Bria House and Lot: Property Investment 101: Why You Should Live and Invest in Davao


Davao City is the country’s largest and the third most populated city, which is home to the wildlife attractions such as the Philippine Eagle Centre and Davao Crocodile Park. To learn about Property investment 101: Why you should live and invest in Davao, Get to know Davao first.

Davao City is also known for historical sites such as the San Pedro Cathedral, which is the oldest church in the city, the Museo Dabawenyo, and People’s Park, which is Durian-shaped. Another famous attraction in Davao City is the Roxas Night Market, where you can buy different local fresh food, trinkets, beverages, and other interesting stuff that are sold in the streets. 

Meanwhile, those who love fresh air and cool climate should visit Eden Nature Park and Resort, which is a famous adventure destination in Davao. 

But aside from having some of the best tourist attractions, one of the reasons why you should live and invest in Davao is it is being frequented by property seekers who are attracted to the city’s continuous progress and development.

For some who are thinking about property investment destinations, they might see Davao as one of the most underrated and probably in their bottom list. But as Davao continues to boom, it is able to attract more and more local and foreign investors alike, to consider the city as their next property investment hub. 

Davao City is popular for its reputation of being one of the safest cities to live in because of its high security and strict local law enforcement that makes all Davaoenos disciplined. 

Aside from being rich in natural resources and having some of the best tourist attractions, opportunities for economic growth are also endless. With more and more establishments being developed in the city like condos, malls, and other lifestyle establishments, people perceive this as a sign of a progressive city.

As many investors would say, Davao City is one of the most attractive alternatives to Manila and Cebu. It is also open for investment partners, particularly in tourism, infrastructure, real estate as well as information and communication technology.

So, if you are one of the people visiting the city for leisure activities, rather than investing your time through these activities, why don’t you explore the city to seek the right properties that could give you the best opportunities in the future. 

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider Davao for your next property investment. Whether you decide to live in your property or use it for investment, buying a property in Davao is truly worth it. 

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1. A Sense of Security

First in the list of reasons why you should live and invest in Davao is that there are lots of fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy in Davao City, which draws the attention of a lot of people. But aside from its beauty, one of the most admired features of the city is its sense of security. 

Davao City is considered as one of the most peaceful and livable cities in Southeast Asia with a crime index that stands at just 0.8 cases per 10,000 people per month. Additionally, the city is also dubbed as the second most peaceful city in the ASEAN region, next only to Singapore. It runs a successful 911 central communications and emergency response system that lessens crime incidences and preserves lives and properties.

Because of this, Davao City is known in the country as the city with discipline, because of how it strictly implements and follows rules such as the “No Smoking” ordinance, and the no drinking of liquor in the streets and public places, as well as the prohibition of selling alcoholic drinks after midnight. They are also strict in reinforcing a speed limit for all vehicles within its jurisdiction.

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2. A Good Business and Investment Hub 

The economy of Davao has been demonstrating good performance over the years. According to the data by Davao City Investment Promotion Center (DCIPC), more than 70% of the gross regional product (GRP) of the whole Davao region came from the city, making the region the second-fastest-growing economy in the country.

​​Accordingly, rates of public utilities, real estate, rentals for commercial spaces, accommodations, labor, raw materials, and other business needs are comparatively cheaper in Davao City than in other major cities in Asia, which makes the city attractive to businesses, especially the BPO sector. Another reason why living and investing in Davao is something to consider.

3. Very Accessible

Another reason on why you should live and invest in Davao is the city’s strategic location can be easily accessed via air, land, and sea travel. With its main gateway, Francisco Bangoy International Airport, Davao is very accessible to both local and foreign visitors and has many connecting routes in and out of the country. With such logistical ease, transportation of goods and services is never a problem. 

4. A Responsible Local Government

The City Government of Davao is responsible for keeping it clean and orderly. It is also supportive of developmental projects and modernization of infrastructure such as the city’s international airport, roads, bridges, and seaports are maintained to ensure progress and quality of business.

5. A City of Continuous Progress

Davao is the central commercial hub of Mindanao, where developments in technology, transport, and health are taking place, among others. Aside from local tourism, constructions in the area are also booming and are set to further enhance the city’s commerce. 

It was also said that in an effort to improve the city’s cleanliness, a Php1.148-billion WasteWater Collection and Treatment Facilities are scheduled to be completed soon. Moreover, the city also has plans of building its own Light Rail Transit system, which will traverse the coastal cities as well as Davao del Norte and Davao del Sur, aside from the planned Seaport Expansion Facilities that will boost the trade and export capabilities.

