Affordable House and Lot: How to Find Home that Fits your Lifestyle?


It is really important to have your own house that could cater to your needs based on your lifestyle. Buying a home is not about how big or how modern it is. A home is where you grow, build a family, it is where you rest after a long day at work, and it is a place where you should be most comfortable to stay. Interested to know how to find an affordable house and Lot that fits your style? Read on.

You don’t want to regret buying a property after realizing that it was not the best place for you. Be mindful that before investing in real estate, there are few things that you should consider and keep in mind. 

How do you want to live? 

What kind of home do you need?

Do you need a real estate agent?

Do you have real estate developers in mind?

You definitely want to answer these questions before you start checking the real estate market for your house-hunting. You don’t want to waste your time searching around for a home that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. 

Here are some tips that you could check while looking for your “dream house”!

1. City Dreamer

Do you like being surrounded by a lot of people? Going to parties all night and hanging out with friends? You might want to search for a home close to your vibrant city life. A home located in a community where public transportation and malls are easy to access. You might need a home that is not too big but has enough space for you to invite guests. The cost of living in a city is pretty high, so you might want to consider your budget if you could sustain this kind of living. There is Bria Condominium that offers affordable condo units that is perfectly fit for you!

2. Nature-Lover

If you are seeking peace and calmness, having your own property in rural homes could be the best option for you. You might need a spacious area where you could grow plants and play with your pets. You also want to have a wood-accent home with open windows to feel the air breeze. 

3. Family Person

If you love spending your weekends with your family or simply having a strong relationship with your relatives you might want to buy a big home. Do you also like spending a lot of time with your kids or cooking meals for them? It is necessary that you consider the size of your family too. You might want to live in a home that has a big backyard where your family could gather around and home with enough bedrooms for everyone. You also need to consider its location; your own home should be close to schools, grocery stores, hospitals, and parks. You also need to make sure that it is well-built. If you have kids, you need to consider baby-proofing your home.

4. Workaholic

Do you love staying late for work or checking on your paperwork even at home? You don’t need a big home that would be hard for you to clean up, instead pick an average-size home with an area where you could set up a table and chair as your mini-office. You won’t need a lot of space because a smaller home is an easy-to-maintain home. You also need to consider a location near your workplace or has easy access to public transportation. It is also really important that you are surrounded by a quiet neighborhood.

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5. Active and Sporty

If you want to keep your active lifestyle and staying healthy, you need to find a home located in a community with accessible amenities. You probably want to work out in a gym, play sports on Basketball or tennis courts, and spend time in swimming pools. 

6. Always on the Go

If you love being independent, travelling, and running around the business, you simply need a small home. A studio typed condo or a one-bedroom unit could be the best option for you. Buy a home with a small kitchen and space that you could easily maintain.

Other key points to Consider before Buying a Home For you

Size really matters. Looking for a home-based on its size is necessary. While some are dreaming of having a castle, it is important to choose what’s best for you and your family. A bigger home isn’t always better. Consider the size of your family; you don’t need a 10 bedroom unit if there are three of you in the family. It will be harder for you to maintain a huge size home and at the same time, you’re a traveler or always busy at work. So you might want to check if this is something that you could easily clean and maintain.

You also want to purchase a home that stays within budget. Your home will not always be in the best condition. Sooner or later it will need some renovations. Always check the market value of the property you plan to purchase. You can also get a pre-approved loan from home development mutual fund or pag-ibig housing loan before looking for a home.

While looking for your home sweet home, you might also want to check the surrounding area of the home. Location of it is really important. Make sure that it is an area where you feel comfortable and safe. You don’t want to live struggling with your neighborhoods, or you don’t want your kids to walk miles away from school. You also want to check and see how long it will take for you to go to your work.

Do a home inspection and do your research. You can ask your neighborhood and find out how it is like at all times of the day. You also want to hire a professional that could check the stability and foundation of your home. 

Lastly, choose a home that you can picture yourself and your family living in the house. Imagine if you could see your kids growing in that home or if you could see yourself staying in that home after 10 to 20 years. You don’t want to put your expectations too high and remember that everything gets older including your home, and as years go by a lot of things could change. 

House and Lot For You

Bria Homes is a leading housing developer that cater to ordinary Filipino. Bria Homes is the perfect choice for every Filipino worker who wants to invest in a home. Here in Bria Homes, you can find a home that could fit your lifestyle. You can find a lot of easy-on-the-pocket, safe, quality, comfortable, and beautiful properties. 

From condominiums to house and lots that are within close proximity of places of interest such as hospitals, schools, and commercial establishments. Bria communities are strategically placed in locations that will bring comfort to the client’s lifestyle and they also provide a calm atmosphere due to the trees located all over the area. Bria believes that a greener home leads to a happier home. 

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You can also find eye-catching and trendy homes in Bria. It also offers modern architectures with various lot sizes that could perfectly fit for the size of your family. You can also have an access to amenities such as parks and basketball courts within the community. 

In Bria, you’ll find a house that becomes your home, where you and your family could grow. Because your family deserves the best: a home where you can live happily and peacefully. Your safe haven and comfort zone; Here in Bria you’ll find the right home.

Written by: Lysandra Faye Batac