at least 350,000 a day! Imagine the efficiency that this brings with your commuting efforts. You can finally say goodbye to the long lines while waiting for a bus or a jeepney, not to mention the heat of the sun and the pollution! Also, with the 14 new stations, I’m sure that you will no longer take detours just to get to your destinations. This will connect the various MRT and LRT lines that are close to your school or workplace!

2. Improved Travel Time

If you are used to allocating more than 3-4 hours just to arrive at your destination, MRT 7 will be able to help you lessen that into minutes! The estimated travel time from Quezon City to Bulacan is roughly 4 hours, and the new line is seen to cut travel time into just 34 minutes! This will really be a big help, especially to those who are exhausted from their work which tends to fall asleep while they commute, or to those who wake up early in the morning just to catch the early bus ride to work. You can now rest and prepare peacefully at your home without any fears that you will be late for school/ work because you will no longer have to be on the road for too long because of the heavy traffic you may encounter.

3. Safer Travels

Most of the commuting incidents, especially robbery, happens either on the bus or in the jeepney. The most common is the “Salisi” incident that is very notorious in crowded places. Also, there can be these bomb threats and stick-up men (holdapers) that are likely to happen when you commute in PUV’s. With the tight security of Rail transit here in our country, your mind will be at peace because you know that you are surrounded by security guards and bomb squads. Even before you enter the station, you know that arms, guns, and even sharp objects can be detected. With MRT 7 and all the other Rail Transit, your safety is their priority next to the comfort of travel. 

4. Breathe easier

With the number of cars, trucks, and PUV’S traveling every day, it is hard to avoid pollution, especially if you are a commuter. We inhale all the carbon dioxide that the vehicles produce, which is very unhealthy for us and can be the cause of various lung diseases! Opting to travel with the new metro line will help you avoid all that because they do not use any gas to operate the train sets, not to mention that you are also inside a very spacious, air-conditioned, and comfortable train car. You are hitting two birds with one stone, helping the environment by not supporting contributors to global warming, and commuting more effortlessly and more comfortable with MRT 7!

5. Ease of access 

The MRT 7 will connect North Avenue, Quezon City and San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, with 14 new stations including Quezon North Avenue Joint station, Quezon Memorial Circle, University Avenue, Tandang Sora, Don Antonio, Batasan, Manggahan, Dona Carmen, Regalado, Mindanao Avenue, Quirino, Sacred Heart, Tala, and San Jose del Monte. Imagine the accessibility this new project will give you. Not only that, this will be connected to the two MRT lines that are currently working, namely MRT 1 and MRT 3 that will connect to various LRT lines. You can now go to your favorite destinations in and out of Metro Manila with the help of Rail Transits! 

And oh, did I mention that BRIA Homes in the “Rising City,” San Jose del monte, will also benefit from this project? Yes! You will no longer have to fear heavy traffic just to get to your future home at BRIA! This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone who is dreaming of having an affordable yet quality house that is near their workplace. The upcoming MRT 7 construction and its promised travel time from San Jose del Monte to Quezon will make your commuting experience more convenient and more manageable. The “rising city” will bring great opportunities for anyone who wants to have their own business because of the continuous economic growth of the said city. There’s nothing more you could ask for. With BRIA Homes, you can now have a quality, affordable and ACCESSIBLE house and lot within your reach!

6. Cashless fares

           You don’t have to worry about having spare change for your fares anymore. With the new and improved fare system that the Rail transportation implements, you can now have a cashless transaction while commuting! It will be much easier with the Beep Card! This is a reloadable contactless smart card that was first introduced in 2015 that aims to give a much convenient journey for the commuters using the MRT and LRT lines. Now you are just one tap away from getting to your destination!

7. Travel easier!

           MRT 7 does not only connect places but also connects people. The primary purpose of developing the transportation ways is to provide much easier travel for the people. These solutions are here to solve, help, and bring connections to people who are far away from each other. You can now go to Manila, Quezon City, Marikina, Bulacan, and Rizal without having to exert so much effort. Students can also benefit from this because they won’t have to take too many trips just to get to their School / University. After all, this line will connect to stations that are nearby to their institutions.

I’m sure many of us are excited for the opening of the MRT 7 in April 2022 because this will surely be a big help to our everyday commuters out there who are struggling with the current situation of our country when it comes to traveling. Also, many will be motivated to travel because of the ease of access to different places because of the Rail transportation in our country. Kudos to the efforts of our government just to make our lives easier. So, what are you waiting for? After this pandemic, be sure to travel and visit places with MRT 7!