Affordable Condominium: Reasons why you should consider a career in real estate


When people are asked about the most meaningful parts of life, family, health, and work are often the top 3 answers. In choosing our career we assess ourselves based on our skills, experience, passion, and growth potential in the profession we will be in. If you are one of those people who are still looking for the right profession, you might want to consider a career in real estate.

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In this time of crisis to find a well-paid profession is hard to pass by. A lot of people lost their jobs and are looking for an alternative career to spend their time and gain income in exchange for their service. Despite the pandemic, house hunters did not pause looking for their new homes, it even encouraged them to invest more because of promos that residential real estate developers offer during this period – Longer downpayment terms, big discounts, free bank fees, kitchen, and entertainment packages.

According to Philippine Star the current housing backlog in the Philippines is now at 6.5 million units and this number still continuously grows. This shows the potential income that could be generated in real estate careers. 

Here are the advantages on why career in real estate sales is a good choice.

1. Flexible Work Hours

As a real estate agent, you set your own hours, you can work so much or as little as you need to get the job done because you control your schedule. Though real estate professionals have to get their real estate license and they certainly had a lot of research, scheduling, and paper works, you get to do this on your own pacing so if you hate the on-desk profession you will certainly enjoy your time as a salesperson. 

A lot of us dreamt to have a work-life balance so we can use the extra time to spend with our families or friends. The ability to work on your own terms here is definitely one of the reasons why you should consider a real estate career.

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2. You are your own boss

You are your own boss. Some hated to have a boss telling them what to do and living In paycheck, as a property consultant you get to decide what hustle you would do, for young entrepreneurs who would like to make their first startup this is a great field to start with to practice your decision and management skills.

3. Untapped Housing Market

As mentioned earlier the country still has a large untapped real estate market and that means there is no limit to how much money you will make as a licensed real estate agent because you will not be paid by hourly wage but by the service you will provide. You should consider a career in the real estate industry because on top of everything, the earning we could make is the top factor we consider before jumping on the profession and the real estate sectors are one of the professions that offers unlimited income potential on top of all the perks and incentive that the developers offer to their salespeople.

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4. Network Growth

For those who love to chat with everyone they meet, working in real estate is a perfect fit. Since real estate agents need to stay familiar with potential sellers in the area, attending community events and meeting new people is part of the job description. On top of all these, you get to expand your network and grow your business. Certainly, the business today is not just about the capital but the network you have, without the right network your business will not grow as it should, or if it will, it would take longer than you would expect.

5. The experience

Real estate agents are seldom bored because no two days are alike, they wear many hats. They show homes, market their listings, negotiate contracts create poster layouts and file paper works. This is perfect for those people looking for new learning and growth in their professional careers.

Though you make earnings on the service you provided, salespeople actually play a meaningful role in the lives of others. From helping a newlywed couple buy their first home, to helping a young professional to get his or her first investment, the most real estate agents wear a meaningful role in the lives of their clients. A home place a special space in the memories of a person because it’s where great moments happen.

6. Little to no capital

The capital to start a real estate professional is small. In starting a business, most of the time, we shell out a big capital to sustain the business and provide service to clients, not to mention the risk of loss is much greater. But real estate business is a great start-up business for the reason that there is less maintenance and the system is already plotted by the partner developers. Some developers also offer training and development for their salespeople.

7. Demand amidst pandemic

With the threats that the pandemic possesses people did not stop buying a house and lot because investors know that land is scarce and a house is a basic need for every family. You should consider a career in real estate because selling a home nowadays has become much easier because of the use of social media platforms. House hunters are using their phones, tablets, or laptop to find a new home that is accessible and has value for money.

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This technological advancement opens up a big opportunity for people to offer their products on social media at a lesser cost and wider reach. Real estate brokers are one of the benefactors of these rapid changes. It lets them tap market both local and foreign who are willing to invest in land or looking for their first home.

Gladly Bria Homes offers house and lot in more than 50 cities and municipalities in the Philippines which could help the salesperson to widen their market and close deals from any part of the country much easier. Bria Homes also has a strong online presence on their social media accounts that helps reach many aspiring homeowners. This opens a golden opportunity who are seeking a profitable yet self-fulfilling profession for their selves.

Sales as a profession is one of the most fun, dynamic and fulfilling careers you could ever get, and though it also possesses some disadvantages, the benefit it offers will not only make you more experienced but could make your dreams into reality.

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Have you decided already if the real estate profession is the right career for you? If your answer is no, re-evaluate your skills and experience that will match your desired profession but if your answer is yes then now is the best time to start living your dreams. Get your real estate license. Join Bria Homes as a real estate broker.

Written by Paul John Romero