Advantages of Buying an Affordable House and Lot Amidst a Pandemic

Advantages of Buying an Affordable House and Lot Amidst a Pandemic

In an article, write-up, or a blog, it is always the title that catches the readers but it is the content along with information and knowledge that makes them keep reading until the end. Seeing the title of this article, might have got you wondering, “How on earth can there be advantages of buying a house amidst a pandemic when most of us are barely just trying to make it through the day, every day?”. Sure, we cannot deny the fact that this Covid-19 pandemic hardly took a toll on all of us, and unfortunately, we are still in the middle of it. Everyone and everything has experienced a crisis, may it be in a business, employees’ income, the student’s educational system, and even the mental health and well-being of every one were put to test. At some point of this whole pandemic situation, lockdown here and there, weeks of quarantine, multiple tests, number of patients, tested positive, and such overwhelming number of deaths day by day- the whole world was like a movie entitled, “Survival of the Fittest”.

Looking back to 2020, when the global lockdown was implemented due to the spread of such a deadly virus, at some point, we surely had realized the importance of a home.

To help everyone here recognize the advantages of buying a house and lot amidst a pandemic, here are some of the most important things you should know:


According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, shelter is under the category of Physiological needs together with food, clothing, sleep, and other necessities that support physical survival. It is believed that Physiological needs are the most vital among Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which have to be met first so our body would function well.

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the major ways that had to be done, expecting the cooperation of everyone globally, was implementing lockdown. It was quite challenging how our daily routines were almost completely changed. We were stuck inside the corners of our homes, merely doing any activity there is that could somehow give us entertainment. 

On the other hand, this house lockdown that we had to deal with caused by a pandemic can be seen as a wake-up call, that challenging situations like this really happen, and so, being secured is the best way to survive.


Another key to success is knowing how to prioritize- where most people fail at. “One day millionaire, 30 days beggar”, is the popular, old saying that perfectly fits as an example for this.

In this modern world, where advertisements are everywhere, influencers are scattered all around social media, we can easily get tempted to splurge on things we do not actually need long term. 

Our own homes have been the safest place to be since the pandemic happened; if not all, majority of us probably get worried when going out, scared to catch the virus as well as how we do not want to be the carrier of it to our families. That being said, “To buy a house and lot”, on your list of life goals deserves to be on the top spot.

It is a must to look at this pandemic as a learning experience when it comes to prioritizing things- from most important to least important, considering the things we are eyeing for, to buy are going to benefit us for a lifetime or for just a short period of time. Nobody knows if there would be another pandemic, but just in case, everything and everyone would be put on lockdown once again, a safe haven, like a house would be the most essential thing to give us more space and have us protected and secured from the virus.


Browsing the real estate market and buying a house and lot does not only require our money, there are things that we might want to consider prior, to avoid regrets in the future. Examples of it are; the housing market, the location, the mortgage rates of the type of home you see yourself living in, as well as finding the best real estate developers you can choose from or a real estate agent to have you guided all throughout your home buying process. 

Just like getting a gadget, you may ask for recommendations, too. This way, it will help you save time in your house hunting journey and choosing a new house that you really like. 

Another helpful tip is studying the terms and phrases often used in real estate- this may sound just a small thing to consider but it is a big help to avoid misunderstandings. In any negotiation, inquiry, or landing a deal, a clear conversation is key to a smooth process to purchase properties.


Even if a house and lot is your very first investment as a beginner, we can never go wrong with it. As said earlier, it is best to do the right things first, not last. If you are capable, you have savings or borrowing money through loans is possible, and got a stable job, you might want to invest your money in something you will definitely benefit from.

In this time of the pandemic, there are down payment promos being offered by real estate developers, as well as a longer than normal payment period from housing loans. Interest rates have also been lowered to catch buyers’ attention which is a great advantage to consider when it comes to property prices. Not to mention, how this pandemic has started us to trust on what more can technology do. Banking, sending payments, and transferring money have been so easy these days.

It has been very challenging how this pandemic affected all of us. On the other hand, if we are capable now and currently have the chance to invest in real estate, particularly in a house and lot, it is best to take the chance, given these advantages. 

This is an unforeseen situation. Nobody saw this coming. Nobody expected that this Corona Virus would be causing the whole world such great number of infected people, resulting in lockdown and quarantine phases now and then. Now that we have experienced such trying times, we got to learn something out of this- something that will make us wiser and more prepared in the future.

These are just some, out of the many the advantages of buying a house amidst pandemic. To have you more informed about it, we have realtors to guide you along the way. Visit Bria Homes now to check out our virtual tours and offers you can choose from- sure, there will be one that is perfect for you!

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Written by Roselyn Galvan