Affordable Condominium: Top 10 Best Range Hoods for your Condo Kitchen


The odor, smoke, and released food particles all hang in the air around your kitchen when you cook. If your condo isn’t well ventilated, these can stick to the walls, the floor, and even your clothes. Installing a range hood for a condo is the greatest solution to get rid of the noxious smell and smoke odor when cooking. We’ve listed here the Top 10 Best Range Hoods fit for your condo. 

If you believe a range hood for a condo is merely an extra expenditure or luxury in your kitchen makeover project, you might think twice once you learn about the advantages. This article includes a buying guide and an updated list of range hood prices in the Philippines to consider as you hunt for the perfect range hood.

After researching a few brands, we’ve come up with a list of our best range hood, From ducted hoods to ductless range hoods, here are the range hoods we know you’ll love.

Range hood prices may differ depending on the website and the duration of the campaign. Here’s our list of best range hood for condo.

1. ELBA NOVA V2 – PHP35,000 

Having an island counter cooktop could be difficult for some families due to ventilation issues, but the Elba Nova V2 will alleviate all of your concerns. This ducted range hood is a stainless steel 90cm island mount chimney features a curved glass canopy design that adds opulence and value to your kitchen.

The ducted hood is capable of absorbing all smoke and pollutants from your busy gas cooktop. This model requires a ducted installation, which necessitates enough above-ceiling space and a duct pipe with a minimum diameter of 6-inches. The control panel features soft push-button controls with LED light indicators and a digital display with a clock function that may be programmed to shut off automatically.

The 5-layer quick-release aluminum cassette filters capture grease effectively and are also washable. It includes four very bright LED lights underneath, so illumination is not an issue. With an Italian touch, you may give your kitchen a much-needed makeover.


The Fujidenzo 60cm compact ducted or ductless range hood is a fantastic choice for condos with small kitchens. There is a vent provision on the top and rear of the device for ducted installation. The product package also includes a ducting adaptor.

The body has a smooth texture, the glass shield is clear, and the metal mesh filter is brushed. The warm temperature of the 40-watt incandescent lamp is bright enough to offer illumination over the food. With the aluminum grease trap and charcoal filtration, it has a two-filter system.

Some users have already switched to LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs to save energy.

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With a new local exclusive distributor, Tecnogas, an Italian brand of kitchen appliances, has made a comeback in the mid-2010s. This brand has been renowned in the Philippines since the 1960s when it pioneered the use of Italian-made kitchen appliances. Its range hood is now one of the best-selling items on Amazon, and the company is progressively regaining market share in the Philippines.

With your small, yet cozy condo, this range hood is very simple to install and maintain. Their standard 60cm hood with stainless steel trim and glass brim. With a single turbo hood motor and three fan speeds, you must slide the switch to the correct position. The main filtration system includes a grease trap and carbon paper filter, as well as a 40-watt incandescent light.


La Germania’s products have been serving every household with their ingenious culinary appliances for over a century. For your compact kitchen, get the extractor-style under-cabinet range hood with three-speed levels on a single motor fan. It contains a washable metal grease trap and a charcoal filter as well.

The stainless steel panel is easier to clean, and the 60cm width is ideal for a double or triple stovetop. It may give better lighting during a cook if it was equipped with a single 40-watt incandescent lamp. However, it is unclear whether the bulb is replaceable.

The majority of reviewers have a favorable opinion of this product and are pleased with it. It’s possible to install it with or without a duct system.


Ariston is a well-known Italian company that began manufacturing domestic appliances in the 1930s and swiftly expanded to include cooktops, hot water systems, and liquid gas cylinders. Their 60cm wall-mount range hood is a popular choice among today’s homeowners. It has an electronic touch control panel and is made of stainless steel with a glass finish.

To automate your airflow cycle and receive a signal anytime the filters require cleaning, you can choose from three different speed functions with matching timings. It doesn’t matter if you install it with a duct or if you utilize it for recirculation. The booster function aids in the faster expulsion of unclean air and the maintenance of the kitchen’s temperature for proper ventilation.

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Hyundai, which is best known for its heavy equipment and automobiles, has already expanded its product line to include consumer electronics and household appliances. The Hyundai Home brand introduces a strong 60cm wall-mounted vented range hood with a single motor fan built in Italy. It comes with two sets of dishwasher-safe metal filters.

This range hood is made entirely of stainless steel and has control buttons built into the body. With a 500 cubic meter per hour capacity, there are three fan speed settings to manage the airflow. The two 40-watt halogen bulbs serve as a cooking light, although replacing them with LED bulbs would be preferable.


Kuchen’s downdraft vent is a ducted exhaust system that sits flush against your countertop when not in use and rises when activated, perfect as an island range hoods . The design’s black hue complements the frequently used black induction-type stoves that are flush with the counter’s surface. The LED touch sensor panel on the top outside controls the four fan speeds, while the LED light beneath it illuminates the interior.

The steel body is made of Inox AISI 304/403, which is especially suitable for harsh environments with constant high temperatures. To install this device, you’ll need an underfloor duct.


Electrolux’s Slim Line range hood, with its sleek and powerful design and stainless steel hood surface finish, gives your kitchen a premium and beautiful appeal without taking up too much space especially in a condo kitchen.

It has a multi-layer grease filter that effectively filters out cooking smoke and oily hot air, as well as a carbon filter that absorbs grease and moisture for cleaner kitchen air. It includes the conventional 3-speed settings with dual fans and two 40-watt incandescent lamps for improved illumination, all controlled by a mechanical switch.

All particles are captured and sieved thanks to the washable aluminum mesh filter and two additional cassette layers. It can also be ducted, with two provisions at the rear and on top.


The Tekno 60cm range hood is a good bet if you need a low-cost hood that performs as well as more expensive models. It is made entirely of stainless steel and is simple to clean and install. It’s an extractor-style under-cabinet hood with a single fan motor and three speed settings.

For ducted range hoods installation, a 120mm diameter ducting provision is offered. With a simple push of a button, you can change the fan speed and turn on or off the light. It features two layers of air filtration: an aluminum grease trap and charcoal paper-type filters.

Some reviews complained about the hood’s lack of suction force, which is unsurprising given its lower wattage than most 60cm hoods.


Gorenje is a European firm that has been producing smart products for over 70 years and counting, as well as delivering a diverse range of household appliances to the Philippine market. Their 60cm trapezoidal wall chimney hood is made entirely of stainless steel including its stainless steel baffle filters and may be used as an air extractor or a circulator.

The mechanical button controls feature three-speed settings and an on/off switch for the two 6-watt LED lights and hood. For effective air purification, the filtration system includes a washable aluminum grease trap with polyurethane foam, as well as an additional charcoal filter that can be purchased separately.

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To eradicate bacteria, pathogens, and airborne allergies, every condo should have adequate ventilation and vent hoods not only removes pollutants from the kitchen but also filters the air that everyone in the house breaths.

We hope you’ve thought about the benefits of having a vent hood in your home. Simply follow the guidelines and you’ll be fine. Have fun in the kitchen!