Hassle-Free Ready-for-Occupancy (RFO) Affordable House and Lot units


Most Filipinos like to prioritize convenience and hassle-free over anything else. In our modern era, when you need something you just order it online or if you need information you just search it on the internet and you can find the answers instantly. This idea can also be applied when you are looking for an accommodation. Read more to find out about hassle-free ready-for-occupancy or RFO units.

Nowadays you don’t need a very long and complicated process in order to have your own dream house. There’s a lot of RFO units or ready-for-occupancy units here in our country that can be purchased easily. These RFO units can be house and lot, apartment, or condominium units which are available for you to move in at any time you want. It is the best option for those people who are looking for hassle-free ready-for-occupancy units. Aside from the convenience, RFO units also offer a lot of benefits and advantages.

1. It is a finished project

These RFO units are all fully constructed and developed and ready for occupancy. In hassle-free ready-for occupancy units, you don’t need to wait for a long period of time before you can actually move in unlike in pre-selling units. Another advantage of it is that you can easily visualize the house and assess if it is good for your preference. It is also less hassle since there are zero to minimal adjustments that you need to make in your RFO unit. This kind of set-up is best for partners, families, and individuals who are looking for a home to move in immediately.

2. Equipped with utility services

One of the advantages, when you buy an RFO unit, is that there are already available utilities such as electricity, water, and internet connection installed in your unit. You don’t need to worry about the installation and the long process of these utilities just to have it on your own property because they’ve already provided it for you. It is really convenient because all you need to do is to move in and enjoy your new property.

3. Instant amenities

One of the best things that you can have for choosing an RFO unit is the instant use of amenities. Most of the time when you purchase an RFO unit the amenities and facilities are already included and available to use making your stay and access hassle-free with these ready-for-occupancy units. You can enjoy the amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and other facilities included in your RFO unit. This is the most common thing that the companies do to attract more buyers to avail their units. 

4. Many Affordable Choices

There’s a lot of real estate companies here in our country that are offering very affordable RFO units. This is the best option for those people who are saving money but need to have a house or a temporary shelter to move in. Here you can save a lot of money because of the promos and discounts that these companies offer to their clients. One example is BRIA Home, where you can actually have your own dream house for as low as 1,897 pesos per month only. They also offer house and lot packages ranging from 460,000 to 1.5 million pesos which are definitely affordable. 

5. Freedom to choose and Inspect

One of the most exciting parts of looking for an RFO unit is that you have the freedom to choose and inspect the unit. Here you have a chance to see the size, the space, and the condition of the unit. You can also check the quality of the materials used in the unit as well as the furniture and design of it. In this way, you can assess if a certain house or condo meets your standards.

6. Great Investment

Investing in real estate is actually a good idea because you can earn in various ways. You can either sell it immediately at a higher price or open it for rent. All you need to do is furnish the unit by adding some appliances, furniture, and other things needed inside your unit. Since it’s an RFO unit you don’t need to renovate it or fix it and all you need to do is just add the necessary things inside. It was easy to manage and if your RFO units are located in a prime real estate area, it is guaranteed that their value will increase the moment you purchase them.

Tips for choosing RFO units

Always Consider the Location

When you are planning to invest in RFO units it is really important to consider the location. You need to consider the market value of the place as well as the establishments and the neighborhood in the area. This factor is vital when choosing an RFO unit because the future value and returns will be dependent on the location of the unit. If you only need to have an immediate shelter or a place to move in, it is also important to consider the location. Even if you are not planning to earn from it, it is still a good idea if the location is near the commercial establishments and places of interest. If you are really looking for a hassle-free ready for occupancy unit look for a real estate company that considers the location of their units. The best example for this one is BRIA Homes, All units offered are only near commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, and other places of interest. It is also near the major roads and highways which makes it more convenient for you to travel and go anywhere. 

Consider the price of the unit

If you are going to choose an RFO unit you should assess your budget first. There’s a lot of RFO units offered by different companies and it is important to consider the price if your budget is not that big. There are companies that are offering very affordable RFO units such as BRIA Homes. It will be a big help if you manage to find a company that is offering an RFO unit at a very affordable price. In BRIA Homes you have the option to choose financial funding such as PAG-IBIG funding or Bank Financing. These funding options will help you from the load of payments that needs to be paid.

Check the quality of the unit

When you are looking for a hassle-free ready for occupancy unit it is important to check if the materials are high quality. It is important to guarantee that the unit is safe and secured when you move in. Also, check the space inside, make sure that it is enough for the number of people who will move in. This way you can avoid being crowded inside the unit and you can plan more about the space inside. 

In BRIA Homes, the units that they offer are made with high-quality materials. They use advanced technology in home building in order to build high-quality houses and at the same time reduce the construction time. The design of each unit is very enticing and elegant since it was based on modern architecture. They also provide facilities around the units such as basketball courts and playgrounds and a 24/7 guarded entrance. It is actually the best option to consider BRIA Homes because of the safety and security that it provides to its clients.

Written by Aaron Cruz