Affordable Condominium: How to Make Your Home Smell Amazing


Going home after a tiredly workday, the only thing we’re craving after good food is a good home to embrace us and let us rest. This is why creating a good ambiance for your home- is a must. Therefore we’ve listed down ways on how to make your home smell amazing for a better ambiance.

1. Cinnamon Sticks

Boiling cinnamon sticks is a good way to make your home smell amazing. Its aroma slowly being spread while boiling. You may also opt to add some citrus peels to incorporate citrusy smells. To do this trick simply boil a few cinnamon sticks – with added citrus peels if you want and then turn the heat low after boiling. Let the smell crawl throughout the house before turning it off.

This simple trick is proven to make your kitchen or home smell amazing. Even restaurants keep cinnamon sticks as part of their center table to keep unwanted odor away. Also, cinnamon sticks offer several health benefits as it is filled with antioxidants.

2. Charcoal on fridge

Have you ever spotted your parents or neighbor keeping a piece of charcoal in the fridge and wondered why? Well, here’s why: it’s for the charcoal to absorb bad odor and make the fridge odorless instead.

A mix of food placed in the fridge, fresh or not can result in a spoiled smell. That’s why putting a charcoal helps. Charcoal absorbs all the smell in the fridge making it a deodorizer. The right amount of charcoal for the size of your fridge is meant to last for at least a month, it’s not that costly at all!

If you don’t have Charcoal, you can also sprinkle baking soda or white vinegar to remove bad odor and make your house smell fresh.

3. Scented Candles

There are natural ways to make your home smell amazing but lighting up scented candles is also one way to do it. Just choose a scented candle fit for your taste and scatter them all throughout the house and light them up to release the aroma.

Just make sure to keep them away from fire-hazard things to avoid accidents! Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and vanilla extract are one of the top choices of scents when it comes to making a home smell amazing.

4. Air Purifier

To make your home smell amazing, one of the first steps is actually to keep it from bad odor or unpleasant smell. Air purifiers will do that one for you.

Air purifiers, as the name itself, purifies the air you’re breathing in. Best for close spaces, it will remove air contaminants and bad odor, even bacteria. Not only that but air purifiers are also used to help the allergic from absorbing small specks of dust and impurities.

5. Empty your garbage regularly

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so as to make your home smell amazing! Keep the bad smell out by maintaining good hygiene in your home by emptying out the trash can regularly and having garbage disposal system.

Mixed garbage creates a foul smell over time when not easily thrown especially if there is food waste. Garbage smell is also easily spreadable throughout the house so regularly throwing them out is a must.

Not only that but emptying out the garbage keeps the insects away from your home, especially you’re kitchen. Rats and cockroaches always target food waste to make sure to keep them away by staying neat and hygienic.

6. Hang eucalyptus in the Shower

As one of the most recommended scents in making your home smell amazing, the eucalyptus plant is also suggested to be hung in the shower. Especially if you or your family members shower in hot water, its steam will help bring out the eucalyptus scent and spread it out in the bathroom.

This natural air freshener is said to be very relaxing and also has its health benefits. Just keep it away from pets tho, as they might be hazardous to them.

7. Coffee beans

Do you know that trick when you are trying out perfumes and you have to smell some coffee beans to cleanse your smell? Well, that’s sort of the same in here too. You may use coffee beans to help your home smell amazing just as how coffee shops smell.

But there’s also another way to do it aside from the opening and spilling some beans here and there. Put some coffee beans in a small container such as a bowl or such and place a candle in the middle of the pooled coffee beans and let the heat melt some beans. The lingering smells will make your home smell amazing after a while. You can try this trick too with coffee grounds to repurpose them. Just be careful on the fire hazard once again.

8. Essential Oils

Unlike some of the scents we’ve mentioned in this article, essential oils are a way for you to achieve fresh air with artificial smell. You don’t have to hang some eucalyptus plant in your bathroom or gather some coffee beans and light a candle in the middle of it. Essential oils are easy, just get them and a burner or a humidifier.

Simply pour a few drops of essential oil of your choice into a candle burner and let it heat up. You can do even do this during bedtime to ensure a relaxing smell and a good night’s sleep. You can also use air humidifiers for automated ones.

You can also mix the essential oil with water and put it in a spray bottle to make a diy room spray.


To summarize all of these tricks, first thing’s first: keep out the bad smell. Don’t let the bad smell roam around your house and always maintain good hygiene not only for the bad smell but also to avoid pests. Once you’ve ensured that no bad smell will ruin the aroma or ambiance of your home, you can then proceed with the good smell hacks that we’ve listed.

After all, nothing feels better than knowing that the home you’re going to sleep in is a relaxing and good-smelling one. So look for a home that fits your lifestyle with Bria Homes.

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