Four reasons why you need to live in Lipa the City of All Seasons

Lipa City

Lipa City, named after a tree called “Dendrocnide meyeniana,” also known as Lipa tree, is an hour and a half ride away from Manila. It is known as the City of All Seasons due to its cool weather, but it boasts itself in other ways. Here are the top four reasons why you need to live in the City of All Seasons.

Season of FOOD

If you are fond of lomi and goto, then you should quickly move to Lipa. Lomi and goto are it’s most special cuisines, and they even celebrate Lomi Festival annually, where cooking contests for the best tasting lomi are held.


Season of SAFETY

You can live worry-free at Lipa City as it is located in between Mount Malarayat and Mount Macolod, which protects the city from typhoons. Mount Macolod also protects the City from Taal Volcano’s eruptions. Aside from that, it also has various public and private universities where you or your child can choose to enroll in.


Lipa City is also known as the “Little Rome of the Philippines,” which alludes to the fact that the city consists of numerous religious infrastructures. One can visit theMetropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian, Parish of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, to be closer to God. Moreover, it has a deep history regarding its rise to prominence. One can know more about Lipa’s history by visiting Luz-Bautista Ancestral Home or the Luz-Katigbak Ancestral House (Casa de Segunda)

Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian
Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian

Season of FESTIVITIES                  

Lipa knows what’s worth celebrating. Aside from the Lomi Festival, it also holds the Lipa City Town Fiesta to celebrate Saint Sebastian, their patron saint; Walistik Festival, which emphasizes the use of walis (broom), a symbol of unity; and Coffee Festival which showcases Lipa as the coffee granary of the Philippines.

Festival in Lipa city
Lipa Town Festival, 2015

Lipa truly consists of colorful seasons that we cannot get enough of. Living in Lipa seems too good to be true, but Bria homes can help you find the best home for you at an affordable price.

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