Bria Homes’ Head of Planning Ar. Alfred Maranan Shares Outlook in Architecture and Design in a Post-Pandemic World


Other than changing the way we interact in public places – social distancing and limited gatherings, and communicating with others – which is now mostly done virtually, another big change was brought by the on-going pandemic. It is the way we live our home life.

In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Philippines has implemented several community quarantine guidelines. These guidelines caused the current work arrangements get converted into work-from-home set up for almost everyone. Thus making us spend most of our days cramped in the corners of our home.

The increased time spent at home was something not many people are used to. It has become difficult for some people to find work-life balance due to the fine line of work and life drawn in the same environment or space. Some don’t even have a productive space to start with.

With that, people resulted to multiple affordable home improvements and ideas to keep up with their current needs. As for Bria Homes, one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines, they have long started creating viable communities that nurtures relaxing community living.

Bria Homes’ Head of Planning Architect Alfred Maranan shares his outlook in architecture and design in a Post-Pandemic World. 

Impact of Covid-19 in Planning and Design

When it comes to planning and design Bria Homes’ Head of Planning believes that developing pandemic-proof communities for the Filipino people should become one of the top priorities of planning and design.

These developments will include creating more sustainable urban spaces. For Bria Homes though, its communities are already known to be sustainable by having open spaces, amenities and even solar-powered streetlights. Bria Homes has been one step ahead in developing future-proof homes.

How Pandemic Changed our Homes

Changes in lifestyle of the Filipinos will bring immense change on how we view our homes. What used to be a simple home used for relaxation and family matters will now have to become an environment that should be able to induce productivity on home owners or families that needs to work or study at home. After all, work from home set up and online classes are here to stay for a long time.

Potential homeowners nowadays are probably looking for spaces in their home where to fit in their home office or study area for the kids.

Accessibility and amenities can also become one of the most sought after attributes on locating new homes. Although it has always been a factor, the fear of going into lockdown and having the markets closed is still in our minds. Fortunately, Bria Homes is present in key-locations that are able to provide all of the homeowner’s basic needs.

Simultaneously, Bria Condominiums are designed to cater to your needs within the community. Bria Condominiums will yield amenities that will take part in the homeowner’s well-being. These amenities will include pools, playground, fitness gym and 24/7 security.

Architecture Vs. Pandemic

The role of architecture is more than just creating a home design. Architecture can be taken to bigger scales such as urban planning and community creation.

It can bring environmentally efficient spaces that will help prevent the spread of infectious diseases by planning ahead and foreseeing the needs of the Filipino people.

For residential communities, architecture can be used to intentionally design spaces to fight infectious diseases. Such as planning isolation areas, and designing disinfecting facilities in barangays or city halls. These developments can also include temporary facilities that will serve multiple purposes during and even after a pandemic.

On the other hand, places such as shopping malls can start opening up spaces that will accommodate al-fresco dining experiences to its customers.

Overall, the process of planning and creating modern containment measures in our community to fight the pandemic is part of architecture.

Post Pandemic Affordable House and Lot Trends

With the emerging needs in housing spaces identified nowadays, creating and designing your home to assist your changing needs is important. Especially now that we have come to embrace that these changes brought by the pandemic can be permanent.

For existing homeowners, these tips are something you can just add into your current home. Massive renovation is not necessary since sustainability and affordability is always top in our priority list. Meanwhile, for potential homeowners or those who are just planning to acquire their homes, you might want to adapt these features.

First is having a drop-off and disinfecting area in your home. This will be designated to drop off stuff and disinfect them before entering their home. This has been a common practice for some already but having a designated space mostly applicable to groceries and shopping items will make everything easier.

Aside from that, people have learned to appreciate more space outside their homes and at the same time, maximize small spaces inside. Feeling cramped up in our own home can hinder productivity thus getting smart in the use of space to create an area for learning is a must.

Meanwhile, potential homeowners can start looking into houses that offers bigger front or back yards. This is because yards can be used as social spaces during the pandemic. Just be careful to implement social distancing with your visitors, though.

Additionally, amenities and features that can address health concerns in your home or community should be something that you should look for as well.

Lastly, the prolonged changes in community quarantine protocols in the Philippines have brought a rise in work-from-home set up. This resulted to people going back to their provinces or looking into the sub-urbs for an affordable home since the cost of living and need for commute in the metro is less needed.

Affordable House and Lots For Sale

If you’re looking for an affordable house and lot in the sub-urbs to accommodate your work-from-home needs, Bria Homes just have the right house and lot packages for you. Check them out here. Virtual Tours and online consultations with property consultants are also available.

Written By: Kathryne Mae R. Beldad