Bria House and Lot: Creative Ways to Set up Your Kid’s Playroom

kids playroom ideas

Do you have an extra room in your house? How about turning it into a playroom for your kids to enjoy and explore their childhood! Although every room could be your kid’s playroom, having their own space will allow them to be more adventurous and creative. Whether your little ones love to dress up, pretend to cook, or work on crafts, your kids will enjoy every corner of it once you set it up the right way.

Why Have A Playroom?

The playroom is not just a place where your child could have fun and play. It is where your child could be more independent and play freely. Creating a different kind of stimulation to help your child develop different skills and enhance cognitive and non-cognitive domains. Moreover, it will help your children build personal coping skills, problem-solving techniques, and more self-reliance. It can be a great thing for emotional intelligence and it will, later on, have a great impact on your child growing up.

A playroom could also benefit you as a parent, aside from keeping the rest of the house clean, you can have a moment of rest for yourself once your child is busy playing. Your children are also safer to play when the space is limited to their playroom especially when most of your home is not child-proof.

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Before you set up your kid’s playroom, make sure to know what your kid’s interests are. You cannot just put anything in the room because it would be a waste if your child does not even want to touch it. Focus on your child’s abilities and hobbies, so that you will provide toys that your kids can relate to it.

On the other hand, providing toys that your child is unfamiliar with will make your child more curious and adventurous.

­­­­­­­­­­­­Here Are 10 Ideas in Setting up a Creative Playroom for Kids

1. Make it Colorful

There’s so much fun when everything around you is so colorful. Painting walls with pop-up colors will create a joyful vibe to your kid’s playroom. Choosing their favorite color is also one of the best options and your kids will definitely love to see it. 

If you want to create a modern vibe playroom, you could apply neutral colors just make sure to add some accent with bold colors just like a bright rug or toy shelves to add to that fun vibe.

2. Choose A Theme

Bring your child into another world by having a themed playroom. It is necessary to know your child’s favorite books or characters. For instance, if your child loves to watch mermaids, an underwater theme could be the best choice. Or maybe your children adore kings and princesses, then having a castle-themed playroom is exciting for them. 

A jungle-themed room is one of the most common themes since it encourages an adventurous vibe and allows your kid to be familiar with animals at the same time.

3. Incorporate Cute Storage Bins

Storage bins or toy organizers are important which could be a mom’s best friend when it comes to making the playroom clean and organized. Since there are indeed many toys in a playroom, which means you will need enough storage for it. You can check some toy organizers and other furniture for your playroom in AllHome.

How to keep it organized? The first option is to build a shelf for toys where you could display your kid’s toys and for them to easily access anything from it. You can also integrate furniture with storage just like a bench with enough space underneath. Also, you can have boxes that have labels or you may color coordinate your kid’s toys so they could easily locate what they’re looking for.

Once you incorporate storage bins and organizers in the playroom, your kids will learn how to clean their playroom. They will be responsible and soon could commence putting everything away once playtime is over.

4. Create Various Play Zones

Just like everyone, your kids might get bored when they keep on playing the same thing over and over again. So creating various play zones can bring the playtime experience to another level for your children. 

Just divide the room into different parts and create different play zone with different styles. One partition could be for physical activities such as climbing, running, or jumping. Just make sure to put very soft or padded flooring beneath for safety purposes. While on the other side of the room, you could set up a craft table for artwork activities. You may set it up as an art corner where your kids could enjoy painting and doing DIY projects. 

Another kids’ playroom idea is to create a zone where they could use their imaginations and motivate them to be who they want to be in the future such as playhouses, kitchen toys, or toys doctor kits.

5. Display Kids’ Artworks

Decorating the playroom with your kids’ artworks could make it more intimate and personal for them. It would be amazing to see their artworks hanging on their walls to motivate them and show them how great they are with what they are doing. 

You can use frames to keep the artworks in place to create a masterpieces display. You may also put a chalkboard for your kids to doodle or put an artwork corner where they could be very creative and display it the way they want. Another option for your kids to enjoy art is to allow them to paint the playroom’s wall with murals or anything they want, it will be an instant wall design that is sentimental for them at the same time.

6. Pick Flooring That Stimulates Play

Another kids’ playroom idea is to maximize the floor by using play mats or rugs that stimulate play. Set up a rug that has numbers for them to jump and balance, your kids will love them. 

A train track is also ideal to set up on the floor or a road map print for your kids to have fun and explore.

Your kids will also appreciate it if create a mini picnic area on the floor where you could put some blankets and cozy pillows beside their favorite stuffed toys.

7. Add ‘Mini-Me’ Grown-Up Seating

Parents sure want their children to grow slowly however your child deserves a playroom with a grown-up setting. You may set up a mini-office for your child to enjoy copying you while working. Children are great at mirroring what they see from adults, so it will be fun for them to enjoy it in their playroom. For some kids, a tea party is one of the best ways to enjoy a morning through conversations with their playmates. 

8. Plan In A Book Corner To Encourage Reading

As part of the kids’ playroom idea, you can create a mini library in it. A child growing up with books and learning materials could tend to be curious about learning or being in school.

You may also set up a cozy learning corner where you could put fluffy pillows and a desk for your kids to read some of their favorite books.

9. Create A “Nap Time” Space

Playing all day could be a little tiring for your child. Setting up napping space in your child’s playroom is practically acceptable. Aside from eating, a quick nap is another way to recharge your child’s energy. 

It is the same way as turning your child’s bedroom into a playroom which is also ideal for your child to enjoy and rest at the same time. 

If you don’t have any room for a separate playroom, simply create some changes with your child’s bedroom by adding a mini table in the corner for your child to play board games. You can also utilize their under-bed as storage. 

10. Think Ahead, They’ll Soon Be Teenagers

Your kids are not kids forever! So you’ll have to think ahead and make sure that the playroom is a room where you could easily renovate and is not hard to make any changes. As years go by, your child might have changed when it comes to what they like and want to play with. Sooner or later, they might no longer be fond of playhouses or dolls. So you need to come up with something new and blend it with what your kids deserve to have, just like changing an artwork desk into a study table.

Making changes from time to time based on your kids’ abilities and hobbies can help them improve whatever skills they have. Furthermore, it allows them to explore more things that could let them grow physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually.

Together with Bria Homes

These are just some of the kids’ playroom ideas for you to set up a fun and adventurous playroom. You can be more creative and make sure to somehow consult your kids with want they want for their playroom. It will also be a great bonding for you and your kids to set up the playroom together. Bria Homes is the best choice for your kids to enjoy enough space for their playroom.

Written by Lysandra Faye Batac