Affordable House and Lot: Top Business Ideas for OFWs


Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs, known as the Philippines’ modern-day heroes spend a lot of time away from their family in a country they mostly know nothing about and know nobody. Just being able to achieve their dream of providing money for the family, each OFW works so hard despite the conditions they are in. Unfortunately, many often fall into financial scams and commit money mistakes each OFW should avoid. Luckily, there’s a growing percentage of OFW investors who have grown consciousness when it comes to their money matters. From investing in stock market to even building their own travel agency to promote tourism industry. Therefore, we’ve listed down some of the top business options OFWs can do even while working abroad.

1. Buy and Sell

Buying and selling goods can be easy if you’re resourceful enough to find goods you can sell. With the help of technology, buying and selling has been so much more convenient. Even if you’re abroad, with this online business you can simply post pictures of the items you’d like to sell.

Most OFWs prefer selling branded goods as there is a belief that branded goods are actually cheaper when brought abroad. But really, it can be pretty much anything from bags, and shoes, to even food like chocolates. Just make sure to set your target market for the products you’ll sell.

Moreover, a buy-and-sell business does not necessarily mean you’ll be doing it on your own. If you have some trustful family member, they can start out the online store for you. Overall, a buy and sell business is one of the top business for OFWs due to the convenience and ease of trade it offers.

2. Water Refilling Station

Different people have different risk tolerances. And the Business world comes with a risk. However, businesses that involve daily human necessities give a lower chance of risk. These types of good business idea may involve food or services that many people look for. And water is one of the daily needs of everyone.

A water-refilling station strategically located near residential and commercial areas can provide a really good source of income. Moreover, this type of small business opportunity allows OFWs to leverage their selves by hiring people that would man the business.

Just make sure to follow the guidelines and provide a good service of clean drinking water and well, what could go wrong, right? Everyone drinks water on a daily basis and it would be nice if you’ll be the one to provide for them.

3. Real Estate Rental Properties

Everyone wants to own a house that they can call home. It is probably the main reason why some people work so hard. Of course to meet their financial needs and if they can surpass them, real estate investing can be their next smart investments. What more for our OFWs?

The good thing is that with the right grit, purchasing your own real estate property as an OFW can be achievable. Other than living in it, real estate properties grant the owner to earn a rental income which is one of the several income streams you should build.

This is one of the real estate business for OFWs due to the passive income opportunity through real estate. You can start small by renovating your house and lot or home to accommodate renters and turn it into apartments or bed space rental. At the same time, you can invest in an affordable house and lots that are hassle-free and ready for occupancy that can serve as your rental property.

4. Mini Grocery Store

Opening even a small sari-sari store at the front of your home is already a milestone for some. Some families even highly rely on the store’s income to pay for their expenses. If you already have an existing sari-sari store at home or in your province, you can upgrade it to a mini-grocery store.

To make room for more customers, a simple mini grocery store placed near the market or in your neighborhood can be a great idea. You or your family can run this at home starting with small capital. As long as you make sure that the cash flow of this mini grocery store is doing well, it might just turn into those big businesses we always see.

On top of that, you can also display some imported goods in that sari-sari store to make the most out of selling in your place or province.

5. Franchising

Franchising, in easier terms, is actually paying a brand or a company for rights on using their own business idea, name, products, and logo and selling them in a place you prefer. In most cases, the franchisor or the provider of these items are the ones who carry on with the production and selling of the goods.

So if you’ve ever dreamt of owning your own food business or food cart business but you don’t really have the knowledge and time to do so, you may opt to be a franchisee. At most convenience, the franchisor is also the one who will be taking care of the income of the business. If you have the means to purchase a franchise business, it is one of the top profitable business for OFWs as well.


These top businesses for OFWs are recommended based on convenience and risk. As an OFW busy enough to work with their employers, they often lack the time to manage multiple things or look after those left in the Philippines. But with these good business ideas, you can start small on your own business and leave it to someone you can trust. Starting to build greater income does not solely rely on how big your capital is. It is also measured on how strategic you can be especially in managing the cash flow of the business.

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Whatever your choice may be, it would be better to choose a business that is best suited for the location you’re thinking of wherein demand and supply will meet and income will be earned. With enough research, study, and understanding, your dream business can and will be yours in a matter of years.

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