Affordable House and Lot: Best wall décor ideas for your home


Moving into a fresh new home or room and looking for ideas on how you can improve the physical attributes of your space? Or trying to renovate your existing room and just wants a fresh new look? Been wanting to fill that blank wall? Regardless of whether you’re moving into a new space or renovating an old one, coming up with wall decors for your accent wall is a great idea. Bria Homes is here to help you with that. We’ve listed down some of the best wall décor ideas for that wall space in your home.

1. Mirror

Classic yet functional wall decoration for your home. Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of a bigger space in a tiny home. Especially if you’re living in a confined small space where movement and light entry is limited, a mirror is a highly suggested idea.

Some people only know how to use mirrors in common spaces such as bathrooms or closets. But if you’re going to use a mirror as an accent piece, it is common to place it in the dining room. If you have a bigger budget for renovation, however, you can ask to have your entire wall fully covered with mirrors. This has actually become a trend during lockdowns. Buying several pieces of the same-sized mirrors and placing them adjacent to each other is one of the things people do to save up on money. You can try it out too!

Aside from that, placing mirrors on bare walls create a light feel as it helps absorb and reflect the light around the house. In order to maximize the functionality of the mirror placed as wall décor, also keep in mind that size, design, and the amount of light coming in is important.

2. Painting

Another classic. Commonly seen in houses with blank wall, paintings usually hang as their best decors. There’s a reason for that of course. Paintings are visual interest capable of setting the mood for the wall you’re decorating it with. Plus you also kinda look like someone who appreciates art. Whether you do or don’t though, sooner or later you’ll be able to appreciate art if you practice. But even if not, it is still one of the best wall decor ideas you can hang at your empty wall.

Paintings can be eccentric or minimalistic, or whatever your taste fits, they can be paired with a plain or designed wall too. If you like bold, bright, and loud colors or decors, you can choose paintings that embody those things. If you’re looking to balance out your wall decorations, on the other hand, you can choose a simple one. And if your taste is simply elegant or minimalistic, you can also find a painting that expresses that for you.

Whatever your taste is, you might be able to find a painting that suits your wall. So start looking for wall decals now. You can keep it as an investment too, you know.

3. Family Portrait

Of course, family portraits never gets old as one of the best wall decor ideas. What is a better way to show your love for your family than keep your picture on a wall right?

For big families, family portraits are usually big and placed in living rooms for visitors to see. For newlyweds or married couples, you can place your couple’s portrait in your bedroom.

But to make it classy and elegant, placing the family portraits in your home should also be done strategically. If you’re opting for a minimalistic look, just choose one photo that’s the family’s favorite, frame it up, and hang it on the wall. If you have yet to take a family portrait, this might be your chance to make it a family bonding. Get dressed and shoot in a photo studio for the best results!

If you look for a vintage, cozy look, on the other hand, you may opt to place multiple family pictures. You can fill the entire wall of their living room with photos to create a gallery wall. This is the way most Filipinos use it in their family home too.

4. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are not only practical but can also become a nice decoration to your blank wall space. That’s why it’s one of the best wall decor ideas on our list. In contrast with what mirror walls provide – light and the illusion of a bigger space, floating shelves actually create a storage room for you.  

Storing your books, stuff toys and other essentials will look decorative if you decide to use floating shelves instead of a regular old-style shelf. They give a minimalistic and clean look to your wall despite placing some things. And you’re also able to maximize the vertical space in your home, too.

The key to create and maximize small spaces is actually learning to use the vertical areas in your home. Not simply stacking high and filling everything up, but to construct a space high up and keep the bottom areas of the wall hanging neat and clean. If you try out this technique, you will surely feel as though you’ve expanded your space when you just lifted your things up.

5. Murals

For a fresh idea and new trend, why not try out wall murals or wall art in your home. Different from the previously suggested ones that you’ll need to hang or glue to your wall, murals themselves are one of the best wall decor ideas nowadays. New to what we usually know as wall murals, trends have created them to look elegant and fitting for a family home.

Even for kids and mature ones, wall murals can be customized to your own preference. The usual themes of the home murals though are plants, animals, and nature. The beauty about murals are they are done by hand so you’re also low-key supporting local artists whilst beautifying you’re bare wall too!

You could look for some inspirations in coffee shops for sample wall murals if you’d like that cozy look. But you can also look up some artists on social media and check out their wall work. Some already have multiple experiences in hand painting wall murals in homes and even provide a virtual look of what the outcome might be to manage your expectations. So go on and try it out for an out-of-the-box idea!

Now that you’ve gathered some ideas of the best wall decor ideas, you can now prepare to fill up your new home with these. Some tips here do not cost that much to help you renovate on a budget and step-up your interior design game. However, if you’re still looking for your home in the future, come and try Bria Homes. One of the affordable housing developers in the country is here to provide you with a house for your needs. With homes available through Pag-IBIG housing loans, your simple dream home is now a few steps away from you. Let your Bria House and Lot be the wall you’d like to decorate with these ideas, be a Bria Homeowner today.