These are some of the efforts that will make Davao a prime commercial city making it one of the best places to live and invest in. 

6. Regional Center of Southern Philippines

Davao is known as Mindanao’s center of business, finance, and education. In this city, you will find top universities such as the University of the Philippines, in addition to other tertiary-education centers and colleges. Moreover, Davao City also houses national banks and financial institutions. 

7. Things That You Might Not Know About Davao

There are a lot of things to love about Davao. You might know a lot about it but we have listed some facts that you might not know about it yet. 

8. Davao has one of the nicest beaches 

When it comes to popular beaches, top of mind include Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu, which are usually crowded because of the presence of both local and foreign tourists. But if you prefer the less commercialized beaches, you might want to visit Dahican Beach in Mati City and you will surely be amazed by aquamarine waters, tranquility, privacy, cheap & fresh coconuts as well as fun water sport activities. Who wouldn’t want to live and invest in Davao when the nicest beaches are just within your reach?

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9. You can buy Durian everywhere at a very cheap price

Are you a durian lover? If yes, then Davao is the best place for you! In Davao, durian is being paired with almost every single food and drink. Think durian candy, durian coffee, durian pastries, durian ice cream, name it, and they basically durian everything! 

There are about 20 durian species in Davao which makes it highly available. And since there is more than enough supply of durian in Davao, you can buy it at a very cheap price. 

10. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lives here in Davao.

The Philippine President lives in the city of Davao and what’s more surprising about it is that he is living a simple life in the city. The security outside his house does not seem extravagant. The President is usually in Manila during the weekdays but he’ll return to Davao to spend his weekend.

11. You can trek on top of a bonsai forest at Mount Hamiguitan 

Who would have thought that you can be able to trek on top of an entire bonsai forest which covers more than 6,000 hectares! The collection of flora and fauna and its unique landscape, made it listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The said mountain is only about 1,620 meters and you will only need to walk at least 8 hours to reach the peak.

12. Davao offers one of the best artisan goat cheese 

If you are a cheese lover, then you will love Davao even more as it produces one of the best cheeses in the country. Unfortunately, you can only get their goat cheese in Davao itself as they do not export it.

13. One of the most popular parties in Davao is the Summer Frolic EDM festival

Summer Frolic is the most popular EDM party which is being held once a year in Davao Oriental, Mati City, pre-pandemic. Think loud music, soap suds, colored powder/paint, free flow of alcohol, bubbles, and international DJs, you will surely enjoy a night of parting with your friends! 

14. You can find some of the best chocolates in Davao

Malagos Chocolate takes pride in their tree-to-bar method of making chocolates. This renowned chocolate producer farms and harvests their own cacao beans and produces chocolates that are on par with the best in the world. 

In fact, they won the best drinking chocolates in the world at the 2015 International Chocolate Awards World Drinking Chocolate Competition in Germany.

15. You can take your first ever ultralight flight in Davao

If you want to experience flying with just you and the pilot on a small wall-less aircraft, then try an ultralight flight! Enjoy a 360-degree view throughout the entire ride that will take only around 15-20 minutes. The breathtaking view from above is definitely worth your money.

16. Coconut is used for almost everything in Davao

The majority of Philippines coconut trees can be found in Davao, which enables Davaoenos to use coconut for almost everything such as coconut flavoured food, desserts, and drinks. They also use coconut oil in making shampoo, soap, and moisturizer, among others. 

17. Types of Real Estate in Davao 

By this time, you might already be thinking about living and investing by buying a property in Davao either for investment or for your own use. Before deciding, you have to think about the area and what you are looking to invest in. 

For instance, there are investors who have recently opened a hostel on a stunning beach in the eastern part of Davao. They have a great business plan and a great location and they decided on this real estate investment because of the location and their business projection.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to rent out your real estate to foreigners, it might be best to invest in condominium projects. If, however, you are looking to rent the property for Filipino families for an extended period, then, you might want to consider investing in a house instead. 

18. Real Estate Tips in Davao

As investors would say, time is critical in investment. You can always express and register your interest, which does not lock you in but gives you first privileges.

If you are buying a used property, you can always negotiate the rate. Don’t forget to do your own research in terms of the market value and selling price of the property you are eyeing. 

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Meanwhile, if you are buying for investment only, then think about your market and ideal customer. What are his/her needs and what will make this property attractive to him/her?

There are a lot of ways to maximize your profits when it comes to real estate, especially in Davao, because of its booming economy. 

Written by: Cheska Castro