Affordable House and Lot for Sale: 7 Tips to Save on Electricity Bills


The price of basic goods and necessities has done nothing over time but increase. From food, fuel, to electricity, we’re always facing hikes. That’s why we’re here to help you conserve energy. Do these energy-conserving tricks to help you save on your next electricity bill.

Price Hikes

Just recently, fuel hikes were all over the news due to increasing demand brought by economic recovery on what they presume is the end of the pandemic. With that, ordinary Filipino people such as jeepney drivers, tricycle drivers, and even regular commuters are worried about what might result in another fare hike on top of all the financial problems we are facing. Even middle-income class and rich people express their worries about these price hikes. There are some tips to save on fuel such as minimizing trips and staying at home. But the reality is, these things are not evitable. Therefore we can’t just keep on avoiding these changes. We must always learn to accept and adapt. That’s why we should build some income streams to create money because if we don’t, our sole income stream will no longer be enough.

Basic needs are meant to increase prices over time due to inflation and the supply and demand chain. Just as how meralco bills surge up during the summer because of strong electricity consumption.

Even now that’s not summer season, most households probably experienced an increase in their bills versus the normal. This is primarily because of current work-from-home setups and online classes held in the comfort of our homes. Especially with the Christmas season coming up, getting busy adding Christmas decors and lights can also lead up to electricity bills increased. So we’re here to help you lower your electric bill!

Tips to Save on Electricity Bill 

1. Take advantage of Natural Lighting

Keep your lights closed during the daytime if you have plenty of natural sunlight coming inside of your home. It is common and old-fashioned but has always proven to be one of the best ways to save electricity. Already done by our parents for years, that’s why we probably always get scolded when we keep turning on the lights and leave it open. So keep the natural light coming in and conserve some energy!

2. Use the right Aircon for your room

Did you know that certain air conditioners are made specifically for some size of a room? That’s right. Using the wrong one can lead to a higher electricity bill. As effective air conditioners can save you up to 20% on your cooling and heating costs.

Small air conditioners are made for small rooms. So if you place them to cool down big rooms, the tendency is you might feel its effect or it will have to work stronger to provide cooler air for the whole room, resulting in bigger consumption of energy ultimately increasing your electric bill.

So always check the capacity of the air conditioner you’re getting before placing it in a specific room as the power of it relies on the size of the room it is cooling down.

3. Maintain your appliances

Taking good care of your appliances is also one way to save energy and save money. Don’t give your appliances a hard time functioning if they’re not cleaned properly. What does that mean? For air conditioners, again, for example, if it’s not clean, it will have a hard time producing quality air for the room it’s trying to cool down. You might even end up getting warm air instead of cold air from your aircon.

Same with refrigerators, you have to keep them clean to help its machine function well and keep that cold water. Another example is for electric fans. Have you ever experienced a fan uncleaned also blowing out hot air? That’s because its motor is not able to work well amidst the dust buildup.

Aside from saving on the electricity bill, maintaining your appliances will also prolong their life so keep them in check regularly.

4. Use LED Lights

By converting what might be an existing fluorescent light to energy efficient LED Lights, you’re helping yourself save on electricity bills. This is because LED lights are proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent off. Compared to other lighting options, the energy usage of LED lights are more efficient and even emit less heat. Isn’t that good news?

LED Lights are now also a viable option for better lighting and energy-saving costs which really brings down the cost of electricity bill and helps you save! You can also check out HVAC system for a more energy saving tip.

5. Place your appliances strategically

Almost similar to the air condition situation on number 2 and appliance maintenance on number 3, placing your appliances strategically can also help you save electricity bills.

Did you know that if air conditioners face the sunlight, their motors will detect heat and make it work extra increasing energy consumption, once again? You should try to place your air conditioner in a shady place so that the sunlight won’t directly heat it and cause overwork on its motors.

6. Unplug unused appliances

Unplugging unused appliances is definitely a written rule when it comes to energy consumption. Some appliances, although not in use can still actually consume energy. Thus unplugging them will keep you safe and lower your energy bill. If you are not using your water heater, turn it off.

Aside from that, doing this electricity conserving trick also protects you from fire hazards. As appliances continue to consume energy, they are prone to overheat and cause a fire. So save yourself from disaster and high electricity bills, unplug them when not in use, especially when you’re leaving home.

7. Use power-saving appliances

To what was heavy appliances before, we’re now surrounded with appliances space-savvy such as flat-screen televisions and option for small air conditioning for low function needs. These technologies helped us carry lighter appliances and save on electric bills, too!

But on top of that, inverter appliances are now also available everywhere. Most people might have already heard about inverter appliances as they’re not new in the market anymore, but still, we’re here to help and educate those who’d like to know more.

Inverter appliances are able to control the frequency of incoming electrical to the appliance thus only using the amount it needs. This results in less electricity usage consumed. Inverter appliances also make the appliances more durable as the motor works less.

All these tips in saving electricity and lowering your energy use for your home should help you save more money especially if you’re saving for a dream home. If you’re on the look for one, try out Bria Homes, one of the leading affordable housing providers. Check out their website for more details.