11 Most Popular AllHome Pieces for your Affordable House and Lot

Allhome furniture and bria house and lot

A thorough decision-making is highly needed when you are planning to buy your dream home – in where province or city to settle, what kind of house to purchase, or how much budget do you have. After considering many things and finally purchasing your home, the process does not stop there. The next thing to think about is how will you decorate it and how will you make it the best for your family. 

Do you want to make it grand and luxurious like you are living in a palace? Are you a certified plantito or plantita who will put shrubs and succulents around your home? Or do you want to achieve that Japanese minimalist-themed home that is now trending on social media? All these may be possible with the extensive range of affordable appliances and furniture offered by AllHome, your top one-stop-shop, full line home depot, and appliance center in the Philippines. 

To help you achieve your desired design for your dream home, here are some o quality home improvement products from AllHome. 

1. Disinfecting Desk Lamp 

Especially during the pandemic, cleaning should be done with the utmost care. One of the most important steps in cleaning is ultraviolet sterilization. Almost everyone skips this process but this should always be everyone’s top priority in this time and age. 

Cherry Home’s Smart UVC Disinfecting Desk Lamp utilizes ultraviolet light to disinfect and kill 99.9% of germs, including bacteria, fungi, and other viruses and disease-causing germs within 30sqm of coverage with 360-degree room protection. 

2. Smart Television 

Buying a new TV can be difficult especially when you have little idea about the specification of the product. A smart TV should make it easier for you and your family to stream movies and shows. With powerful processors, internet connectivity, easy-to-navigate software, and the ability to run and support a wide range of apps, smart TVs are more like smartphones or tablets now. 

With a Samsung smart TV, you can open up a world of new entertainment options as you can now connect to streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime. You can play games with your chosen gaming consoles, and even check social media, and control a house full of connected gadgets including Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible devices. 

3. Working Table 

The pandemic normalized the work-from-home setup. To maintain a warm and cozy feel while working, use furniture and items that are made of natural materials like wood and leather. These will preserve the minimalist yet comfortable look.The pandemic normalized the work-from-home setup. To maintain a warm and cozy feel while working, use furniture and home decor that are made of natural materials like wood and leather. These will preserve the minimalist yet comfortable look. Earthy elements are very attractive without being too bold or striking. It does not have to be all neutral. The key is to balance all the items you need and want to fill a space. Use wooden tables for your work-from-home office setup and add black or earth-toned lamps to add some life to it. 

4. Artificial Plants 

Besides being another trend right now, adding plants in the corners of your house will give it a Nordic style in a snap. They will make your space look fresher, which could give your mood a boost. An artificial plant is the best choice for low maintenance and will assure you a bright space for the longest time. It is such a great background choice for any meeting and you never have to worry about watering it! 

5. Cabinet 

Nowadays, more people are into the minimalist vibe so check your room for unnecessary decorations. A good measure to deciding if something should be let go of are: 1. if it makes you happy, 2. if it is useful, and 3. if its style will last for a long time. If you do have a lot of items, consider using a cabinet with a sleek design to store your stuff. 

6. Coffee Maker 

Mornings are so much better with a cup of coffee. Most Filipinos cannot start the day without a cup of coffee, and if you’re one of these people too, you should invest in a high-quality coffee maker as soon as you can and put it in your dining area. 

If you want coffeehouse-quality espresso at home, you have to go with a high-quality machine to get the taste that you desire. While buying a coffee maker may be a little expensive, just think of all the money you will save by not going to a coffee shop every day. 

7. Metal Racks 

In your bathroom, start throwing away those empty bottles and sachets, then decide whether you want to sell or donate those that do not work for you but can still be used. When all you have left are the products you use, organize them in a metal rack that you can also hang on your bathroom wall instead of placing them on the floor or top of your toilet. 

8. Baskets 

Special trouble for people who have tried lots of different products for their skincare routine is that there are products that don’t work for our skin type. Instead of displaying them in your bathrooms, donate or sell them instead. Tip: Get three plastic bags, or get eco-bags, baskets, or containers you have at home for an eco-friendly way, and label them with “trash,” “for donation,” and “for selling.” 

9. Storage Box 

One dilemma in a Filipino bedroom is that the closet may look like it’s ready to explode due to the abundance of clothes, bedsheets, and towels that it has been storing.  

Transfer your linens or towels from the closet to the storage box. As for the storage box, use your space under the bed or space above your closet and keep the storage box there. While you’re sorting out your closet, sort out old clothes that can be donated, sold, or thrown away. 

10. Toolbox 

Sometimes we just want to design and decorate an area in our house by ourselves as part of our mini home renovation project when we have time to spare. With the rise of many channels on YouTube, surely, we can find one that shows a step-by-step tutorial on how to construct something with basic hand tools at home or with hardware tools that we can easily get. Having a well-stocked toolbox on hand is one of the keys to saving money on DIY projects. 

11. Google Nest Mini 

Smart speakers are becoming a common household staple as it doubles up as the central control hub for smart home devices and as a personal AI assistant. It’s no longer enough for a speaker to simply just play music. You should be able to use them as an entire smart home hub, integrate with color-changing lights, smart locks, security systems, TVs, and even the door locks! 

With Google Assistant, a powered virtual assistant developed by Google, you can use Google Nest Mini to playback entertainment throughout your home, manage everyday tasks, and ask Google things you want to know. 

Dressing up your home is essential when you are purchasing a new home, relocating, or simply trying to make your current place look different and more livable. Buying indoor and outdoor furniture, or even electronic gadgets, may cost you a little, so it’s always a good idea to stroll and shop around and do your research on what your home needs the most. 

SoSo if you are looking for a perfect place to shop, always remember that AllHome with its excellent customer service is here for you. AllHome – a member of the Villar group of companies – is a one-stop-shop home improvement retailer in the Philippines. Since its conception in 2013, it has now grown to have almost 20 stores nationwide. From helping you build your dream home to supplying you with only the best furniture and appliances, AllHome can be your go-to partner. 

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Written by Yenoh Estrella