Affordable House and Lot: 5 Tips to achieve work-life balance when working from home

Working remotely is far way more different than working in the office, mentioning the distraction, working without your team, and a possibly not-so-healthy daily routine. We wrote this 5 tips to help achieve your work-life balance when working from home so that you will get the idea of how you can balance your professional and personal life without being idle.   

In this world full of unforeseen events, everything is at our fingertips and the virtue of patience seems lost. Many businesses are forced to let their employees work from their homes due to the Coronavirus outbreak and most of the workers are struggling with their home office set up and what’s going to be their daily routine. However, people always tend to come up with a greater solution. 

5 tips to improve your work-life balance

1. Start your day as if it is your last!

This pandemic made all things unexpected, it taught us to give more importance to life. Many of us have been using this time to do things that we generally wouldn’t and those things are usually we used to shun before because of not having enough time for ourselves.

To be really honest, it is not being anxious about how much time you have left in this world but instead, you are learning the concept of giving priority to the things that are more important.  

Most of us have already experienced the setup of working from home and we know how hard it is to allocate time for professional and personal things.

We usually start our day with emails and ends with emails as well and to fulfill work-life balance, we should never check work emails from bed, if you’re the type who wakes up to the sights of tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts, leave your work email out of the picture, always remember that it can usually wait and you need to make time for yourself.

When trying to achieve work-life balance while working remotely, you need to separate yourself from the work and treat your bedroom as a place where you live not your work office. To achieve a work-life balance, start your day by doing the things you love and make you feel relaxed, in Bria Homes communities it has recreational activities such as parks and playgrounds wherein you can do your quick yoga or exercise, you can also enjoy your coffee ritual in the morning while gazing at the panoramic view of the location plus you get to enjoy its lush landscaped spaces for your casual strolls. 

2. Set a work-life balance schedule and stick to it!

When we got the news from our bosses that we will be having a work-from-home setup, I bet you got excited in view of the fact that there will be no more eyes around you and you get to have a quick escaped from the toxic environment.

Perhaps by now, you have already discovered that working from home is far way better than the traditional way which is working at the office, however, there are a lot of differences between the two that is not really in favor of the work from home setup and one of which is the difficulty to separate our life from work especially when you are working at home, not mentioning the tasks beyond deadlines.

One thing I am sure about is we get to spend most of our time reading those emails than doing the things that make us feel relaxed and more comfortable. To be able to create and achieve a successful work-life balance, you must limit yourself from working too hard and working beyond hours. Carving out some time for your personal agenda is the best way to gift yourself with a healthier body and peace of mind.

Create a to-do list daily to accomplished tasks in order and to avoid neglecting one, however in planning your list, you must not forget to put the cut-off time in between the days. If you did not finish one of the tasks then note it and do it as your priority the other day, making sure not to fail deadlines.

Allocate time for your quick breaks and hobbies for your well-being and sanity, in Bria Homes you get to enjoy the open spaces for strolling and getting fresh air, plus there are also many restaurants with good food near Bria projects that you can enjoy while you are on your break. A work-life schedule is no joke, it can help you maintain good health while focusing on your career at the same time and that being the case, you really need to discipline yourself to stick to your allotted time for professional and personal life. 

3. Design your room that separates life from work!

Fulfilling a work-life balance when working from home is a lot of work but once done, all efforts are worth it. When you are working in the same space you live in, it can be easy to get disorganized.

So, if you have the space, try working in a different place than where you spend your leisure time. Having a provided home office for yourself is one of the best ways to detach yourself from your swamped schedule of meetings while you are in your composure state.

Many professionals are continuing to work from home and up to this date, they are still figuring what is the best working arrangements that will satisfy both their personal and career life. Here are some of the ideas to achieve a perfect home office setup, first you need to consider that your home office should only be used for working hours and a place you can use for activities that center focusing such as meetings, brainstorming, and reports.

In setting up your home office, you need to locate it to an area where internet connection is strong but in Bria Homes, you can place it anywhere at your home because Streamtech, the newest telco player is now coming to the nation’s home and aims to provide its users with improved high-speed fiber internet and a top-of-the-line cable experience.

Thus, Bria homeowners are encouraged to use digital options in processing local and international transactions through BRIA’s partner payment channels and this is also to help keep themselves safe and stress-free, they can also do cashless payments for online shopping and food deliveries with All Easy, GCash, and PayMaya.

Aside from the good service, holistic and pleasant atmosphere is offered by Bria communities where residents can enjoy daily. Bria Homes also offers eye-catching and trendy homes, giving clients a wide range of home options to choose from: Elena, a 22 sq. m unit on a 36 sq. m lot; Bettina, a 44 sq. m unit on a 36 sq. m lot; Alecza, a 36 sq. m unit on an 81 sq. m lot; and our newest model Thalia, a 45 sq. m unit on an 81 sq. m lot.

