Affordable House and Lot: 6 Best Side Hustles to Try at Home

Side Hustle to try at home

Whether you’re saving money for something or just wanting to have some extra, doing some side hustles is a great idea. With side hustles, you can maximize your available time and energy in exchange for earning some money. Another good thing about it is that some side hustles have open time, especially for freelancers. This means there are no specific time constraints on your job as long as you’re able to finish the task. To learn more, here are 6 side hustles you can try at the comfort of your Bria Home. 

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant, as the name dictates, it is offering assistance to others virtually. Mostly done online, being a virtual assistant is a great way and one of the most common freelancing/side hustling activities. 

Virtual assistants are generally independent workers or self-employed on a remote set up as the services they offer can be done virtually such as appointment setting, administrative tasks, or creative assistant. Depending on what your current skills are, you can offer virtual assistance to those who can make use of them. 

You can try this side hustle at the comfort of your home as long as you have a laptop or desktop set up and a proper internet connection and the skills to be one.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance is a commonly used term for those people unemployed by an organization but does work on his/her own by means of being self-employed without being particularly committed to a company or employer for a long time. 

Thus, a freelance writer is someone who offers a service of writing texts for clients or customers in exchange for payment. From novel to news, content, or snippets, this can vary depending on what you think you can write. 

There are people who write scripts and novels and sell them to others. Some, write content snippets for social media or articles. Whatever it may be, if you think you can write a certain content for a market and get paid for it, being a freelance writer is a side hustle you should definitely try!

One particular advantage freelance writers have is that they can choose to write the texts they need wherever they are as long as they have the creative juices. 

3. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is somewhat similar to social media influencing or referral marketing wherein you get paid for the influence you put into people. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based side hustle you should try in which a certain company or business pays someone if a visitor brought by the affiliate marketer purchases from the business referred to. 

Mostly done online, affiliate marketers are also like product endorsers. Once you’ve decided to join a certain affiliate marketing program of a company, you should be able to generate visits or purchases from your own marketing channels and effort. Such as social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, or in different e-commerce platforms. 

This side hustle is easily identifiable as when you share or promote a business or a product’s link to purchase, and someone buys from your link, you will earn a certain percentage. Some others refer to it as commission or rebates. 

If you’re good at giving products and service reviews online and on social media but not really much of a spotlight type of person, you may want to try being an affiliate marketer for a side hustle. 

4. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are tasked to create and handle a business’ online presence across all or different social media platforms. Social media managing is a side hustle you should try that involves strategic planning, content creating and data analyzing, and a few more things that a company or business may need to strengthen their online presence and activities for certain goals.

Depending on the social media manager’s capacity, the scope of doing this side hustle can be narrow or very wide to a point where a company or business’ image will depend on you making you the sole face of the product or service you’re offering as you will have to portray some branding and marketing messages. 

Social media Managers can work full-time at an office or choose to become a freelancer for clients. The thing about this is that the emergence of freelancers has made this side hustle available to people without deep knowledge of social media and marketing. This means you don’t have to be scared if you just want to try. Several job search websites can help you in your journey of looking for work as a social media manager.

5. Online Selling

Widely recognized as the great side hustle in the Philippines during the time of the pandemic, online selling still makes it to the list of side hustles to try – if you still haven’t!

Online selling nowadays does not necessarily have heavy requirements as it can be done on social media platforms. Simply reaching out to some friends online and offering them a product or service you sell can be counted as online selling too!

From food to appliances or clothing, online selling can be done as long as you have the guts to post something to sell. There’s nothing wrong in selling but some people are too afraid to be judged especially with the stereotypes some Filipinos give online sellers. But if you’re willing to try and do everything to make some extra money, then this side hustle is for you!

6. Be a BRIA Kakamping Seller

If you’ve already started some side hustles listed above and looking for another thing to try, you might want to take a look at Bria’s Kakamping Seller program. You can start selling real estate as if it’s your own business which will present you with various income opportunities. 

In this side hustle, you can have a chance to earn as much as P15,000 weekly. With proper dedication and knowledge in selling, you might just make more than that. Some of the things you’d need to do here is to promote Bria’s over 50 projects nationwide and be able to get a sale. Different from affiliate marketing, what you’ll get in return for a sale is a full-on commission.

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And if you’re just a newbie looking to get into real estate sales, this is also a good opportunity for you! Bria Homes will not let you alone in this journey as proper training, marketing materials, and nurturing guidance will be provided to you! 

Be a BRIA Kakamping seller today! Check out Bria’s website and Official Facebook Page for more details. There are still a lot of easy sideline jobs you can try at home, go on and be adventurous and earn some extra money for your future.