Besides its house and lot packages, Bria Homes also highlights city living through Bria Condos. Bria Condos offers beautiful 24 sq. m studio units. These house models and condo units are the perfect examples of a place wherein you can provide space for your office and not consuming too much space of your unit.

Bria Homes has really indeed a lot to offer, from branded open spaces to trendy homes with modern architecture that is surely the best fit for your work-from-home setup. Another tip to achieve your work-life balance is that once you have already given space for your home office, you need to prepare a productive meeting space that isn’t too personal for you since that working from home comes in many ways. It could be that you remove your personal belongings around the room such as family photos, certificates, or things that are not too helpful for your work. Provide a desk with a good surface that will fit all of your work things or your remote productivity tools. 

4. Eliminate Negativity!

We should maximize the positive lifestyle benefits of working from home instead of ranting about the system.

There are a lot of activities you can do while working remotely, one of those can be done after work. Since you already know what activities to do pre-workday and while working, it is now the time to talked about what are post-workday activities you can do to overcome stress.

To achieve a positive vibe while working remotely, we should never be a pessimistic person for the reason that it will only make us unmotivated and worst, will result in burnout. If you are experiencing work burnout symptoms, you need to check in yourself weekly by taking offs, having a reward system, making a lot of friends, and turning your breaks into relaxation.

Being in your home office for the whole day can be really exhausting and you feel that your professionalism already defines you, so why not channel your remote work lifestyle into networking, right? To achieve work-life balance, you can try to look for ways to be reconnected with your friends and be active in social activities again, in that way you are bringing out the negative energy that keeps making you feel so discouraged.

Together with this pleasant atmosphere, Bria Homes had since promoted green living and healthy living in its communities that will definitely give you a relaxing vibe and can prevent you from having remote-work burnout. 

Finding a good endpoint for work makes your body lessen the tension thus helping you achieve a healthy work-life balance; it can be done by going for a run or walk inside Bria communities that has a lot of amenities to be fond of.

Also, you can run necessary errands or quick grocery or shopping since Bria Homes projects nationwide are placed in a strategic location wherein commercial establishments are within close proximity. They can also do cashless payments for online shopping and food deliveries with All Easy, GCash, and PayMaya.

5. Never associate personal issues with work!

We used to wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, take a shower, and drove off to the office for work but since the pandemic has started, the same room you are living in is not the same anymore; you wake up then open your laptop for work and that will be your day.

Work from home setup has a lot of perks; no strict dress code and the flexibility to work when you want to but alongside are its disadvantages such as being hard to stay motivated, working alone and having no colleagues to interact with worsen the part that we do not have someone to talk to when things get tough at home or at work.

Working remotely hassle us from separating our private life from our professional things, most especially when you are living with your family and you are having family problems. Most of you are reading this while having the desire to get some answers on how to overcome distraction during remote working.

To prevent your personal issues from impacting your work, you must tell your boss or employer first thing about what you are going through before you started working, for them to adjust their expectations from you. Having clear and effective communication with your boss or employer reduced your worries, tell them immediately that your focus as of the moment is temporary with the aim that it will not further affect the quality of your work and the others. While talking to your employer, just make sure that they will not be aware of the nitty-gritty details about what is causing your distress.

Look for a colleague or friend that you can talk to about personal dramas, set a balance, and don’t overshare since it could give people the wrong impressions of your capabilities. Aside from setting digital boundaries by turning off your social media accounts while at work is much important for your mental health, you need to commit that you will focus solely on work and put your personal issues in a box and deal with it some other time.

Having the difficulty to separate your work from your life only leads you to make your work piles up which will eventually result in additional stress. Before you hold your phone and laptop for work, make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared, but if you are having a hard time doing so, take a day off and get your emotional needs met by spending some time with your family or talking to a friend that will listen.

You can do all these in the branded open space that Bria Homes offers, it has a park and playground that your kids will surely enjoy plus you can get some fresh air from its greener communities. This pandemic taught us to be more meticulous in choosing a place to live in most especially if it will meet your satisfaction such as affordability, modern architecture, within close proximity, and a safe community.

Despite all that is happening today, we should practice ourselves to see a bigger picture in it, including the chance to get to spend more time with your family, to appreciate life, and to pause from the toxicity that the world has given you ever since. To achieve the much-vaunted need for work-life balance you need to give value to yourself and start investing in things that will be beneficial to you in the future. In particular is choosing a place where your standards and satisfaction are met, in Bria Homes has a wide-range home option that you can choose from that will surely define your qualifications.

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Written by Eara Aringo